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The return

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Harry returned to his friends, and secrete revealed

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A week into the Holidays no one living in or around Private Dr. noticed part of the forest shivering, and then everything went to normal.

By a secluded lake in a dense forest a teen awaits his mentor to finished bringing down the wards that protected him for the year he been in the forest, and once that done she turned to the teen." Your training is over young one, I just pray it is enough to help you." Lakeshore sadly informed a teary eye teen.
"Will I see you again after this?" Harry sadly asked, while the small old woman shook her head.
"No I'm afraid not, you have a life to go back too, as well as I." Lakeshore sadly informed the teen, while waving her tiny hand to create a large cyclone around her, which for a few seconds it intensified until it vanished leaving a almost six foot woman with blue hair, and a sadness to her face.
"Lakeshore why are you taller?" Harry only could ask, as the now taller Sprite came closer and gave the teen a friendly hug.
"I thought I should give you a better goodbye, since this will be the last I will see you." Lakeshore sadly smiled as she step back the Sprite looked proudly at the teen. "Harry before you go, don't let what others say get to you, you are far better then what everyone believes, and please keep your friends close since you do need their support." Lakeshore firmly informed a nodding teen.
"I will I promise." Harry firmly informed his Mentor.
"Then be off, I really hate long goodbyes." Lakeshore smiled as a cyclone of water engulf her and instantly a six inch Sprite appeared before going back into the lake and disappeared for the last time.

For a few minutes the teen stare at the lake before sighing." Goodbye Lakeshore, I will miss you." Harry sadly whispered, before a small hand tugged on his Robes.
"Bro lets go, I'm tire of just having you for company, and I miss having ice cream." Clover argued, making Harry smiled at his Familiar antics.
"Fine my little Dragon let's go to Diagon Alley before heading home." Harry smiled as the little girl pouted at being called little, before both disappeared.

Grimmauld Pl

Several hours later a messy hair teen appeared in the magically enlarge parlor he used to put his special tent in." I'm glad Sirius kept this room large." Harry thought as he place his back pack on the ground, and tap the Zipper with his wand." Tent!" Harry called out, and the backpack unfolded until a two-person tent appeared.

As Harry put his wand away, a yell alerted him of danger." STUPEFY!" Someone yelled, and the teen rolled aside, causing the spell to miss by inches.
"STUPEFY!" Another voice yelled, as the teen waved his hand, causing a thin wall of silvery liquid to both absorb and reflected the spell back at the caster, instantly a loud thump was heard.
"I'm glad I can do this both Wandless and Wordless now." Harry thought as he dodge numerous spells, and then thinking he had enough he grin as he quickly stood up and twirl about causing a cyclone of water to engulf him, instantly a watery a thick ring shot out and slammed into his attackers knocking them all out.

Seconds after the attack, the cyclone was gone to reveal a messy hair girl." Great I really hate it when this happens." Clair sighed as she flicks her hand and a several drops of water rain down on her skin and instantly she was back as a boy." Good thing I have more control of my curse, or I will need Clover to change me back, if I don't have a water source readily available." Harry thought as he checked who attacked him and was surprise to see it was some of Dumbledore's Order members." I hope they thought I was an intruder." Harry worriedly thought before he went into the tent to rest since the attack did tire him out.

Some minutes later an elderly Wizard stepped into the tent, and smiled at a teen sleeping on the couch in the large living room." So that is Clair's curse, I'm surprise you kept this from us this long." Dumbledore thought as he conjured a blanket and tucked the sleeping teen in." Have a good rest Mr. Potter I will talk to you later." Dumbledore smiled as he left the tent to both awake his Order and give them a stern talking too for attacking his student.

Several hours later Harry yawned as he awoke to smelling someone cooking." That is odd who is cooking in my kitchen?" Harry thought as he untangled himself from a blanket and headed to his kitchen to see a red hair Witch." Mrs. Weasley what are doing here?" Harry called out in surprise, and immediately was in a bone-crushing hug.
"Sorry dear I do prefer your kitchen to Grimmauld Pl." Molly informed the teen with a look of apology.
"It's alright Mrs. Weasley, I was just startled to see you here." Harry quickly assured the elder Weasley.
"But still Harry you should sleep more after what that wrongful attack the Order did on you." Molly scolded, while looking angry." So go on and this time please sleep in your room alright?" Molly gently commanded and Harry left with out any argument since he did still felt tired.

Later in the afternoon Harry awoke from the grumbling from his stomach and knew he miss lunch." Great I better see if Mrs. Weasley have leftovers, or I need to wait till dinner." Harry thought as he notice it was at lease four more hours before dinner, before changing into fresh clothes.

