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Losing Control

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Clair in it for a bad week

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A/N; Alright this is the last time I'm doing a Monthlies part of the story, I can't seem to think of things for her to do while confine to bed, oh well I hope you don't mind the Cliff hanger at the end.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Hospital Wing

The following day after her return, a young witch lies in bed in a fowl mood, and even with Potions that should have helped her, seem to only slightly decrease the discomfort she was feeling thanks to the Monthlies she just started." Please Madam Pomfrey can't you increase the Dosage or give me something stronger." Clair snapped at the Healer whom sighed as she got things in order as she scampered about the room.
"I'm sorry Ms. Lakeshore, but the next batch of Potions won't be ready for another hour, so please try to control your emotional outburst." Pomfrey firmly suggested, but knew it would be pointless since when a young Witch start her Monthlies, they have either little or no control over their emotions.
"Yeah right, it's easier said then done!" Clair snapped again, as she laid back wishing she could go to sleep, but she could not do since she woke up that morning.
"I know my dear, but please try." Pomfrey gently suggested, as she left the room.

Just outside the Hospital Wing, the Healer sighed as she met the Headmaster." So how is our residential patient?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the Healer glared.
"That girl is much worse then anyone I treated before, even worse then Molly when she was here!" Pomfrey firmly informed a cringing Headmaster.
"Yes I remember, Molly was one of the few who started their monthlies during their first years, didn't we have to confine her in a private part of the Hospital Wing because of her outburst?" Dumbledore remembered as the Healer shuddered.
"I still have nightmares of that week, and it took me days to get the Hospital Wing back in order." Pomfrey shivered as she remembered the event." Luckily Clair is not as worse as Molly was, so she can stay where she is." Pomfrey calmly suggested, and the Headmaster understood.
"Now that is said, is Clair well enough for a visitor?" Dumbledore kindly asked, and the Healer grinned.
"You can try now, but it's your funeral." Pomfrey warned before she left for the Dungeons to check on Clair's potions.

Once inside the Hospital Wing, the Headmaster smiled as he walked over to the lone occupant of the room." Clair since I know you are not feeling too well, I won't ask." Dumbledore smiled while getting a death glare from the teen.
"Is there a reason for your visit Headmaster Dumbledore?" Clair snapped unkindly, as a patient Headmaster sat down.
"I just came by to tell you I'm putting off telling the world of your counterparts being alive until you can change back." Dumbledore calmly informed a still glaring Witch.
"Yeah right, I bet you still want me to go into hiding as a girl, which I won't do!" Clair quickly snapped at the still patient Headmaster.
"That hasn't crossed my mind since I suggested it a couple days ago Ms. Lakeshore." Dumbledore calmly started, as he looks to the teen." I just thought it would be best if the world have proof that Harry is indeed alive and with a soul." Dumbledore calmly informed a slowly calming teen.
"I'm sorry professor I can't seem to stop snapping at everyone." Clair sighed at the problem at hand.
"I fully understand Clair, I had to deal with a few First Years starting their monthlies late, but I must say yours is almost as bad as Molly's was." Dumbledore informed the teen while cringing at the memory.
"I heard about it from Madam Pomfrey, did you really have to confine her to a private area?" Clair worriedly asked as the Headmaster nodded.
"I'm afraid so, since unlike you who are just losing control of your emotions, Molly was also losing control of her magic, which was causing severe damages to the room." Dumbledore informed a wide-eye teen.
"Wow I had accidental magic before, but I don't remember them being dangerous." Clair now calmly informed a smiling Headmaster.
"Accidental Magic is usual not dangerous Clair, but there was few cases would cause the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad to come to fix things." Dumbledore smiled as he looked glad that the teen seem to be acting like her normal self." Now that said, do you think you can have some visitors without snapping at them?" Dumbledore calmly asked, as the teen sighed.
"I guess for a little while, since I don't know when I will start getting moody again." Clair calmly started with a sigh." But please I only want to see my Elemental friends." Clair firmly informed an understanding Headmaster.
"I will be back in a few seconds then Ms. Lakeshore." Dumbledore smiled as he stood up and left the room.

