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Harry is betrayed, but new secretes is revealed

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A/N; The others that appeared at the end of this chapter was just a recent thought I had for the story, but took me up to this chapter to give them names, which is hinted before their secretes were revealed, well I hope you like it.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Ministry of Magic

In an over decorative office, a blond hair Wizard proudly walked up to an important looking Wizard." Minister I feel our plans to remove Potter from the spotlight is going too slowly, especially since he escape the Aurors at the Train station at the start of the Holidays." Malfoy tiredly informed the Minister, as he sat before the important looking Wizard.
"I know I had hoped he would be in Azkaban Prison by now, but what can we do Potter seems to have drop off the face of the Earth?" Fudge grumbled as the other looked firmly at the Minister.
"We could increase the charm we been placing on the Prophet, so it could effect those who are too loyal to Potter." Malfoy suggested with smirk.
"The Charm that been slowly making the Prophet readers believe everything that is written in the papers?" Fudge asked in surprise." I thought it would be too dangerous to increase the power of that Charm since Dumbledore will be able to sense it?" Fudge reminded a bored Wizard.
"I can make it so potent that Dumbledore will not know what hit him, and soon afterwards he will be begging you to take Potter away." Malfoy suggested, as the Minister grinned.
"I believe we should make it so, but I think we should increase the Charm on the first morning of the student's return, so Potter will believe that all his friends turned on him." Fudge suggested with an evil smile.
"Perfect I will get the appropriate dosage of the Charm plan out, and by the time the students return I will set things in motion." Malfoy firmly suggested as he left to make it so.

Unknown Location

In a large dark and forbidden room, a snake like Wizard watched a dark cloak Wizard kneels before him." My Lord, the fool of a Minister took the bait and accepted my suggestion to rid us of the Boy!" Malfoy informed the now grinning Dark Lord.
"This plan of yours better work Malfoy, or I will be displeased!" Voldemort firmly warned causing the Wizard to shiver.
"I will not fail you again Potter will be in your hands by the first week of the New Year!" Malfoy bowed but as he looked back up." But My Lord why do you need the Brat, I thought we had everything we need for the ceremony to open the Gate!" Malfoy quickly asked a second later greatly regretted it.
"CRUCIO!" Voldemort shouted in rage, causing the Wizard to fall to the ground screaming in pain." I would suggest you keep your questions to yourself in the near future!" Voldemort madly hissed as he let the Curse go." This will be the last warning Malfoy and if you fail me again I will have your head on a platter!" Voldemort angrily hissed as the Wizard painfully got up.
"The plan wont fail, I promise you that my Lord!" Malfoy painfully informed the Dark Lord.
"It better work Malfoy!" Voldemort hissed before sending the Wizard away.

Grimmauld Pl

Just days before their return, a messy hair Wizard watched in amusement as two friends practiced using their Wand Holsters he got them that Christmas." Hey I finally got it down I won't lose my Wand never again!" Ron excitedly informed his friends, as he finally caught his Wand as it automatically shot out of it Holster.
"Well done Ron I knew with practice you will get use to the Holster." Harry smiled as his other friend whom had already master catching her Wand.
"Well done Ron, but we should get packing, we got a few more days to get ready." Hermione reminded her friends whom rolled their eyes.
"But why pack, when we got Harry's backpack to carry everything as they are?" Ron grumbled as their friend rolled her eyes.
"RONALD WEASLEY we shouldn't rely on Harry to carry our things!" Hermione firmly scolded her friend, while the other friend sighed.
"Guys I don't mind at all, since there is a light charm on my bag, it always feels empty no matter how much is in it." Harry reminded his friends as Hermione sighed.
"Alright Harry I just don't want to be a bother to you." Hermione sighed in defeat.
"Come on guys, let's do some..." Harry stopped as he felt the now very familiar zap throughout his body and quickly closed his eyes." Clover I get you for that!" The now Clair yelled as she got up from the couch to chase the now flying little dragon around the tent.
"Clair maybe you should just accept your female self, and live the rest of your life as a girl." Hermione joked as she watched the chase in amusement.
"No way Hermione Granger, I don't want to be the only boy in this group of friends!" Ron grumbled as he looked at his now female friend." Hay Clair forgets your brat and play Wizard Chess with me." Ron quickly asked his friend sighed as she stopped running to watch her Familiar fly out of her reach.
"Fine Ron you are on, and plus sooner or later Clover will have to come down, and then she will be mine!" Clair informed her friends with a promise, before she started playing with Ron.

After two loses and halfway threw a third game of Chess, Clair was disappointed to see her now smiling Familiar now with Mrs. Weasley as she entered to get dinner ready, and because of that he couldn't do anything to her.