As Harry left his room and headed into his living room, he was assaulted by a brown hair witch." Harry way didn't you write that you were coming home?" Hermione cried out as she hugged her friend.
"I'm sorry my mentor placed a special Ward that would not allow any owls to come and go to where I was." Harry quickly explained.
"And what kind of Ward was this?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as Harry now notices all his Guardians and rest of his friends sitting in his living room.
"First I should warn you that I'm now sixteen years old and I will be seventeen in July thanks to the Wards I was in." Harry smiled at the shock looks on everyone.
"WHAT, how did that happen?" Hermione almost shouted while Harry sat one a chair next to his Guardians whom welcome him before demanding what he meant.
"My Mentor knew I needed more time to get ready for the Second Dark Ages, and placed the entire area I was at in a Ward that speeds up time, and since I spent a year there only a Week pass on the outside." Harry calmly informed his wide-eye audience.

It took a few minutes before anyone could speak, and the Age Headmaster looked to the teen." So your Mentor knows about the Prophecy?" Dumbledore knowingly asked.
"Actually she is helping me because of another Prophecy about the coming of second Dark Ages that was made many years ago, and this one only strengthens her belief that I will need more then normal Wizard Training." Harry firmly answered as the Headmaster gave it a thought.
"Care to tell us about this Prophecy she knows?" Dumbledore kindly asked.
"I was told it was similar to the second Prophecy accept that it also said life as we know will end if the Elements do nothing to help." Harry informed his Headmaster.
"Elements, what does that mean?" Hermione quickly asked, as she looked to her friend.
"Its means I had to learn to control an Element, which I did." Harry informed his friend.
"But how only Elemental Creatures like the Phoenix can control the Elements, not Wizards?" Hermione argued as her friend sighed.
"Actually Merlin was a Lightning Elemental, and it was how he stopped the first Dark Age." Harry informed a wide-eye teen." And I control Water." Harry informed a shock group.

For a while, no one spoke until one found his voice. "Bloody Hell Harry does this mean you are as powerful as Merlin?" Ron quickly asked, as his mother looked to shock to do anything to her son.
"Actually Ron I am not as powerful as Merlin, since I only can excess a third of my Elemental power, while the rest if locked away until I need it." Harry informed his friend.
"Harry is that why you get pretty drained when you used your powers." Hermione knowingly asked which her friend nodded too.
"Harry how can you access all of your powers?" Dumbledore gently interrupted, making the teen blushed brightly.
"I know that look I bet Harry got to do something embarrassing." Ron grinned, while getting a glare from his friend.
"I really don't want to talk about accessing my full Elemental Powers." Harry grumbled, as his friend tried to press on.
"Mr. Weasley if Mr. Potter does not want to talk about it, we shouldn't press HER!" Dumbledore smiled as a few heard his hint.
"Headmaster did you just call me a HER?" Harry worriedly asked, as the Headmaster eyes sparkled.
"Harry when you were attack this morning, I was about to intervene, but I stopped to see how you would handle yourself." Dumbledore kindly started, as Harry face started to make the Weasley hair look dim." And luckily I did, but before I go on, does water really bring out your powers or is it something else." Dumbledore smiled as another.
"Oh I been hearing from Peeves that Harry been avoiding water, so that's must be it!" Sirius grinned, as he waved his wand at Harry." Aguamenti!" Sirius quickly shouted, but Harry dodges the water spell by ducking and hitting the floor.
"SIRIUS BLACK stopped that you ruining my tent!" Harry worriedly scolded, since the water wet the entire couch.
"Hah Harry is afraid to get wet everyone lets gain up on him!" Sirius quickly suggested, and to Harry horror the entire group train their wands at him.
"RON, HERMIONE you wouldn't do this to your best friend would you!" Harry begged two grinning friends as he quickly got up to see his two friends grinning.
"Well if you put it that way." Hermione started, but quickly waved her wand." Aguamenti!" Hermione simply cast, but Harry waved his hand, causing the water to arch and hit his Godfather.
"Oh you pay for that POTTER!" Sirius smiled, as he started to cast the water spell.
"Clover come out and help me like you suppose too!" Harry yelled causing everyone to freeze.
"Harry why are you calling for Clover, she is not here?" Hermione wondered as the little girl appeared beside Harry.

The second Clover appeared she turned to Harry with a look of mischief." Clover you are not planning to do anything to me is you?" Harry worriedly asked a now grinning child as he moved away from her." Clover if you don't do anything to me, I will..." Harry could not say anymore since a very wet Sirius lunge forward to give Harry a very wet hug.
" NO..." Harry only could say before he felt the familiar zap of turning into a girl.