A few minutes later three friends happily greeted a fourth, as they came up to the bed she was on." So Clair, when is Madam Pomfrey planning on releasing you?" Ginny smiled as she gave a more then a friendly hug to her friend.
"Unfortunately for me, the whole week, or at least as long as my cycle is complete." Clair groaned as the two Witches of the group shivered.
"I was wondering Clair, is Madam Pomfrey is going confine you here for the next few months, during your monthlies?" Luna worriedly asked.
"That is an unfortunate yes, and to make things worse, I can't try to avoid it by staying a boy during the week I'm schedule to have one." Clair groaned at the warning." Since Madam Pomfrey says if I try to put off the Monthlies, the next one could be as worst as it is now." Clair finished with a sigh at the restrictions.
"You better do what Madam Pomfrey orders Clair, I know from experience there will be times you might find yourself relieving the first three months of your cycles." Ginny groaned as another spoke up.
"Ah since there is a Wizard present, can you talk about something else?" Neville uncomfortably asked, and the girls quickly agreed.

With the talk of the Monthlies over, the young Wizard looked to the others." Guys we should tell Clair about what Whisper just learnt." Neville nervously suggested, as the Bedridden teen looked to her friends.
"What's wrong guys, is there going to be an attack by Demons?" Clair worriedly asked, since she was not in good shape to fight.
"No it's not the Demons, He who must not be name is fully healed and planning on an attack on Hogwarts, and unfortunately we don't have a set date yet." Luna worriedly informed a startled teen.
"That is strange, why is Voldemort going to attack us, since I thought he would after revenge against the Demons?" Clair uncertainly asked her friends, but another spoke up.
"Actually Ms. Lakeshore, I believe Voldemort might be after a certain book in my possession." Dumbledore calmly informed four startled students, whom had not realize the Headmaster was in the room.
"Um sir, what book is this?" Ginny worriedly asked, as she sat comfortably next to the bedridden teen.
"The Merlin's book of spells, it holds the key to defending us against the Demons." Dumbledore gravely informed the four friends.
"Can anyone learn from the Book?" Clair quickly asked.
"I'm afraid only powerful Wizards that are an expert in spell casting can do those spells." Dumbledore gravely startled as he looked to the teens." And right now there is just a handful of Wizards can learn from the book, which luckily includes me." Dumbledore finished, as he looked to the young teens.
"I guess this would be the best, and with our Elemental magic we don't need to try to learn anything from the book." Neville uncertainly suggested, and the others agreed.
"I agree that you don't need the spells, but speaking of learning will you four return for classes?" Dumbledore knowingly asked, and three teens looked to another.
"I guess once I am release from the Hospital Wing I'll go back as Harry." Clair informed a relived Headmaster.
"If Clair is alright with this, I will go back now." Neville quickly asked, and his friend agreed.
"Neville if you are going back, can you get the class work I missed." Clair asked looking hopeful, and the teen agreed.
"Clair you don't need to do any backup work, since it was something that was out of anyone control to cause you to miss classes." Dumbledore quickly informed the friends.
"Even though that is the case, I want to study, so Neville please just get the assignments you are doing now." Clair quickly suggested, and her friend agreed.

An hour later as the friends talked about current events, the residential Healer stepped in." All right children, Ms. Lakeshore needs her rest, so please leave and then you may come back after dinner." Pomfrey firmly suggested, as the teens groaned.
"Can we come back sooner?" Neville quickly asked as he and his friends got up to leave.
"I'm sorry but I will be giving Mr. Lakeshore some potent Potions, which will most likely put her to sleep for most of the day." Pomfrey firmly warned as she held up several Vials of what appears to be very nasty liquids." So I would suggest you all wait till dinner." Pomfrey firmly suggested, and the teens gave a goodbye hugged to their friend before leaving.

