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Darkness rising

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Elementals VS Demons.

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A/N; The end of chapter will have pairings.

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Grimmauld Pl

An Elderly Wizard stood before the group that is fighting the growing Darkness." It appears Severus has some disturbing news about Voldemort." Dumbledore gravely informed a group of Wizards and Witches.
"The Dark Lord is badly injured after he successful summons his army of Demons." Snape emotionlessly informed everyone as he stood before everyone.
"What do you mean he who not be name is injured and how did it happen?" Mad-eye barked.
"The Dark Lord failed to summon the Demons correctly, and now they are free to roam the Earth with no one to command them." Snape informed a very worried group." As for the Dark Lord, well I will just say he got on the wrong side of the Demon and now will be bedridden for at least a weak, maybe more." Snape finished with a bored tone.

Once Snape done speaking, the Headmaster sadly looked down. "This is not good, with Harry turning to the Dark side, and most likely with Voldemort, I fear there will be chance we will lose this war." Dumbledore gravely informed everyone.
"Snape have you seen that traitorous Bas..." Sirius started but interrupted by the Headmaster so Snape could answer with a glare.
"I never saw the Brat or his friends, but I was informed by Voldemort they meet regularly for private training." Snape informed a not so happy group.
"Severus is my Daughter with them." Molly angrily asked, and the Potions Master nodded.
"Most likely I'm afraid, as well as Longbottom and Lovegood." Snape answered with a look of disgust.

Once the Potion Master was done speaking, the Headmaster looked to everyone." I spoken to Mr. Lovegood, and Mrs. Longbottom, they both seem to think that their children are not turned, and will not be joining us to help with our cause." Dumbledore informed a shock group.
"Why Headmaster are they against us?" Sirius angrily asked.
"I don't know Sirius, all I know they both want to stay neutral for now, and I feel we should let them, until they see that we are right." Dumbledore firmly started, as many agreed.

Once everyone settled down, a Dark Auror stepped up." Sir what are we going to do about the Demons?" Shacklebolt worriedly ask the Headmaster.
"I believe Hogwarts has a copy of Merlin's private Manuscripts, I will personally look it over so I can find out the Demons weaknesses and a way to send them back threw the Gate." Dumbledore gravely informed everyone before ending the meeting, so he could look through the Logs.

Chamber of Secrets

In a magically large room, four teens sat hearing the news from a dirty blond teen, whom sat and spoke out the events that transpired, and once that done another sighed." The Charm to turn our friends against us must be powerful, with Malfoy gone I wonder who is re-administering the charm on the Prophet?" Harry wondered as another spoke.
"Malfoy could've place a permanent charm on their Magical Printing press, and if so I believe any lie they write will be seen as the truth." Luna worriedly informed her friends.
"Well there goes our hope that the Charm would fade in time." Harry sadly started, as he looked away." Luna I know it only been several days since our exile, but have your father learnt anything new about the Charm?" Harry quickly asked, as he looked hopefully at his friend.
"My father is doing his best Harry, but he fears it would take another month of research, before he can find a solution to the removal of the Charm, and returned everyone back to normal." Luna sadly informed her friend.
"I guess we can wait for your father Lunar, but have you heard anything about the Demons?" Harry gravely asked, as his friend closed her eyes to contact her Familiar.
"They are at a place call Demon Keep, which is a large castle that is heavily protected against all attacks including Elemental." Luna gravely informed her friend. "There more their base is unplotable even to us, so we need to find a way around the Wards if we decide to attack them there." Luna finished, but got a worried look a second later." Great I thought we were going to get more time, the Demons are on the move!" Luna quickly warned as they quickly stood up.
"This is what we were trained for, so let's not disappoint our Elemental Sprites." Harry firmly informed everyone before they all left to their rooms to get ready.

Grimmauld Pl

A few minutes after the Headmaster just left the room, a pink hair Witch quickly entered the room." We got problems, unknown creatures attacking Diagon Alley!" Tonks breathless yelled as the group quickly stood, and Apparated away.

Diagon Alley

It was Chaos as dozens of monstrous creatures tore threw the Alley leaving very little standing, but for a few minutes hope came with the Order of the Phoenix as they appeared at the entrance, but it was short lived." Stupefy!" Shacklebolt yelled at a very large doglike creature, but it took no affect as it turn to him bearing large razor sharp fangs." Oh Sh..." Shacklebolt only could say, since he saw the dog jumped at him, he quickly covered his eyes expecting lots of hurt, which did not come.

Just as the Order arrives, four teens dress in blue, brown, red, and white hooded Robes appeared." Fire, Air try protect the shoppers, Earth is with me." The blue Robe teen quickly ordered and they quickly went into action.

Once separated two teens disappeared from the streets and appeared on the rooftops each with a long bow." Ready Luna to kick Demons but?" The White Robe teen quickly asked as she pulled the bow, to create a clear looking shaft, with a sharp pointed wave at the end.
"Ready when you are!" The Red Robe teen firmly said as she pulled her Bow, causing a fiery arrow to appear.
"Then as the Muggles would say, Lock and Load!" The White Robe only said as she fire her first shot at a Demon Dog , instantly it went down as it head tore from its body.

For a few minute the Auror stood startled when nothing happen, and when he dared to look, he was surprised to see a dead Demon Dog at his heals." What just happen?" Shacklebolt shakily asked, but froze as he saw fiery and clear arrows being shot from the rooftops, bringing several Demons down by burning them to ashes or slicing them in half.