For a few seconds Sirius held his Godson, until he stiffened as felt something that shouldn't be there." Harry is you wearing a Bra under your clothes?" Sirius stuttered out as he let go the teen to get a shock of his life.
"Thanks allot BLACK I was hoping no one finds out about this curse!" Clair cried out before rushing upstairs to her room.

Once Clair was gone it took a few minute for the shock to wear off." All this time Clair was Harry?" Hermione shockingly ask no one in particular.
"It appears so Ms. Granger, and I'm afraid according to Madam Pomfrey scans the curse can't be removed." Dumbledore firmly warned as he gave out a sigh.
"But sir if that so, how was Harry able to attend classes and such?" Ron quickly asked.
"From what I witness Mr. Weasley, the Curse can be temporary removed, with the help of water." Dumbledore answered before turning to the others." We should leave Harry alone for now, and please don't make fun of him because of the Curse." Dumbledore firmly warned before leaving the tent.

In her room Clair sat on her bed unsure what to do, as she looked down at the floor." Sis they will understand why you hid your Curse." Clover informed an unsure teen.
"I know you are right, but I feel like I betrayed them now, I just wish I told them sooner!" Clair sadly informed her familiar but a knock on the door interrupted them.
"I'll get it!" Clover quickly suggested and went to open the door before Clair could stop her.

As Clover answered the door, Clair was surprised to see her friend." Harry I..." Hermione quickly started but stopped as she notice who was sitting on the bed." I mean Clair I'm not mad at you for not telling me, but I'm dieing to know about Clover, since I know she can't be your sister?" Hermione quickly asked, as her friend smiled.
"You are right Hermione, but let's get downstairs to tell everyone about Clover." Clair suggested as she got up and but stopped as she thought of something." Wait Hermione go and take Clover with you, I will be down in a sec." Clair quickly suggested, and her friend nodded as left with the little girl.

About ten minutes later while Clover was enjoying herself as she stayed with Molly and the others, whom was happily enjoying the little girl's company, until a door open from upstairs and everyone gasps as a young witch wearing nice Robes walked down the stairs." Clair why are you still a girl?" Sirius stuttered out since he could not believe he was looking at his Godson.
"Because my dear Godfather, my little Dragon has the habit of changing me into a girl, and since I really hate going threw the change, I will stick to being a girl unless I need to change back." Clair informed her Godfather as he looked firmly to her.
"That is fine with me, but what about dating, are you going to date girls or boys?" Sirius firmly asked, causing the teen to blush.
"Girls since I don't think I will try dating boys even when I'm a girl." Clair informed Sirius with a look of disgust at the question.
"Then I'm glad I don't need to worry about you getting pregnant." Sirius sighed in relief while getting a slap on the shoulder.
"Getting pregnant is the last thing I will do!" Clair firmly informed her Godfather, while another cough getting the two attentions.
"Even though this conservation is very enlightening, I would like know about this charming young girl." Dumbledore kindly asked as he gestured to Clover playing with Molly.
"Um that charming young girl as you put it is my Familiar name Clair Lakeshore Potter." Clair informed a shock group.
"WHAT YOU CAN'T HAVE A GIRL AS A FAMILIAR!" Molly yelled, as she hugged the child in her protected arms.
"Mrs. Weasley, Clair isn't human she is my Elemental Guardian that was assign to protect me." Clair informed an unbelieving parent.
"But how can a child protect you?" Molly stuttered out.
"Clair can protect me since is a Chinese water Dragon, that can change into a human to blend in with us." Clair firmly informed a now shock parent.

A few minute had pass before another spoke." Clair if it's not any trouble, can we see Clover's Dragon form?" Ron uncertainly asked.
"There is no trouble at all Ron, but Mrs. Weasley can you let Clover go?" Clair smiled as the elder Weasley look unsure but let the young girl slip to the ground.

Once Clover was free she stood before everyone and in an instant she was her twelve inch Dragon form, which got a number of gasps as she flew over to Clair and wrapped around her neck." Everyone this is Clover true form, but she can grow up to forty feet." Clair proudly informed everyone as he petted the little Dragon on the Head.
"Oh she is a beauty Clair but I prefer her Human self." Hermione smiled at the little Dragon as it flew back to the floor and turned back into a girl.
"I too prefer my Human form, more fun to cuddle in." Clover smiled as she climb onto Clair to cuddle up to her, while the others smiled looking glad that Clair seem to have found a family.
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