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An unexpected situation.

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A problem with Clair brings her back to the Hospital Wing.

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A/N; To tell you the truth, I made too many changes to this chapter, that I was not too sure about posting it, but unfortunately since I want to continue on I will have to stick to this please just bare it, and I will try to avoid another mistake.

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The following day, three friends sat in a spacious living room, looking very worried about another friend." When do you think Harry will come out?" Ginny worriedly asked, as she looked upstairs to one of the bedrooms.
"I wish know, what his family and friends said hurt him far more then we thought." Luna sadly reminded her friend.
"But I don't get it, we all knew and even plan on this happening, so why did Clair get very upset over her family getting angry at her?" Neville worriedly asked, as the two girls looked unsure.
"I know everything seem to go as we plan until we left for the Hospital Wing, Clair looked so happy until Sirius snapped at her." Ginny angrily informed her friends.
"You know this reminds me of something but I can't put a finger on it?" Luna suggested before losing herself in her thoughts.
"You are right, Clair don't usually get upset very quickly, but..." Ginny started but a little messy hair girl suddenly appeared looking very worried.
"Ginny, Luna, Clair can't turn back into a boy and she is bleeding." Clover quickly yelled causing the two friends to stand up.
"Great I hope it's not what I think it is?" Ginny cried out as she and Luna rushed upstairs and to the first door.

In a large room the door to the room open for two Witches, both was shock at seeing their friend lying on the ground with blood on her hand." Clair is you alright?" Ginny quickly asked, but stopped as she saw the condition her friend was in.
"Oh Clair is this first time you getting your Period?" Luna gently asked, as she came to her friend, whom they were helping to stand.
"Getting what?" Clair groggily asked, as her worriedly looked to each other.
"Clair its something we girls go threw once a month for a whole week, and unfortunately for the first three months is hell for us." Ginny grimness as she remembered her first time.
"What do you mean?" Clair worriedly asked, as her friends looked grim.
"Our magic won't work properly and off course the uncomfortable Bleeding cycles that happen during the week." Ginny grimly informed her friend.
"And don't forget the uncontrollable emotional outburst that was probably what had happen yesterday." Luna informed her friend.
"Oh no I didn't mean to yell at them, I..." Clair started, but stopped as she started crying losing the little control of her emotions.
"Come on Clair, we better get you to the Hospital Wing, so you can get the Potions to help you with this problem." Ginny sighed, as she use magic to clean up her friend, and then with Luna does help have her friend standing.
"I'll warn Neville of what is happening, and not to follow us to give Clair some privacy." Luna suggested, and left the room, as Ginny disappeared with her friend.

Headmaster's office

Almost a full day has passed since the Elementals disappearance and the Headmaster was not taking it well as he was working on some papers, but a Floo call interrupted him." Albus, Clair is here and is suffering from a severe case of Monthlies." Pomfrey worriedly informed a startled Headmaster.
"Did you say Monthlies Madam Pomfrey?" Dumbledore shockingly asked.
"Yes, and from my scans this is her first time, which is unheard of since Witches should have started around or before coming to Hogwarts?" Pomfrey worriedly informed a lost in thought Headmaster.
"I may know why this happen late Madam Pomfrey, but please just treat the symptoms and don't ask any questions other then helping her cope with the problems." Dumbledore firmly informed a startle Healer.
"But sir there is more, her stress levels is off the charts, which part of it is cause by her Monthlies, but I think there maybe other reasons." Pomfrey worriedly informed a knowing Headmaster.
"I may have idea of what is causing Clair to be stressed, but please I will be by in fifteen minutes, so please just treat her for now." Dumbledore firmly asked, and the Healer nodded before ending the call.

As the Healer head disappeared from the Fireplace, the Headmaster sighed." So Harry must not have been able to handle this situation as well as we thought." Dumbledore sadly sighed as he remember what the teen went threw during the pass year." I must do something to help him." Dumbledore firmly committed himself as he made several Fire calls.

In less then ten minutes a large group of Wizards and Wizards was sitting in the Headmaster's office wondering why they were called upon." As you all now know that Harry James Potter is alive, and had not been Kissed which is still had not made public yet." Dumbledore kindly informed everyone.
"Of course we know that, we were there when we made the mistake of betraying him again." Sirius angrily reminded the Headmaster.
"Headmaster Dumbledore, why are you bringing this up?" Hermione quickly asked, as she looked to the Age Headmaster.
"Because Clair is again back in the Hospital Wing under the Healer's care at this moment." Dumbledore sadly informed a group that was now getting ready to leave." One second, you need to know why she is under the Healer's care." Dumbledore quickly stopped the group, whom glared before settling down again.

