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Order Meetings and the four Elementals start Bonding

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A/N; Sorry about the quick relationship at the end of this chapter, I really didn't want to go into what they did during the week.

Also I got the cure ready and waiting to write I made this one quick so I can get everyone back together.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Grimmauld Pl

Hours after the attack on Diagon Alley, the Headmaster of Hogwarts was in a meeting with the Order of the Phoenix." Alright what happen?' Dumbledore tiredly asked his Order Members.
"It was a massacre, we barely scratched the Demons using stun spells and other less damaging spells, and when we tried Blasting Spells to Cutting Hex they only cause minor damages to the Demons." Shacklebolt worriedly informed the Headmaster
"Shacklebolt are you sure, what about the dead Demons scattered about the Alley?" Dumbledore wondered, as the Head Auror grimly looked to him.
"I don't know how, but fire and clear arrows rained down from the rooftops, and if it weren't for them, I and probably many others would be in the Morgue now." Shacklebolt grimly informed a startled Headmaster.
"This is startling news, since this could be a sign of another group fighting the Demons." Dumbledore informed everyone.
"But sir, what side are they fighting for, Light or Dark?" Tonks worriedly ask.
"My guess they are fighting for the Light, since they protected the ones fighting the Demons." Dumbledore started as he rubbed his white beard." But there is possibility that they are Dark, since they seem to have been aiming to kill instead of trying to capture the Demons." Dumbledore informed a shocked group.
"CAPTURE THE DEMONS." The Order shouted in rage.
"Headmaster Dumbledore, I doubt we can contain the Demons, since I saw them destroy many of the magically strengthen buildings in the Alley by just running into them." Shacklebolt gravely informed a startled Headmaster." And I remember correctly the very same magically protected buildings that survived the Muggle bombing in WWW 2." Shacklebolt reminded a still unconvinced Headmaster.
"True, but still those charms could have weakened over time." Dumbledore calmly suggested, dismissing the thought that the Demons were very powerful.
"I doubt that Headmaster, if I remember correctly it was Goblin Magic that protected the buildings, they should just as strong now as they were in the War." Bill firmly informed his former Headmaster.
"In that case, look like we need to update our spells, and start using very destructive ones." Dumbledore relented knowing now that they have no choice but to get rid of the Demons any way possible.
"Does that mean using the Unforgivables?" Molly quickly asked, but the Headmaster shook his head.
"No since they do not cause any physical damages, I doubt they will be as effective as trying to stun the Demons." Dumbledore informed a relived mother." But I have something that we could use." Dumbledore informed everyone, as he took out an old untitled book out of his Robes.
"What is that? I can see magic radiating out of the book." Moody asked, as his fake eye scanned the book.
"It's the lost book of Merlin's book of spells." Dumbledore informed a shock group as he placed it on the kitchen table." The same spells that Wizards and Witches used to fight the Demons during the last Dark Ages." Dumbledore firmly added, as the Head Auror went to open the book.
"These spells look complicated, but I guess with practice and time we could learn them." Shacklebolt suggested, as many Members looked the spells over.

As the Members started going over Merlin's Book Dumbledore gave out a couch." Before we try to learn the spells, I have one last question did anyone see any Wizards wearing colored Robes?" Dumbledore quickly asked, as many looked to him.
"I saw two one was a Wizard wearing a Brown Robe, and the other was a Witch wearing blue, both were attacking the Demons with a sword and Battle Axe." Shacklebolt informed a startle Headmaster.
"I saw them helping out the wounded at the end of the battle, which I should say that without them, we probably have twice the dead now." Tonks informed the Headmaster as many agreed without a doubt.
"Interesting piece of information, but it is strange since I had identified the Blue Robe Witch as Lakeshore." Dumbledore warned a very shock group.
WHAT, it can't be her I know for sure she would've help us?" Molly yelled in displeasure.
"I know, but maybe they were attacking the Demons on Voldemort's behalf." Dumbledore suggested as he begin thinking of reasons for the Betrayers to help them.
"Is He who not to be name willing to send children after the Demons?" Tonks quickly asked, and the Headmaster nodded too.
"It appears so, we should keep an eye on these Robes Witches and Wizards, and because of this I have a sinking feeling they might be our missing former students." Dumbledore warned causing a gasp to echo about the room.
"If they are the mysterious Wizards, I will personally take them down." Shacklebolt angrily barked.
"Not if I get my hands on my Ex-Godson." Sirius angrily informed his colleague.
"Now gentlemen, I believe we should get back to Merlin's Book, and later we can plan for our former students Betrayals." Dumbledore gently suggested, and the group went back into the book, noting spells that could be very useful.

