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Elementals Attack

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While Clair is capture the Battle at Hogwarts is being fought.

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A/N; Sorry another cliffy at the end, I just wanted to focus on the battle for Hogwarts for this chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Unknown Location

In a dark and damp dungeon a messy hair teen groggily awoke as pains hit her." Oh what happen, last I remembered was a battle." Clair painfully thought as she sat up with her arm around her stomach." Darn these cramps, I wish I was over this!" Clair thought as she looked about, but only saw a bare stone room, with a wooden door at the far end." Why do I have the sinking feeling I was captured by Tom." Clair worriedly thought as she sat trying to think of a way to get out, but knew with her magic now unstable, she would have a better chance of walking out of here." There is only one chance." Clair thought and closed her eyes." Clover where are you?" Clair thought while focusing on her Familiar and instantly images of an intense battle formed in her mind." Oh no, she and the other Elementals are still fighting against the Demons." Clair worriedly thought since she knew her Familiar more needed at the battle then to rescue her.

Hogwarts grounds

A brown Robe Wizard waved his hand to create sharp spikes to quickly rise out of the ground and skewered several Demon dogs." Great four down, and hundreds more to go." Neville worriedly thought as he ran into the Demons swinging his Battle Axe trying to take out many Demons as he ran

In another part of the battlefield, a white Robe teen is giving cover fire for a group of Wizards trying to defend the school, by sending clear Arrows at the advancing Demons." Hmm I got to remember that Homework assignment due tomorrow I hope I will have time after this." Luna worriedly thought as one of her arrows sliced a large humanoid Demon in half.

While the battle was fought on the ground, in the air another battle was being fought as a fiery Pegasus with a red Robe teen flew at huge bat like creatures burning them as they got too close." Well done Blaze let keep them from helping the Ground Forces." Ginny commanded but stopped as she notice a forty foot Watery Dragon stopping her attack on the wall of endless Bats." Clover what's wrong?" Ginny called out, but the Dragon shook her head indicating it was nothing before sending out strong blasts of water that tore the Demon Bats apart.

Back on the ground, Wizards sent out curses at the Demons, unfortunately for them, they weren't as affective as the Elemental attacks." Mad-eye is there any news?" Dumbledore quickly asked a battle scarred Wizard heading his way.
"A few of the Order Members was Portkey away due to some serious injuries, but we are holding our ground thanks to the Elementals." Moody barked, as he looked glad for the teens help.
"Holding our ground is all we can do." Dumbledore worriedly informed his friend since they still don't know enough Merlin's spells to defend themselves against the Demons." Mad-eye please round up the remaining Order Members, and we will try to push forward against the Demons." Dumbledore firmly ordered, and the Auror nodded.

Luckily for the Order, the Elementals had successfully pushed the Demons back for a few minutes break, and they all quickly meet each other for a quick meeting." Sir in order for us to win this battle, we need to find and then kill the commander of this Demon Army." Neville worriedly informed his Headmaster.
"That is easier said then done, we must have killed hundreds of Demons already, and still hundreds more are coming out of the Forbidding Forest." Shacklebolt tiredly informed the young teen.
"Then we must strike where the Demons are coming from, that is where we will find their commander." Dumbledore firmly informed a cringing group.
"If that is the case, I will go and find the Commander myself, while you all keep the Army off my back." Neville firmly informed the shock group.
"No you can't you just a child!" An Order Member cried out in disbelief.
"I may not be a fully grown Wizard I am a fully trained Elemental." Neville firmly informed a startled Member." I may not be the first choice to go up against a Third Level Demon sir, but since Clair isn't here, I am the only option." Neville firmly committed himself.
"Wait what about Ginny or Luna, aren't they Elementals!" Moody barked out.
"That we are Mad-eye, but haven't you seen our attacks, we either attack from the distance, or make a quick kill, we both are not train to fight in close quarters, unlike Clair or Neville." Ginny regrettably informed the Ex-Auror.
"Then we have no choice in the matter, Neville please be careful, and hurry back." Dumbledore gravely informed a gulping teen.
"I will try to be fast, and good luck to you all." Neville calmly said, before being absorbed into the ground to everyone's shock.
"What did he just do?" An Order Member stuttered out, while another Elemental giggled.
"We have a two ways of Traveling, our most common is Teleporting, and the second is by the way of our Elements, which allows us to move stealthy about so we can't be notice." Luna informed everyone, but noises got their attention as a new wave of Demons approaches.
"Here we go again!" Ginny gulped before jumping onto her Pegasus and flew into the air, while others got ready for the next round of the Battle.

