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Harry and Ginny relationships is discovered in the worst way.

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A/N; To tell you the truth I had this chapter partial done for the last several weeks or so, and now I remember that I still needed to finish it, sorry for the deley in updating this story, and hopefully I won't take long in the next chapter.

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A Week after the return of the Elementals, Harry was more then happy to return to classes, as he and his two best friends finished the last class for the day.” So Harry are you all caught up with your class work?” Hermione worriedly asked, as she looked to her friend.

“Most of my homework is done I can do the rest during the weekend.” Harry informed his friend.

“WHAT all right who are you and what you did to my best mate!” Ron argued as he got a slap on the shoulder by his other friend.

“Would you grow up Ron, at least Harry is now studying more then before!” Hermione argued but before her friend could counter, a red blur flew pass them and landed on Harry causing him to fall over.

It took a second to see the attacker, and Ron face went red as he saw his sister hugging his best friend.” GINNY WEASLEY, what are you doing?” Ron shouted, as a blushing Witch got off a embarrass Wizard.

“I hadn’t seen my Boyfriend all day, I thought he was avoiding for some reason?” Ginny firmly informed her brother, causing said boyfriend to look worried.

“Sorry Ginny, I was trapped in the Library doing almost all my homework, I’m sorry I didn’t have time for you.” Harry sadly informed a slowly accepting Witch.

“I guess the professors probably giving you tones of work to stay up to date with the rest of the class.” Ginny sighed since she was in the same boat when she again started classes the week before.” Fine then I’ll forgive you this time.” Ginny sighed before giving her boyfriend a light kiss on the lips, which cause his curse to activate at the worse time possible.

While two best friends stared shockingly at the couple argument and kiss, another voice pulled the couple apart.” GINNY WEASLEY, pray tell what are you doing?” The voice of a very stern professor sounded causing the couple to separate.

“What do you mean professor?” Ginny confusedly asked, before spying her mistake.

“What I mean, why are you kissing this girl, and Ms. Lakeshore I know the Headmaster allows you to come and go as you please, but this is not appropriate behavior!” McGonagall firmly informed a cringing teen.

“I’m sorry Professor McGonagall I guess we should show our affections for each other in a less private area?” Clair embarrass suggested, as the stern professor looked to her.

“Ms. Lakeshore, even though I somewhat open minded about same sex relationships, there is others who is very offended with it, and have the habit of making the couple lives miserable, so I would suggest that you don’t show your relationship openly.” McGonagall warned and the younger witch quickly agreed as the professor saw something on the young witch‘s Robes.” Excuse me Ms. Lakeshore why are you wearing the Gryffindor house symbol since last I know you are not a student here?” McGonagall firmly asked making the young Witch look worried.

“Umm I had to borrow Hermione’s Robes, since I came from training.” Clair quickly lied and luckily, Hermione backed her up.

“Yeah Clair’s training Robes was a mess, and she forgotten to bring extra clothing when she went to trained with the other Elementals this morning.” Hermione confirmed to her friend’s lie.

“In that case, I do hope you returned those clothes in the same condition as when you got them.” McGonagall firmly suggested before walking away after a brief farewell.

Once it was clear, the friends gave out a sigh of relief.” I wasn’t sure professor McGonagall would have bought that lie.” Clair sighed as she looked to her friends.” And thanks Hermione, I’m glad I have you to back me up.” Clair smiled, as did her friend.

“No problem Clair, but care to tell me about your relationship with a certain red hair friend, and why you didn‘t tell us?” Hermione firmly asked as she looked to her friend.

“We became a couple during our Exile, and not only us, Neville and Luna is also a couple.” Clair quickly informed her friends, as one looked not so happy.

“HARRY HOW COULD YOU…” Ron shouted in rage, as his younger sister stepped before her Boy/Girlfriend.

“RON WEASLEY, don’t you dare hurt Clair feelings again!” Ginny yelled as she threatens her brother with her wand.

“But, but Ginny you can’t date Harry, he practically family!” Ron tried to say, but the look his sister was giving mirrored to his mothers.

“Family, Clair feels more then family to me!” Ginny firmly started, but her boyfriend/girlfriend held her back.

“Ginny dear, maybe we should finish this conservation later, in a much less public area.” Clair worriedly suggested, as students around them seem to stop to listen to their arguing.

“Fine we can continue this later!” Ginny firmly informed her brother, and then dragged her girlfriend away from their friends.

With the couple gone, Hermione forcefully dragged Ron to a private part of the hallway.” RON WEASLEY, how can you be so insensitive, can’t you see that Harry and Ginny are in love with each other!” Hermione firmly informed her friend.

“IN LOVE, they can’t be in love it’s just that stupid crush Ginny had since she first heard about the Boy Who Live!” Ron shouted but stopped as his friend gave a glare.

“It’s not a crush Weasley I can tell they are truly in love with each other, since Ginny can see pass the Curse Harry is inflected with!” Hermione firmly stated as her friend back against the stone walls, looking frighten at her outburst.” And keep this up MISTER I will no longer help you with your school work!” Hermione angrily stated before stomping away.

As Ron watched his retreating friend, he closed his eyes now looking worried.” Great I done it again, I really need to think things over before letting my jealously take over.” Ron sighed since even though he sounded not too happy about his best friend and sister being together, deep inside he was happy for them.

It was later after dinner when Ron got the courage to meet up with best friend in the hallway, and quickly called out to him.” Harry can I have a word with you?” Ron worriedly asked, as his friend turned on him.

“Please Ron I’m not in the mood to get into another argument!” Harry firmly informed a cringing friend.

“No I’m not going to argue, I want to say sorry, I have no right to choose Ginny boyfriend, or say when she can date.” Ron worriedly started, as he looked to his friend.” But if you do hurt my sis, it’s your funeral.” Ron smiled making his friend cringe.

“I know if there is anything left of me when Ginny is through, you and the rest of her brothers will be waiting to get back at me for hurting her.” Harry worriedly guessed as his friend patted his back.

“Oh it won’t be that bad, at least you only have to deal with three out of six brothers, and probably the others would wait till you get back at the Borrow before they do anything.” Ron smiled as his friend paled.

“Then I will make sure I don’t hurt her, I promise you that.” Harry firmly committed as his friend accepted the promise.

“Don’t worry mate, I know you will be good to my sis, now come on let head back to our common room and play some chess.” Ron happily suggested and the two friends chatted about Quidditch while headed to their common room.

Several months of peace pass as the students of Hogwarts continue their classes, professors assign class work, and the Headmaster sits at his desk, until four teens suddenly appeared in his office.” Headmaster, the Demons are finally making their move, they are going to attack the Ministry of Magic.” Harry worriedly informed his equally worried Headmaster.” But there is more, Riddle will make his move on the Ministry at the same time!” Harry finished, as the Headmaster looked to the teens.

“Harry did Riddle team up with the Demons?” Dumbledore worriedly asked, but the teen shook his head.

“No Riddle and the Demons don’t even know what the other is doing, this is just a coincidence they attacking the Ministry at the same time.” Harry assured his Headmaster.

“I will get the Order informed of this attack, and we’ll head to the Ministry as soon as we are ready.” Dumbledore suggested, and got things moving as quickly as possible.
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