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A New Home

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The Elementals get settled down

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A/N; I know not much in this chapter, just clearing some things on the three new Elementals, and thanks to the reviewer who help correct my mistake on the word SECRET, I would never had found out that I been misspelling it, and I corrected the last chapter with the spelling error.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

In a cavernous room four teens appeared looking startle at the two rows of stone serpent heads to the side of them, and a large stone statue of an ancient wizard before them, until one gasped." THE CHAMBER OF SECRETES!" Ginny yelled in fright.
"Ginny it's alright were safe." Harry quickly informed his friend, as he gave her a comfortable hug." There is no danger here anymore, I made sure of it." Harry gently informed a slowly calming friend.
"Sorry Harry, I use to have nightmares of my encounter of Riddle, I thought I gotten over it." Ginny worriedly informed her friend.
"Ginny to tell you the truth it also took me a while to come to terms of the events here, especially when I had to get rid of the decaying body of the snake at the start of this school year." Harry informed his friends with a look of disgust.
"Harry what did you do to the Basilisk?" Ginny slowly asked, as she wonders how anyone could get rid of the very large snake.
"Ginny I'm a Water Elemental, I can create and control anything made of water, for an example Acid which I used to dissolved the entire body of the snake." Harry had shaken himself remembering the sight of the melting snake in the Chamber.

After a few minutes of silence another spoke up." Harry lets set up your tent, and then we can plan for our coming out party!" Neville suggested to change the subject.
"I'll get the tent set up oh did anyone get my trunk and things?" Harry worriedly asked, and was quickly answered by a little girl.
"I got them once I saw you were safe!" Clover happily informed her brother.
"Thanks little Dragon, I better get my things unpack and then we can start planning." Harry suggested as he got the tent set up in a corner of the large room, and everyone went in.

Once everyone settled down in the living room, Harry looked to his friends." Before we begin, do you all have Guardians?" Harry quickly asked, as Clover appeared in her girl form, but a second later was in her Dragon form.
"I got a Fiery Pegasus I named Blaze, she can fly faster then any broom." Ginny answered as a six foot tall winged horse appeared beside her, his entire body was glowing as it was on fire.
"I got a Wood Gnome name Gumble, he can blend into any natural object no matter what it size." Neville informed his friends, as a two foot Garden Gnome appeared beside him.
"I don't know what mine is, but since it doesn't have a form but it act like air I named it Whisper." Luna informed her friend.
"Whisper, what can it does?" Harry wondered as he looked to his friend.
"It can be anywhere without being noticed, because of this it can spy for us." Luna suggested, and Harry agreed.
"As long as it won't be seen, I guess this would be perfect to spy on our enemies." Harry uncertainly suggested, and the others agreed.

For a few hours the four friends got to know each other, and three grinned as they learned more about Harry." So when do we get to meet your Feminine side Harry?" Luna smiled, as did Ginny.
"Yeah with Clair here we girls outnumber the boys." Ginny grinned as Harry groaned.
"Oh no you don't, I want to be a boy not a girl..." Harry started but the unwanted feeling of being zapped was felt and he groaned more as the girls squealed in delight." Clover you are a dead Dragon!" The now Clair yelled to a Dragon that was now flying away.
"Hush Clair, you should treat your Familiar with at least some respect." Ginny teased, as she and a ginning Luna got up." Hey Luna lets dress up our new friend?" Ginny smiled as her friend agreed.
"Hmm boys clothes does not suite you Clair, lets us help you with a total makeover, you need a girl's touch." Luna teased as both girls grabbed Clair and with surprising strength dragged the unwilling friend away.
"Neville a little help here!" Clair yelled while being dragged into a room.
"Sorry Mate, you are on your own!" Neville smiled but grimness as the door closed." Glad I'm not her." Neville thought before turning to his Familiar." Hey Gumble, why not do some spying in Hogwarts, we should see what is happening upstairs." Neville suggested after a thought, and the little Gnome was gone.

Headmaster's office

In a large round office an Elder Wizard sighed as he did some work, when a knock sounded on the door." Come in Minerva!" Dumbledore called out and the stern professor came in.
"Sir it's confirmed Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley is not in the school." McGonagal worriedly informed the Headmaster as she sat down before the age Wizard.
"This is not good, since I fear that it was them who helped Mr. Potter to escape." Dumbledore grimly informed a shocked professor.
"But how, they would never match the power we witness in the Great Hall!" McGonagall quickly informed her Headmaster with a look of unbelieving.
"You'll be surprise Minerva, since I know Harry been hiding seventy percent of his own power from us, and because of this, we need to try to contain him and hope we can return him to the Light." Dumbledore sadly suggested.
"I doubt we can help Potter, Albus have you read this morning Prophet, I think we lost him already." McGonagall worriedly informed a sighing Headmaster as he glance at newspaper.
"I guess you are right, we should be more aggressive with this new threat, and if we can't bring him in, we should eliminate the threat." Dumbledore firmly informed an agreeing professor.

Chamber of Secrets

In a small tent, a teen sits shivering since he was able to see everything his Familiar saw." We must find a way to free everyone from the Charm, or we will not only have to deal with the Demons and Voldemort, we have to worry about Dumbledore." Neville worriedly thought as he continued spying on Hogwarts, but found no new information.
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