Once the friends were away, the Headmaster kindly spoke up." Before you take you Potions Ms. Lakeshore, care to tell me of your relationship to Ms. Weasley?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the young teen blushed.
"Yes Headmaster Dumbledore we are a couple, but not only us, Neville and Luna is also a couple." Clair quickly informed the Headmaster while blushing darkly.
"Ah young love, but I see that Ms. Weasley has no problems with your Curse, am I right Ms. Lakeshore?" Dumbledore knowingly asked.
"No Ginny do not mind, but she still prefers my Wizard half to my Witch's half." A very embarrass Clair informed the Headmaster as the Healer stepped to her bed.
"Thanks for the warning Ms. Lakeshore, I better add certain things a couple should know, before a certain accident arises." Pomfrey firmly warned, as the teen gulped." But for now please take these potions they should be enough to for you to get a good night sleep." Pomfrey informed a not so happy teen.
"Do the Potions taste as bad as they look?" Clair gulped as she took the Potions.
"Please remind me Ms. Lakeshore, it been awhile since I had to take it." Pomfrey smiled, as the teen made a disgusted look as she swallowed the first of two potions." Yes just as I remembered, they are not the pleasant of Potions." Pomfrey grinned, as the teen gave a death glare.
"And I thought the Polyjuice..." Clair quickly stopped herself from making a mistake of telling her professors of a certain event.
"Yes this is as bad as the Polyjuice Potion, but care to tell me when you tasted it, since I believe it isn't taught until seventh year." Pomfrey firmly asked, as she looked directly at the guilty look the teen was showing.
"I read it from somewhere." Clair only said before gulping the last Potions while looking about to throw up.
"Don't you dare Ms. Lakeshore, try to hold it in since the Potion wouldn't do any good on the bed!" Pomfrey warned as the teen lay back looking like she was about to fall asleep." Good the Potion is strong enough you will need to take it every afternoon of this week to relieve yourself of your problems." Pomfrey smiled, as she tucked the teen in, and left with the Headmaster.

For an unknown amount of time, a young Witch groggily awoke to some loud noises, and she slowly sat up to see her Elemental friends blocking a group from entering the room." Please let us in, we want to try to help?" A bushy hair Witch quickly begged as the friends stood their ground.
"No Hermione, you should know that this isn't the best of time for a visit, especially from those who would cause Clair more distress then she is already has." Ginny firmly informed a flinching group.
"It's alright guys, I guess they can stay in the room if they want, but please keep your distance until I'm ready." Clair begged as she still felt some of her condition, but it was not as worse as before.
"Are you sure Clair, you shouldn't be around people that could cause you more stress." Ginny warned as her friend nodded.
"I'm sure Ginny." Clair sighed, as she saw her Godfather, and her family looking awful as they sat on beds far across from her.

For the next few days pass slowly for a young witch, as she lay in bed either doing class work, being with friends, or just lying down doing nothing, while the family that had betrayed her stayed silent, it was like this until the third day, when one decided to break the silence." Clair please can we talk." Sirius nervously asked, as the teen sighed as she looked to her Godfather.
"What is it Mr. Black?" Clair firmly asked, while wishing she could snap at her Godfather, but since taking the potions, she has a bit more control of her emotions.
"Please we want to try to apologize, but we can't when we are kept away." Sirius begged as the teen sighed.
"Please Sirius, can it wait until my problems is over, even with the potions I'm still emotionally unstable." Clair begged with a snapped to her voice, causing the Wizard to flinch.
"If you put it that way, I guess we can wait until then." Sirius sadly informed the teen with a sigh." But please I would like to know if you can see in your heart to forgive us?" Sirius worriedly asked, as the teen looked to him.
"I'm not ready to answer that now, please wait until I can fully control what I'm feeling." Clair glared as her Godfather took the hint.
"Then I guess I will be going back to the other side of the room, if you want anything, you know where I will be." Sirius sadly informed the teen, before leaving to where others were keeping their distance.

The night before the week was up, a messy hair teen quickly sat up wondering what made her wake." What is going on?" Clair thought as she heard a soft explosion coming from somewhere far from the Hospital Wing." Are we under attack?" Clair worriedly thought as she slowly sat up, but quickly went down since she was feeling some cramps starting to act up." Great I really hate this weakness." Clair grumbled, as she tried to get up again, but this time very slowly.

After a ten minute walk, a teen face fell as she stepped into the destroyed remains of the main entrance to the school." This is not good, not good at all." Clair thought as she saw Demons attacking both the Order of the Phoenix, and her Elementals friends." I got to do something..." Clair last thought was, as another voice sounded.
"Stupefy!" A voice madly yelled, and the teen fell to the ground stunned." So Snape info was accurate, Lakeshore magic is very unstable to be a threat to us." A dark cloak figure smiled, as she took the Witch's hand and both was gone.
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