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Clair escapes

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A/N; For the readers who thought I should make those that had betrayed Harry pay, I just wanted to say that I didn't have the heart to have Harry do anything serious to them, so I making a happy reunion now, so I can get to other parts of the story going.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Unknown location

It's been several hours since her capture, and a young Witch sighed in relief as she felt a familiar presence." Clover I want to see why I was taken, so can you get my potions so I can at least bare my condition." Clair thought as she stayed still, trying not alert her captors.

"Fine sis I will follow orders, but the second you are in danger I'm taking you back to school." Clover firmly warned, as her presence was gone for a few minutes, but return quickly to return to hand over several Vials.

"Thanks Clover, for now just stay hidden I should be alright for now." Clair firmly suggested, as she quickly took the potions.

It was not till several hours later, when the door was shoved opened and several Black Robe Wizards stepped in to the room." Get up Mudblood, our Lord and Master wishes for your presence!" A Wizard barked out, as he painfully grabbed one of the teen's arms and pulled her up.

"Ouch you are hurting me!" Clair grumbled, as another took hold of her other arm.

"Shut it Mudblood, just be glad our Lord order us to not touch you, or you will be doing far worse things to you!" Another Wizard warned, and the teen quickly gulped, as she roughly taken out of the Dungeon.

A few minutes later a group entered a dark room with a snakelike Wizard sitting on a thrown of bones." Bring the wench to me!" Voldemort quickly hissed, and two Wizards dropped a young Witch to make her fall before him." Yes you are the Witch that captured my spy!" Voldemort madly hissed at the teen as she painfully tried to sit up.

"I wonder why anyone would want a stinky rat around!" Clair snapped at the Dark Lord.

"So rude, you better show some respect to your Lord!" Voldemort hissed, as the teen rolled her eyes.

"You are no Lard of mine Tom Riddle." Clair slightly grinned at her joke.

"Don't call me by that Muggle name!" Voldemort angrily hisses, as a wand shot out into his hand." CRUCIO!" Voldemort madly hissed, causing a Death Eater to fall to the ground screaming in pain." Snape I think this got to be the worst idea you taught of." Voldemort madly informed his Death Eater." Bringing a Witch in the middle of her Monthlies for interrogation is not a great idea!" Voldemort firmly informed a cringing Wizard.

"I'm sorry my Lord, I thought with her magic being unstable, she would be more controllable!" Snape stuttered in fear.

"I don't care what you believe, just be right about this girl being Potter!" Voldemort snapped at the fallen Wizard, causing the teen to stare in horror.

"No, no Snape shouldn't have known about me, Dumbledore promised no one but those I trust would know!" Clair worriedly thought, before looking at the Dark Lord." I can assure you that Snape is wrong about me Riddle, I am not Potter!" Clair worriedly informed a grinning Snakelike Wizard.

"I'm afraid Ms. Potter, I already know the truth, you been cursed by a Gender Bender Curse and I just confirmed it just now!" Voldemort firmly informed a wide-eyed teen.

"SNAPE YOU TRAITOR, Dumbledore should not have trusted you!" Clair angrily yelled at an emotionless Wizard.

"Potter I never was on the Light side to begin with, I was and always been on the Dark Lord's side!" Snape dryly informed a glaring teen.

"In that case, I want to know how you know about me!" Clair angrily asked, as the Wizard glared.

"I'm a spy, I can find out anything that would require the Dark Lord's attention." Snape unemotionally informed a still glaring teen.

"Well in that case, I wouldn't fully mind doing this." Clair snapped at the Wizard, before giving out a yell." CLOVER NOW!" Clair yelled, and a second later a large number of streams of water flew about blasting the all the Dark Wizards painfully to the ground.

Just after being sent to the ground, a snakelike man shakily stood up." This isn't my day!" Voldemort gasped out, as he looked to the teen." What sort of Sorcery is that, you shouldn't even been able to cast a simple spell!" Voldemort hissed in surprised.

"That is something you will never learn, now goodbye, and do pray that I will never see you again, or our next meeting you will not live through it." Clair glaringly warned before disappearing.

Hospital Wing

In a spacious room full of occupied beds, while a Witch suddenly appeared, a black cloak figure flew across the room, to painfully land on the ground to everyone surprise." Snape, you will pay for this!" Clair angrily yelled as her wand appeared in her hands.

"Clair don't do it, your magic is still too unstable you would not be able to cast properly!" Pomfrey quickly warned as the young Witch advance to the fallen Wizard.

"I don't care at this moment, thanks to Snape, Voldemort knows my secret!" Clair angrily snapped at the Healer." Redu..." Clair started but another spell stopped her.

"Stupefy!" Dumbledore firmly called out, and the young Witch fell to the ground.

After securing the young Witch to an available bed, the age Headmaster sighed as he looked to an Order Member." Shacklebolt I want you to secure Snape to an empty Classroom, and have someone guard him while you get the most powerful Truth Potion the Ministry can provide." Dumbledore gravely informed an accepting Auror.

"That would rule out Veritaserum, I will see what I can get from our Department." Shacklebolt firmly suggested, as he levitated the stunned Wizard away.

The following day a teen groggily awoke to see an unhappy Headmaster sitting beside her." Excuse me Headmaster Dumbledore why am I being restrained to the bed?" Clair worriedly asked, since she could not move an inch.

"Oh sorry about that, I had forgotten to remove the charms." Dumbledore absently informed the teen as he wave his wand.

"Thanks, now what happen to Snape so I can kill him?" Clair firmly asked, as the Headmaster sighed.

"I'm sorry to say this, but Snape is already in Auror custody and is awaiting his trial, which I assure you he will be either in Azkaban prison, or getting the Dementor's kiss before your week is up." Dumbledore informed a pouting teen.

