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The plan

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Happy endings does not always happen at the end of a chapter.

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A/N; I was originally going to end this chapter another way, but I decided change it to this way since I thought the forgiveness part should take longer then just one day.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Ministry of Magic

The following day after the cure for the Charm found by the Elementals, an important looking Wizard sat in his office, until a letter dropped onto his desk, and he quickly open it to read the note.

Minister Fudge

As a concern citizen of the Magical World, I have learnt that the Traitorous Harry James Potter will try to gain the trust of his once friends and professors during Breakfast tomorrow, please see that his evil deeds ends tomorrow.

The letter was not signed, and the Minister smiled." I have a feeling by tomorrow Potter will not be a threat to my status as Minister." Fudge smiled as he started planning further downfall of the former Savior of the Wizarding World.

Chamber of Secrets

In a small tent a teen awoke knowing this would be the last day in hiding if the plans they were working on for the previous day worked." Clair dear are you worried about this mourning?" A younger fully dress Witch worriedly asked, as she lay beside a startled Witch.
"I am Ginny, but if this plan works we will back in classes and most importantly with our friends." Clair sighed as she got up to dress but stopped by her friend, to give the older girl a kiss, which sent an electric serge throughout her body, instantly she was a boy.
"Interesting instead of a frog turning into a Prince it's now a Princes that turns into a Prince." Ginny joked as her friend rolled his eyes.
"Yeah sure Ginny, don't forget that I can easily turn again with another kiss." Harry groaned as he sat up to get ready for the day.

In the kitchen four Elementals talked about their plans while they ate." If this is like my last meeting with the Headmaster, our plans will work." Harry gravely informed his friends.
"You are probably right Harry, but I wish there was another way to remove the Charms." Ginny sadly asked, but another shook her head.
"My father rechecked everything he done, I'm afraid there is no other way." Luna gravely informed her friends.
"Then it's settled, we'll go on with our plans and Luna tells your father it's a go, we are leaving in a fifteen minutes so we can be in the Great Hall about half an hour after Breakfast starts." Harry firmly committed, before they all got ready to leave.

Great Hall

The room was noisy as the students and professors ate their breakfast, not knowing the events that will occur in less then a few minutes.

It was half an hour into breakfast when the doors opened for a messy hair teen, whom calmly walked in as glares were sent his way." Stay right there Potter!" Dumbledore firmly commanded with Wand in hand.
"Headmaster Dumbledore please consider what you are doing, I'm not what the Prophet is saying about me!" Harry quickly begged as he stopped in the middle of the room.
"Your lies won't work on me Potter, so give up now and we will go easy on you!" Dumbledore firmly commanded as the teen sadly look to him.
"If that what you want, I surrender." Harry sadly informed his Headmaster as he flicked his hand, causing his Wand to fall to the floor.
"Incarcerous!" Dumbledore quickly cast, and before the teen could do anything ropes wrapped tightly around him." This time you won't be going anywhere." Dumbledore firmly informed a not so happy teen, as the doors quickly open for a dozen Aurors and a grinning Minister.

Once the teen was surrounded with many Wands pointed in his direction, the Minister stepped up to him." It appears that your time in the spotlight has ended Potter!" Fudge smiled as the teen glared.
"You are a fool Fudge, using Dark Magic to turn my friends and professors against me, that is low even for you!" Harry spat, while getting a bloody slap to the face.
"You shouldn't talk about lies, since no one will believe you ever again." Fudge informed the teen in disgust, before turning to an Auror." I think its time for our gift for Potter!" Fudge commanded, and the Auror quickly left and returned a few minutes later with a Dementor trailing behind him." Dementor performed your duty to the Ministry." Fudge commanded, and the Dark creature floated up to the teen and immediately performed the kiss, which moments later the teen fell to the floor with blank eyes staring at the Head Table.

As the Headmaster and many others looked to the now soulless teen, a flood of emotions fell upon them, and soon everyone in the Great Hall realized that something was wrong." Fudge you fool, what have you done!" Dumbledore quickly yelled, as he now knows the truth.
"What I done, I just removed a threat to the Ministry Headmaster, just be glad I stopped this boy before he could do any damage." Fudge proudly informed a not so happy Headmaster, but before he could do anything, the doors slammed open for a dirty blond hair Wizard, whom quickly rushed into the room.

