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Second Dark Ages

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Event leading to the second prophecy begins.

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Unknown location

For a full half hour screams was heard as a snakelike man sent curses at a number of his followers until grew tire of torturing he turned to a blond hair Wizards lying on the ground trembling more then the others." Thanks to your blundering I lost the Key factor to unlock the Gate, pray that your on sacrifice will be sufficient to replace him!" Voldemort hissed madly as the fallen Wizard looked to him.
"Pleas give me another chance I begged of you!" Lucius quickly begged which the Dark Lord ignored as he looked to the side of him.
"Crabbe, Goyle get him prepared for the Ceremony, make sure he has nothing on except for the Ritual Robes." Voldemort commanded and two large Wizards quickly followed orders, by carrying the hysterical Wizard away.

Hours later in a mountain Valley, the Dark Lord walked over to a sixteen foot Archway made of black stones which was filled with ancient writing." The Gateway to hell, soon I will command the army Morgana failed to control just over a thousand years ago." Voldemort hisses in joy as a number of his followers walked forward holding a group of twenty Muggles, and a tortured Wizard." Place them in the archway, and I will begin shortly!" Voldemort hissed and his followers quickly followed orders.

In no time the frighten Muggles and Wizard was lined up in the Archway, and soon the Dark Lord turned to another follower." Do you have the manuscripts?" Voldemort hissed causing the Follower to shiver.
"I do my Lord, but I must warn you, you got to follow the Incantation and the Order to the Demons to the letter. " The Death Eater warned as he shakily handed over a lengthy parchment. "From what few records there were, that was how Morgana failed to command the Demons, she forgot to do something but it wasn't written what she did wrong." The Death Eater continued but stopped by a curse.
"CRUCIO!" Voldemort yelled causing the Wizard to stop talking and fell to the ground screaming in pain." I know already the History about the Gate you don't need to remind me of it!" Voldemort madly informed his Follower as he release the curse." Now leave or I will add you to the sacrifice to the Demons." Voldemort warned and the Follower painfully crawled away.

For a few moments the Dark Lord memorized the Parchment." Easy enough just say the incantation and name the person to command the Demons." Voldemort thought before turning to his Followers." I want everyone accept for the sacrifices to move back about fifty feet from the Archway!" Voldemort commanded his Followers, and they quickly move back, but just enough to keep their master in sight.

Once the Death Eaters was far enough, the Dark Lord started the incantation, and immediately a pure black Veil appeared from the left of the Archway and slowly slid to the right to covering the victims, whom started screaming in agony as they disappeared behind the black curtain.

As the Dark Lord finished the Incantation, a booming voice sounded just as the Dark curtain sealed the Archway." WHO IS IT THAT WISHES TO COMMAND US?" A loud dark voice echoed about the valley.
"It is I Lord Voldemort who wished to command an army of Demons!" Voldemort called out and immediately the voice spoke up.
"I Lord Voldemort gives all Demons the right to pass threw the Gate, to be under my command." Voldemort called out, and instantly as cloud form over the Archway, sending out black lightning and what look like blood rain down into the pass." That is odd." Voldemort thought as he studied the blood that rain down his hand and his eyes grew wide." This is real blood!" Voldemort almost shouted as the curtain in the Archway parted.

In a dark forest three teens tending to another was startled as they all felt something and immediately looked up to see a dark cloud darkening the sky." This is not good Tom already started the Ritual!" One of two girls worriedly informed the others.
"This is too soon we can't stand a chance against the Demons without Harry." A boy worriedly informed the others.
"In that case I'll send Whisper to spy on them, hopefully we can get a good idea what is happening." An odd looking teen informed the others, as she walked over to the other side of the clearing they were in and whispered to the air, and as wind started to blow about the teen walked back to her friends." Whisper will be able to get all the information we need, but unfortunately we now need to wait." The odd-looking girl informed the others as she sat down.
"That is all we can do at the moment." The boy grumbled as they continue to wait for the unconscious teen that they were tending to wake.


Moments after the rainfall, a clawed hand appeared grabbing onto the Archway, and a six-foot human type creature with scales covering almost all its body, a set horns on it face and human bones covering its body stepped threw the Archway, and walked over to the Dark Lord." I am Lord Damon the keeper of the Gate, who is it that wants to command us?" Damon firmly asked, as the Dark Lord stepped up to the Demon.
"I Lord Voldemort wishes to command your army!" Voldemort firmly informed the Demon, whom looked grimly at the Dark Lord.
"I'm afraid it won't be possible Tom Riddle, you are not the person that called us to this world." Damon firmly informed the Dark Lord.
"Do you take me as a fool, I said the Incantation, and I called you to this world!" Voldemort hissed at the Demon.
"You foolish HUMAN, when you try called us to this world, you must use your birth name to command us, not a name you made for yourself!" Damon laughed as he looked to the Dark lord." And since we don't have a Human to command us, I will take over, and bring destruction to your world." Damon madly laughed.
"What about me, I opened the Gate, I called you here?" Voldemort quickly asked, as the Demon cat-like eyes looked to the Dark Lord.
"Ah as to that, I will give you a head start, and later I will come for you!" Damon smiled as the Dark Lord step back.
"Are you threatening me?" Voldemort worriedly asked as he waved his wand." Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort quickly call out, and a green spell shot out of his wand and hit the Demon, whom only laughed a second later.
"That tickles!" Damon laughed as he looked to the now frighten Dark Lord." You fool no human spells can affect us Demons!" Damon continues to laugh as he waved his clawed hand and a wave of Darkness flew out and slammed into the Dark Lord slamming him into the side of the Valley.