Chamber of Secretes

The following morning a young Wizard started setting the table a young red hair Witch stepped in." Morning Harry, morning Clover, I'm glad at least one of us can cook." Ginny smiled as she sat down to eat next to a young girl.
"I'm glad too, or else we would be eating out everyday." Harry smiled as he place more food on the table.

After setting out several large plates of breakfast foods, Harry sat down ready to dig in when he notice they were short two teenagers." Hey Ginny have you seen Neville or Luna they usually up by now?" Harry wonder as his friend looked to him.
"I think I better warn you, they maybe a couple now if everything went alright after their first date last night." Ginny grinned as her friend nodded in acceptance.
"I guess I'm fine with this, Neville could use someone to get close too." Harry suggested with a grin, as his friend nodded in agreement before they ate in silence.

After almost finishing her plate, Ginny sighed as she pushed her it away." Um Harry, I was wondering about us?" Ginny quickly asked, as her checks grew bright red.
"You want to be my Girlfriend?" Harry could only stuttered out, since he was shock that his friend would suggest this.
"Yes Harry, I would love to be yours." Ginny smiled as her friend looked away.
"But Ginny what about my Curse, there maybe times that it could be activated?" Harry now blushed while thinking of a few reasons for the Curse to activate.
"I guess I wouldn't mind, as long it is you I'm Snogging." Ginny blushed at the thought.
"Well I guess I'm willing to give this a try." Harry blushed as his friend got up.
"In that case, come on and go out on a date, I think we should go out with Luna and Neville." Ginny suggested, as Harry agreed.
"But there might be a problem, Dumbledore and others might be looking out for us?" Harry worriedly reminded his friend, but a new voice interrupted the couple.
"I can fix that little problem Harry, I know a few places outside England we can go too, and we won't be seen by anyone we know." Luna smiled, as she and a blushing Boyfriend stepped into the kitchen.
"I guess we can do this, as long as I don't need to learn another language." Harry smiled as he picked up his and his now Girlfriend empty plates to wash.
"Then it's a date, I better get ready now so we can leave in an hour." Ginny smiled as she rushed out of the kitchen.
"I guess you two can eat alone, and see you two later." Harry suggested, as he quickly used magic to wash the dishes, and left the kitchen to get ready.

Once alone, Neville sat closer to Luna." I do hope Harry and Ginny will find happiness while together." Neville grinned as he ate.
"I know they both will, since we are happy ourselves." Luna smiled as she ate and made some plans for their outing.

During the course of a week the four Elemental played in the sunny beaches of America forgetting their troubles, and luckily for them, there was no Demon attacks, since the Leaders were now worried about them and took their time to prepare for the next battle.

A week later the four Elementals returned to their Chamber fully rested and their relationships strengthened, but as they got settled in, one of the teens got a message from her father thanks to her Familiar." Oh no, this is not good not good at all!" Luna worriedly cried out, causing her friends to look worried.
"Luna what is wrong?" Harry quickly asked.
"The Charm on the Prophet, father found a way to remove the effects from everyone, but it not good not good at all." Luna repeated, as the friends assured that they would do anything it takes to get their other friends back.
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