Once the new arrival rushed up to the scene, he looked not so nicely at the Minister." I'm David Lovegood I got something for Auror Shacklebolt!" David quickly informed the Head Auror and handed over a number of Parchments.
"Is this for real?" Shacklebolt shouted as he scanned the parchments.
"I assure you Auror Shacklebolt they are, and here is an example of one, don't worry I had weaken the Charm so it won't affect anyone anymore." David firmly informed the Auror, and he quickly scanned the Daily Prophet the other Wizard handed to him.
"This is enough proof for a full investigation, too bad we are too late." Shacklebolt sadly informed the Wizard, but turned to the Minister." Fudge I have here Documents of not only you allowing the use of a Dark Charms to make us believe your lies, also dealing with known Death Eaters, Aurors seize that scumbag!" Shacklebolt angrily yelled, and the other Aurors quickly grabbed onto the Minister.
"You can't do this to me, I'm the Minister..." Fudge started but quickly interrupted.
"Not anymore Fudge, if these Parchments are right, you are going to Azkaban Prison for a long time!" Shacklebolt firmly informed a cringing ex-Minister.

Once the Minister was secured, the Head Auror looked to his men." I want team two to head to the Daily Prophet office to check their Printing Press, and anything they can find on this Parchment." Shacklebolt ordered as he handed over a Parchment to another Auror." Team three go to Malfoy Manor and check this out!" Shacklebolt again commanded and handed over a second Parchment, the teams quickly left the room.

Once the teams were away, the Auror was called upon." Auror Shacklebolt, since Harry was innocent all this time can you dropped all charges against my Daughter and her friends." David firmly asked, and the Auror quickly nodded as he brought out a thin book, and begin skimming threw it.
"Ah yes the arrest warrants for Mr. Potter, Longbottom and Ms, Weasley and Lovegood, there all Wanted Posters of them is now changed to another Criminal." Shacklebolt informed the father as he waved his wand over the book." I'm so sorry about this, and hope you will forgive us for this mistake." Shacklebolt regrettably apologized.
"It was not your fault it was Fudge and the Prophet for spreading all those lies." David spat out, as another step forward.
"David I guess everyone here owes you and the teens an apology, especially Harry." Dumbledore sadly suggested, as he looked to the still figure on the ground.
"No I don't need it as well as the teens." David firmly informed the Headmaster." But we need to talk in private so would your office do?" David kindly asked as the Headmaster agreed before turning to his staff members.
"Madam Pomfrey can you take Mr. Potter to the Hospital Wing and make the necessary arrangements." Dumbledore gravely suggested, and the Healer nodded before walking up to the fallen Wizard and levitating him away.

As the Headmaster and guests walked no one said anything until they reach the Headmaster's office and one got a shock of life." What the..." Dumbledore only could say as he spied four hooded Robe figures standing in his office.
"Ah you are here, but I guess you already know everything thanks to my daughter." David smiled, as one of the three removed her hood.
"Of course Mr. Lovegood and thanks again for helping us." Clair smiled as she noticed the shock look on her Headmaster face." Headmaster Dumbledore, I'm sorry about faking my death, since it was the only way to shock everyone back to normal." Clair informed Dumbledore while looking very sorry.
"It alright my dear, but I'm guessing you created a Clone thanks to your Familiar am I right?" Dumbledore smiled, as he looked glad that was the case.
"True but before we go on, I need to introduce the other Elementals." Clair smiled as she pointed to the red Robe Witch." This is Ginny, a Fire Elemental." Clair smiled, as her friend removed her hood." Next is Neville, he is an Earth Elemental." Clair continued as the brown Robe Wizard removes his hood." And lastly Luna, she is an Air Elemental." Clair finally introduced, and the White Robe Witch removed her hood, and quickly went to her father.
"Thank you daddy, we couldn't have done this without your help." Luna smiled as she hugged her father.
"Actually I should thank you're my darling Daughter." David smiled as he let his daughter go." If it was not for you and your friends, I wouldn't have a story against the corrupted Prophet." David smiled, as did his daughter.