Hogwarts Express

As the days pass it was uneventful as Harry sat alone on the train heading back to Hogwarts, until the doors open to reveal a teen that shocked Harry when he saw him." Neville what happen to you, you change!" Harry smiled as his sometime friend entered.
"I didn't change that much Harry, but you sure have!" Neville smiled as did his friend.
"I will just say I had a very productive holiday." Harry informed his friend.
"Same here..." Neville only could say, since the door opening interrupted the two.
"Hey Harry, Neville have you meet Luna?" A younger red hair girl asked, accompanied by an odd-looking dirty blond girl.
"I only know her in passing." Harry answered as he got up to meet the new girl." Hi I'm Harry Potter!" Harry warmly introduced.
"Hi, I see you have a Water Dragon as a Familiar, too bad I was hoping to see a Crumple-Horned Snorkacks." Luna informed a startled group, before sitting on a chair and reading a newspaper upside-down.
"Um..." Harry started to say, but Ginny shook her head to stop Harry from saying anything.
"Oh Harry did anything happen at the place we were last summer?" Ginny suddenly asked since she was with her classmates for the Holidays.
"Nothing much, I'm sure Hermione could tell you more." Harry informed his friend with a shrug.
"Hmm a Water Sprite, no I think I'm more of an Air person?" Luna mumbled while writing in the newspaper.
"What was that Luna?" Harry wondered as he turned to odd-looking teen.
"Oh nothing I was reading a neat article about comparing Elemental Creatures to us, and I was more or less thinking out loud silly me." Luna started as she looked at Neville and started thinking." Ah yes Neville you since you love plants an Earth Elemental creature." Luna continued as she tapped the newspaper before she now studied Ginny." Ginny with a fiery personality yes a Fire Elemental Creature." Luna informed Ginny while going back to her paper looking as if she did not say anything.
"That is odd." Harry could only say, while not noticing the worried looks of his two friends.

For a few minutes, the four friends stayed silent, but as Harry's other friends came, all forgotten as they played cards and talked about his or her Holiday.

As the friends got off the train, Harry could feel the glares from the students returning to school, just like before, but somehow this felt far worse then when he left for the Holidays." Harry ignore them, they are stupid for believing those Articles about you!" Hermione angrily informed her friend.
"I know I should, but they seem more determine to hate me." Harry informed his friend, as he notices some student's hands were at their pockets, where he noticed a faint outline of their Wand.
Come on Harry the Carriages are waiting." Ron urgently hurried his friend, as they race toward the Horseless Carriages.

At the school it gotten much worse as students kept bumping into Harry as they headed to the Great Hall, and even with his friends trying to deter other students, Harry fell to several hard bumps." Hey that was intentional..." Ginny yelled, as the students looked menacing at Harry before walking away.
"It's alright Ginny, I'm fine." Harry painfully informed his friend as he tried to get up.
"Harry I think we should avoid the Great Hall, maybe the Kitchens will be much safer." Ron worriedly suggested, as he and Hermione help their friend up from the ground.
"I fear you are right Ron, lets go to the Kitchens." Harry quickly suggested, as other students started for Harry while not looking so nicely at him.

After a few near misses, Harry and friends made it to the Kitchens and had a big dinner before heading to their dorms, where even Harry's Housemates was glaring at him as he went to his sanctuary of his bed, hoping tomorrow would be better.

The following morning Clair awoke late looking confuse." That is strange why didn't Ron wake me?" Clair thought as she conjured some water to return to being a boy, so she could leave the bed without the need to explain why she was here.

As Harry walked to the Great Hall for Breakfast there was a feeling of dread, as he walked the deserted hallways." Clover is there anything wrong?" Harry worriedly thought to his invisible Familiar resting around his neck.
"I don't know Bro, but something does not feel right!" Clover worried voice sounded in Harry's mind.
"Great I can't shake this feeling something bad is going to happen?" Harry worriedly thought, while he tried thinking of what it could be.
"I will be on guard Bro, don't worries I will make sure nothing happens to you." Clover gently informed Harry before slipping off his shoulder.
"Just be careful alright Clover!" Harry quickly thought as he continues on his way.

In the Great Hall, three students looked worried as they notice all the students had angry faces as each one read the morning Daily Prophet, even the professor seem to be angry at something, but as the three worried students looked on, the doors of the Great Hall open causing everyone to look up.

A moment earlier a still worried Harry was just opening the Great Hall doors, when a warning sounded in his head." HARRY DUCK!" Clover voice yelled in his head, instantly the teen rolled foreword threw the open doors as hundreds of spells flew at it, blowing the doors to bits.

As the spells stop, a badly bleeding teen was thrown to the ground and as he painfully looked up to see the entire student population had their wand train on him." What's going on here?" Harry painfully asked, and to his horror, a very angry Headmaster walked to him.
"POTTER by the order of the Ministry you are place under arrest for the Murder of Cedric Diggory, spreading false rumors of He who not name return, and upsetting the Wizarding Government!" Dumbledore angrily informed a shock teen." In addition, because of these charges you will go directly to Azkaban Prison as soon as the Aurors arrive!" Dumbledore spat at the down student, whom was shock at what his Headmaster had said.

For a few moments Harry could not think of anything as he noticed his friends were among those who had their Wand aimed at him, until three cloak figures appeared before him facing the angry crowd." Headmaster you are making a grave mistake!" A familiar voice yelled as the other two carefully picked up the bleeding teen.
"I don't know who you are, but you can't take him." Dumbledore yelled, as he waved his Wand." STUPEFY!" Dumbledore yelled, but as the spell flew a wall of earth, which had appeared a split second later, stopped it.
"We will be taking Harry, Headmaster and you won't see him until you come to your senses!" The Robe teen angrily informed the Headmaster as fire and wind incased the four teens, and instantly it was gone, taking the four with it.

In a clearing of a dark forest four teens appeared, a second later three of the four quickly rushed to the fallen." Harry is you alright?" A teen worriedly asked.
"It's you..." Harry only could say as he saw the face of one of his rescuers.
"Yes Harry and you are not the only one." Another teen smiled as the three teens removed their hoods, but that was the last thing Harry saw before finally passing out from the pain.
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