"Great I want to hurt him badly, since thanks to him Voldemort know about me!" Clair angrily informed an understanding Headmaster.

"I'm afraid that is not only your concern, I fear your curse will be out since Tom could make it public thanks to his supporters." Dumbledore warned a cringing teen.

"Great now what I'm going to do, I won't be able to go in hiding as Clair when I go out in public!" Clair cried out in frustration.

"There are other methods we can use Clair, but we can decide when the time is needed." Dumbledore firmly suggested as he looked to a still worried teen." But for now, I believe you got some friends who are worried about you." Dumbledore kindly informed a startled teen, as he gestured to the other Elementals, whom were waiting patiently until the two finished their talk.

In no time Clair was reunited with her friends, and after a few minutes the Headmaster gave out a cough." I hate to break this up, but I believe Madam Pomfrey needs to check up on a certain teen." Dumbledore kindly suggested, as the stern Healer stepped up to the bed.

"Ms. Lakeshore that was foolish of you to leave the Hospital Wing in your condition." Pomfrey firmly warned, as she did some magical scans." But it seems you came out of it without a scratch, so you can leave once you are able to change into a boy." Pomfrey informed a relieved teen.

"So Madam Pomfrey when can I go, isn't my week almost over?" Clair quickly asked a lost in thought Healer.

"I believe you can try it now, since your last day was yesterday." Pomfrey informed a wide-eye teen.

"YES, I can finally leave here!" Clair happily yelled just as a whirlwind of water engulfed her, instantly it splashed onto the other occupants of the room, while revealing a very happy Wizard, whom grew very worried a second later." Oops I guess I better start training again." Harry quickly suggested as he saw his very wet and not so happy friends, before rushing out of the room.

"You better run Potter, when I get my hands on you will wish you were again stuck as a girl." Ginny yelled before rushing out of the room with the others.

With the Elementals gone, the Headmaster sighed as he magically dried himself." It seems Harry is back to normal." Dumbledore smiled as the Healer sighed as she too magical dried herself.

"It appears so Headmaster, but unfortunately this calm will last until next month we will be going through this all over again." Pomfrey again sighed before leaving to her office.

Headmaster Office

Later that night the Headmaster called upon his professors for an important meeting." Glad to see you all, I'm here to reveal a secret that will be made public tomorrow, and here it he is." Dumbledore proudly introduced, and a young Wizard appeared shocking everyone.

"I'm sorry for faking my death, but it was the only way to remove the Charms you all were under." Harry sorely informed everyone.

"Mr. Potter there is no need for apologies, after what was done to you and your friends; it is us who should apologies." McGonagal sadly informed the young Wizard before surprising him with a hug.

Once the once lost Wizard was reintroduced, the Headmaster gave out a couch." I believe we have another matter we must dissolve." Dumbledore firmly informed a startled Wizard, while gesturing to the door, where it opened for another group, causing the young Wizard to gulp.

"Harry if you are still mad at us, please just tell us now and we won't bother you after today." Molly sadly informed a startled Wizard.

"Mrs. Weasley everyone, I had already forgiven you all, so I'm not mad at anyone." Harry worriedly informed a relieved group.

"Then in that case, you will not mind this." Sirius smiled before rushing up to his Godson and lifting him up to twirl him around before hugging him for a few second, causing everyone to laugh at the spectacle.

Once reunited with everyone, a happy young Wizard was called upon by his Headmaster." Mr. Potter and friends, I believe you all shown yourselves to be capable Elementals, and because of this I want to induct you four to the Order of the Phoenix." Dumbledore proudly informed four shock teens, while others quickly protested.

"Headmaster you can't, the children are not even adults." Molly firmly protested, as did many others, which was silence by the Headmaster.

"I'm afraid this must be so, as Elementals, Harry and the others ARE our only hope in defeating the Demons, especially since Voldemort stolen Merlin's Book of Spells." Dumbledore gravely informed the group, but another spoke up.

"Actually Riddle had the book, luckily I was able to pick it up before I rescued Clair." A messy hair girl quickly informed everyone, as she appeared holding a thick book.

"Clover you are a sneaky devil." Dumbledore smiled as he gently took the book, and place it on his desk." Even if this is the case, I will stick to my suggestion." Dumbledore kindly asked as he turned to four teens.

"We will be honored to be in your Order." Harry firmly committed, as did his friends.

"I'm glad you all accepted, and I will call an official Order Meeting in the near future, since tomorrow morning we need to reintroduce Mr. Potter back as a student." Dumbledore proudly suggested, and they all left the room in a very happy mood.

Great Hall

By the following morning before breakfast started, the student body of Hogwarts never knew what was going to happen, until the Headmaster smile as he stood up." Before we eat our wonderful meal, I have a long awaited announcement." Dumbledore proudly informed a startled student body." As you all know several weeks ago, we all made a grave mistake thanks to the Daily Prophet, which cause the death of a special student, which I need to correct that now." Dumbledore stopped as the doors opened for four colored hooded robed figures, which walked in startling those who recognized them in the battle for Hogwarts." But before I do that, I want to introduce the Heroes of Hogwarts Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley." Dumbledore proudly introduced as the said students pulled their hood down, causing those around to gasps." And lastly Harry Potter, who faked his death so we can be free from the charms we were under." Dumbledore smiled as a gasped was heard as the last hooded figure removed his hood, to reveal the once thought dead student." But please go easy on him, since he may be alive, he been through allot for the last few weeks." Dumbledore grimly informed everyone, as most of the student body got up to welcome back the once lost student, whom seem to be happy to be back.
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