In time the Order was not faring well, even with the unknown help from above, many of them were severely hurt within minutes into their fight, and were force to activate their emergency Portkeys, leaving the few survivors to try to handle the rest of the Demons.

At the untouched Gringotts side of the Alley, two teens appeared one was holding a light blue Broad Sword the other was holding a large brown Battle Ax." Well Hydra I think we should come out with new nicknames." The Brown Robe worriedly suggested, as he got ready to battle the advancing Demons.
"I guess you are right we can't just call us by our elements, but let's think of names later since we got to kick Demons But!" The Blue Robe firmly reminded the other, as he got ready, both ran into the advancing Demons.

The two teens tore threw the Demons like a scissors threw paper, but unfortunately one was stopped when a Demon block his attack." Hydra!" Earth yelled as he quickly dispatched a Demon.
"Earth keeps going I got him!" Hydra yelled, as she faced a humanoid Demon, that was eight feet tall, and sporting thick muscles.

As Earth continue his attack, Hydra looked to the Demon who sword stopped him from joining his friend." So what level are you Demon!" Hydra growled, as the Demon looked down at him.
"I'm Third level, one of our top fighters!" The Demon barked, as Hydra stood ready with sword in hand.
"Well I hope you are ready to die today." Hydra growled as the Demon laughed.
"Die, I won't easily die like a Fourth level Demon!" The Demon growled, as he swung his sword at the teen, but miss as the teen dodge, causing the Demon sword to cut into the ground, both causing large cracks to form, while at the same shook the entire Alley.
"This can't be good!" Hydra shakily thought as she tried to stay standing.
"Neat affect hah, I can do more then shake things up!" The Demon smiled showing razor sharp teeth in his mouth.
"You can, even though I would like to see it, I think not!" Hydra firmly informed the Demon, while quickly swung her sword upwards sending a crescent watery wave at the Demon, clearly cutting it in half." For a second I was worried." Hydra thought as the two halves of the Demon fell to the side unmoving.

With the main threat gone, the rest of the Demons was pushovers, and within an hour the streets of Diagon Alley was littered with dead Demons, and a few standing Wizards and Witches wondering what just happen.

As Hydra killed the last Demon, she sighed in relief as she banished her sword knowing it was over for now." Earth is you all right?" Hydra tirelessly asked the brown Robe teen coming up to her.
"Hydra, I could use some of your Healing water, but other then that I'm fine." Earth informed his friend, as they looked about, and cringed at the damages done to the Alley.
"Let's see about helping the wounded, we should be all right until the cleanup is almost over." Hydra sadly informed her friend and both went to see about helping the fallen.

Thanks to a new and approve Healing Hydra, many of the very wounded was walking about helping the search effects, and soon the Alley was abuzz with activities as dozens of Wizards and Witches helping to help do what they can.

Late in the slowly dimming light, a blue Robe teen was just pouring a cup of dark blue water into an injured child's mouth, when a she felt a jab in her back." LAKESHORE, did you think you will be able to hide your abilities from us?" An Elderly Wizard firmly asked.
"I'm sorry Headmaster Dumbledore, but I'm a bit busy at the moment." Clair firmly informed a not so happy Headmaster.
"Then I'm sorry I would have to result to this!" Dumbledore informed the teen, as he removed his wand from her back." REDUCTO!" Dumbledore yelled, but the teen disappeared taking the child with her, and appeared far across the street.

Once Clair saw it was safe, she set the child she held down and turned to the Headmaster." Dumbledore what are you thinking, you could have hurt this child!" Clair sneered as she faced the Headmaster.
"No more then you would have Mr. Potter, I know all you are capable of, so give up now and I will go easy on you." Dumbledore angrily informed a not so happy teen.
"You know nothing but lies that was forcefully fed into your mind Headmaster, if it wasn't for the Prophet's Mind altering Charms, you will be on my side." Clair angrily informed a startled Headmaster.
"I have no idea what you are talking about I am free from any such Charms." Dumbledore firmly informed a bored teen.
"I wish it was so Headmaster, but since all is well at the moment, we will be leaving, so good day to you sir." Was Clair only warning before she disappeared, seconds later her friends followed suit.

Once the teens were gone, the Headmaster sighed." Great I need to take care of this problem soon." Dumbledore worriedly thought as he turned to the Alley to see what he can do to help.

Chamber of Secrets

In a middle of a large room, four teens appeared looking tired and ready to pass out." We need to get rid of those blasted Charms Dumbledore could have hurt someone other then me in the Alley." Clair impatiently informed her friends.
"Not to worry Clair, my father is working as fast as he can, but he may have moved the date to two weeks, but I'm not sure." Luna quickly informed her friend.
"Sorry Luna, I'm just upset that everyone that we know for so long just turned on us, and only us knows why!" Clair grumbled as she turned to walk to her tent to get some well deserve rest.

Once Clair was gone, the three friends decided to turn in, but one had a dreamy look on her face." Hey Neville, I was wondering since we got nothing to do now, would you like to go somewhere to eat." Luna suddenly asked a confuse teen.
"Um I guess so." Neville only could stutter out, as his friend brought out her Wand and change their Robes to Muggle clothing before hooking her arm around his.
"Hey Ginny don't wait up for us." Luna simply informed her other friend before disappearing with a startled teen.

Once the couple left, the remaining teen sighed as she looked to the tent." Hmm one and a half boys and two and a half girls, living together with no supervision, and probably two or more weeks to ourselves." Ginny thought, and but she decided to wait until tomorrow to asked her friend out.
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