It took a few minutes for a now Bloody Dark Lord to lift himself from the ground, to look at the Demon, who had not moved from where he last saw him." Leave now HUMAN or I WILL kill you now!" Damon firmly warned, and the Dark Lord was instantly gone, with his Followers just second later.

Once the Dark Lord and his Followers left, the Demon looked to the sky." Elementals, you will not send us back, mark my words we will win this time!" Damon yelled, as he turned to the Archway." My fellow Demons its time we return to this world, and take it over!" Damon called out and immediately hundreds of Demons of all sorts and sizes flew out of the Archway, and disappeared into the sky.


As three of the four friends waited, one was alerted of a problem as a gentle breeze blew across her face." Hey guys I'm afraid history had just repeated it self, Tom has no control over the Demons, and they are here in full force!" The teen immediately informed her friends.
"This is not good, not good at all." Another worriedly informed everyone, as they got together to give each other comfort, knowing that on this day the world will never be the same.

Several days after the Demons return, a teen groggily awoke to the worried faces of his friends." Neville, Ginny and Luna what is you doing here?" Harry tirelessly asked as he noticed he was in his tent.
"We saved you from being taken to Azkaban Prison Harry." Luna worriedly looked grimed as Harry looked startled for a second.
"Oh now I remember, HOW CAN THEY HAVE DONE THAT TO ME?" Harry quickly yelled.
"Relax Harry everyone had no control over what they did, since Luna found a hidden spell on the Prophet which is causing everyone to turn on you." Ginny quickly informed a slowly relax friend.
"But what now, I must be a fugitive from the Ministry?" Harry worriedly asked.
"I'm afraid you are not the only one Harry, since we help you escape we are also on the run." Neville worriedly informed a wide-eyed friend." But I got to say you all are lucky you got only the Ministry after you, and not also my Gran." Neville joked, as he shiver at what his grandmother would say to him about leaving school.
"Your Grams, both Harry and I have to deal with my mother, or haven't you heard all the Howlers my brothers been getting when they got into trouble." Ginny grimly informed everyone while shivering at the thought of getting a Howler.
"Well I guess I'm lucky since my father will just write a story about my adduction by a Mythical Creature or the like." Lunar smiled as did the laughed, it seem their family would be far worse then the Ministry.

Once things settled down, Harry looked to his friends." Alright now how did you all become Elementals?" Harry quickly asked, as he looked firmly at his friends.
"I was trained after my Second Year by a Fire Sprite." Ginny answered.
"I was trained by an Earth Sprite during my last summer." Neville answered.
"Well I was trained just after my First Year by an Air Sprite." Luna informed everyone, while at the same time her appearance changed from an odd-looking teen, to a very beautiful looking young woman.
"Luna why did you change your appearance you look breath taken?" Harry shockingly asked.
"Well when I look like a plain looking girl, no one will take notice of me, and I can leave for my training without worry." Luna started as she looked to the other girl in the group." But it appears I'm not the only one?" Luna finished as her friend blushed.
"You got me Luna." Ginny smiled before she turned into a very beautiful young woman.
"Wow!" Harry and Neville only could say.

After getting themselves back in order, three Elementals told the fourth about the Demons returned, and once they were done, they all looked worried." We could do this one of two ways." Harry started as he stood and pace about." First we wait until I'm cleared of all charges." Harry started as he begins to think." But unfortunately by that time the Demons would have their way with the world." Harry added with a sighed." Second we can fight in the background, using every abilities we have to slow the Demons progress until we can figure a way to both send them back to hell and close that Gate permanently." Harry furnished as he stopped to look at his friends.
"Harry, why don't we try to remove the Charms that are causing everyone to go against you?" Ginny uncertainly asked as she looked to Harry, but another answered.
"My father knows about the Charms on the Prophet, and according to him they are the Darkest of Magic, and anyone affected will be so until a counter charm can be administered." Luna worriedly informed her friends.
"Luna is your father unaffected and if so can he help us?" Harry quickly asked hoping it was so
"My father is of his own mind, and at this moment he is working on a counter Charm to help us." Luna firmly informed her friend, causing everyone sighed in relief.
"Then it is settled, we will train together to go against the Demons using Guerrilla tactics, this is the only way we can fight without worrying about the Ministry." Harry started as the other quickly agreed." Also I have a place we can set up our Elemental operations, it's where I had been training at school and it will be the last place everyone will look for us." Harry suggested with a sly smile.
"Harry where is this place?" Ginny worriedly asked.
"That is a secrete, so lets get packing and leave as soon as we are ready." Harry smiled, and within minutes they all left the tent, and once it was packed they all disappeared from the forest.
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