For a few minutes the Headmaster went over what had happen, and once he was done, a red hair Witch gave out a gasped." Oh poor dear, the next few months is not going to look good for her." Molly gasped out as a few agreed, knowing the problems of what young Witches goes threw.
"That maybe so, but I believe that is only part of her problems, which I fear she might be handling her Curse as well as we thought." Dumbledore gravely informed a shock group.
"Headmaster, I thought Harry had someone to talk too, to help him with the Curse?" Molly now worriedly asked.
"I had originally thought Harry has talked to Ms. Granger?" Dumbledore kindly asked, but the teen quickly shook her head.
"No not really sir, to tell you the truth I never thought to ask, since I knew it was a private thing for us girls." Hermione answered looking worried for her friend.
"Then in the near future I believe we need some counseling to do on Mr. Potter, but for now lets check up on him." Dumbledore sadly suggested, and with that said he got up to leave with the others following.

Hospital Wing

The Healer was just finishing up when the doors opened for a group of nervous visitors." Albus, I don't think this is the right time for visitors." Pomfrey firmly informed the Headmaster.
"I know Madam Pomfrey." Dumbledore started, while noticing three Elementals taking defensive positions around a bed with a sleeping occupant." Please we won't do anything to cause Ms. Lakeshore anymore distress, I promise you that." Dumbledore kindly promised, and the Elementals nodded.
"We know that Headmaster, I guess we are still worried for our friend." Neville nervously informed the new arrivals.
"True friends you are all are I'm glad Ms. Lakeshore have you to help her deal with problems." Dumbledore sadly smiled, as he gestured everyone to sit at a distance for the time being.

Once everyone got settled down, Dumbledore took the Healer aside." Madam Pomfrey, I guess you still want to know about the Curse Ms. Lakeshore is affected by?" Dumbledore kindly asked, and the Healer looked to him.
"I would appreciate that Headmaster, what do you know about the Curse?" Pomfrey firmly asked as the Headmaster sighed.
"All I can say it's a Gender Bender Curse, and as you already know its irremovable, but there is a way to temporary remove it." Dumbledore started and went more into the Curse, and what was discus earlier.

Once the Headmaster was finished the Healer sighed as she closed her eye." I'll make some arrangements to talk to Clair about her feminine side, and see about what we can do about her current situation." Pomfrey finished as the Headmaster agreed.
"You won't be alone I'm sure every one of us will stick to Harry to help him deal with his problems." Dumbledore kindly suggested which the Healer accepted.

The following day a young Witch slowly awoke groaning." Oh my head..." Clair painfully cried out, causing someone to be at her side.
"Here Ms. Lakeshore drink this." Pomfrey firmly commanded as she passes a vial with a fowl looking liquid and the teen quickly gulp the not so tasty Potion.
"Yuck why does it taste worse then yesterday?" Clair grumbled as her head cleared up.
"Probably because you were feeling the full effects of your condition Ms. Lakeshore, maybe next time you would read up on your feminine side so you wouldn't get caught off guard again Mr. Potter." Pomfrey informed a shock teen.
"You know who I am?" Clair quickly asked, while now noticing others around her bed.
"I do, and I should warn you now that your magical levels is now erratic, and is interfering with your Curse, and because of this, you won't be able to turn into a boy, until your cycle is over I'm afraid." Pomfrey warned a gulping teen.
"So I'm stuck as a girl for a week?" Clair quickly guessed as the Healer nodded.
"I'm afraid so Ms. Lakeshore, but for now I'll get your breakfast, and later I will be expecting to have a nice long talk about this Curse, since there is a few more Witches topics you should be aware of Ms. Lakeshore." Pomfrey warned as she got up to leave.

With the Healer gone, the Headmaster took a nearby seat." It appears Ms. Lakeshore we got some things to discuss." Dumbledore firmly asked, as the teen looked to him.
"Um why do I have a feeling I won't like this?" Clair worriedly asked, causing her Headmaster to smile.
"It won't be that bad Ms. Lakeshore." Dumbledore smiled and began the long Healing process which helped Clair deal with her friends and family Betrayals.
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