After the family reunion a couch got everyone's attention." I believe we need to settle a few Guardians sadness Ms. Lakeshore." Dumbledore sadly informed a startled teen.
"Oh no everyone thinks I was Kissed." Clair worriedly called out and was ready to leave to the Hospital Wing where she knew her friends and family was mourning her clone, but stopped before she reached the office door.
"Clair wait, I have an idea if you are interested." Dumbledore called out as the teen turned to her Headmaster.
"What is it?" Clair quickly asked, and looking ready to leave.
"We could let the world believe you had been kiss, and come back as Clair Lakeshore so you won't have to worry about your fame or threat from Voldemort." Dumbledore kindly suggested to a wide-eye teen.
"Even though I know this would work, I would have to decline Headmaster I would not want to stay as girl longer then needed." Clair firmly informed an understanding Headmaster before leaving the room with the other Elementals.

Hospital Wing

In a private area of the room, a large group of Wizards and Witches mourn a messy hair teen with a blank look in his eyes." This is our entire fault!" Hermione cried as she buried her face in her friend's Robes.
"No it's not Hermione, the Daily Prophet did this to us, and if it was not for the Aurors being there now, I would go and tear the place apart." Sirius angrily yelled as he slammed his fist into an empty bed.
"Don't put all the blame on the Prophet, Fudge was the reason for them to write all those stories." Molly cried as the doors to the room opened for three students.

It took a moment before the occupants of the large room recognized the new arrivals when a scream was heard." GINNY!" Molly yelled as she quickly rushed up to the younger Witch to give her a teary hugged." I'm sorry for not believing you, I'm so sorry." Molly cried as she continues hugging the teen.
"Mom it's alright I know it's was not your fault." Ginny tried to say but her mother continued her crying.

With Ginny blocked the two friends walked over to the bed with messy hair teen and sighed." He really look like Harry does he?" Luna smiled, as did her friend.
"Yeah he does, Clover is pretty good at this." Neville smiled as a few heard him.
"What do you mean Clover is good at what?" Sirius quickly asked, as another caught on.
"NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM, do you mean this is a..." Hermione yelled but could not go on as the door to the Hospital Wing opened for a messy hair teen.
"I always known you were a bright Witch Her..." Clair started as she came in, but stopped as her Godfather rushed up to her and gave her a huge hugged.

A few minutes later a teary eye Sirius let go a blushing Witch." Don't dare do that again, don't you realized how much you hurt us pulling that stunt!" Sirius angrily shouted, while other voiced their anger at what the teen did.

For a few minutes the messy hair teen was yelled by her friends and family for the hurt she caused them, until she had enough and caused a ring of water to push the angry family away." I'm sorry I hurt you all for letting my Clone get kiss, but it was the only way to remove the charms the Prophet had place on you!" A not so happy Clair informed her friends and family." Or did you guys really wanted to see me get kissed just to remove the BLOODY CHARMS!" Clair now shouted at her wincing family.
"Clair..." Sirius started but stopped at seeing how badly hurt his Goddaughter looked.
"Don't even try to apologized Black, I was going to forgive you for what had happen for the past weeks, but now I don't know!" Was Clair only warning before disappearing?

Once the teen was gone, three equally angry teens turned to the group." Thanks for destroying Clair's only hope for getting back her family!" Neville angrily informed everyone.
"And to let you guys know, Clair did hear and saw everything when you were under the Charms!" Luna angrily started, making the group wince at the memories of their past weeks." You should be glad that knowing about the Charm was what kept her hope up." Luna angrily finished as everyone's head fell in shame.
"Please we are sorry." Ron shamefully started but another interrupted him.
"You don't need to apologize to us, its Clair you need to say sorry too." Ginny angrily informed her Brother, before the three friends disappeared from the Hospital Wing.

With the Elementals gone, the group in the Hospital Wing fell into tears, knowing that they made thing far worse then before and as the Headmaster stepped in, he sadly shook his head." Please Clair, forgive us for our foolishness." Dumbledore silently prayed, as he stepped back out, knowing Clair's family and friends need to deal with their second betrayal to Clair on their own.
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