Forbidding Forest

Just yards into the forest, a five foot diameter pitch dark sphere floated just a foot off the ground, a brown Robe figure rose out of the ground, and sighed as he saw the Dark circle." A Demon Gate, this is how the Demons are summoning their Army." Neville worriedly thought just before rolling to the side, just missing the bonelike spikes, which shot out of the ground from where he once stood.
"Impressive, you somehow knew my attack was coming." A menacing voice sounded, causing the teen to turn to a nine-foot humanlike Skeleton creature walked before him.
"So you are the Demon Army commander, I should've known you would be hiding close to the Gate." Neville firmly guessed, as the skeleton creature looked to the young teen with its empty eye sockets.
"An Elemental, I been hearing rumors that there is a group here!" The Demon sneered, as he waved his hand sending out bonelike spears at the Elemental, but he just waved his hand creating an earthen wall." Foolish Human that won't stop my attack!" The Demon yelled as the spear hit the wall and exploded, causing dirt and debris to fly everywhere.

For a few minutes dust was everywhere, until a wind blew it away to show a small creator, and no Elemental in sight." Too easy, these Elementals are weaker then I..." The Demon could finish as the ground shook, as a huge Earthen Hand shot out, and grabbed the Demon.
"I am not easy to kill Demon!" Neville yelled as he quickly rose out of the ground, and squeezed his hand, causing the larger hand to squeeze the now trap Demon.
"You'll pay for this!" The Demon yelled, as the Earthen Hand broke apart as spikes shot out of his skeletal body, and he was immediately free." Now take this." The Demon yelled as he created a spike orb and flew at the young Elemental, but an earthen wall block it before it could do any damage.
"Now it's my turn!" Neville shouted and a long thing mettle spike shot out of the ground skewering the Demon in half as it tried to step back, but was too late.
"Just because I don't have skin, you had to send the spike between there!" The Demon angrily yelled as it saw where the spike entered into his skeleton body.
"I was aiming for your stomach, it not my fault you moved." A very embarrassed Neville tried to explain.
"You wait once I am free I will do far worse then this!" The Demon yelled but the Elemental attack just begun.
"No you will not." Neville shouted as the Demon went to pieces as the Metal spike expanded into branches.

Once the Demon was dead, the Pitch black Demon Gate was gone." It's over..." Neville smiled as he steps forward, but gave out a yell a second later." OH NO!" Neville only could shout.

Hogwarts Grounds

The renewed battle lasted more the fifteen minutes after a Neville disappeared, but soon relief was in sight as Demons were thinning out, and after five more minutes the Defenders of Hogwarts was just dispatching the last few surviving Demons.

With the battle over, the Headmaster of Hogwarts sighed as he looked over the battlefield." What a mess, it's going to take us a Week to clean this up." Dumbledore gave out a sigh as another stepped up to him.
"Sir we were lucky, there were no reported deaths, and those Ported to St. Mungo's will be alright within a Week." Shacklebolt gravely informed an accepting Headmaster.
"What about Neville, has anyone seen him?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, as two Elementals stepped up to him.
"Actually I know where he is, I'll get him now." Luna sighed, as she disappeared and a few minutes later reappeared with a young Wizard leaning on her shoulder.
"Neville what happen?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, as he noticed the young Wizard right leg was slightly off the ground, and he was leaning onto the young Witch for support.
"I ah tripped on a large root after I defeated the Demon." An embarrass Neville confessed, causing the Headmaster to laugh.
"Good to see you haven't change that much." Dumbledore grinned, as did others.
"And luckily he got me to help him when he gets into trouble." Luna smiled, but before she could continue a three-year-old messy hair girl appeared.
"I'm sorry, but Clair been Kidnapped!" Clover worriedly informed a shock group.
"But it can't be, we got almost every ward protecting Clair, there is no way anyone could have gotten to her!" Sirius stuttered out, not believing what he just heard.
"I'm afraid she heard the battle going on, and went to investigate, that was how she was taken." Clover sadly informed the elder Wizard, whom quickly turned to her.
"I thought you were her Guardian, why didn't you save my Godchild!" Sirius almost shouted in anger at the thought of losing his only link to his dead friends.
"Sirius calm down, I believe Clover had a reason." Dumbledore gently informed an unsure Godparent.
"I'm sorry Sirius, I was in the middle of the battle when Clair was taken, but since it's safe to leave I can now go to her, and save her before she get hurt or worse." Clover firmly informed everyone before vanishing.

With the Guardian gone, the Headmaster sighed as he looked to everyone." Hopefully Clover will be able to do what she hope to do, but for now we got injured to take care of." Dumbledore firmly suggested, as he knew Clair's family is now worried about the missing teen.
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