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The Wizard World turn its back on Harry while he goes back to his training.

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A/N; Sorry about last update, I didn't know I accidently save the next chapter over it, until I tried posting it, and spent a full day rewriting it.

This is not how I originally wrote it since I had more info of what happen at the Ministry and with Voldemort, but since I didn't want to rewrite everything I compress them into this version which is sort of a rush jod sorry.

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Grimmauld Pl

Days after the attack on Hogsmeade, Dumbledore called a meeting of the Order of Phoenix for everyone to give out his or her report on the attack, but since almost all was together, there was no new information until an Auror stood up for his." I'm afraid Lucius Malfoy and about half of those attacked Hogsmeade was release fringing being under the Imperious Curse." Shacklebolt gravely informed everyone.
"But how I thought we had them when we used Ventesuam!" Tonks quickly asked.
"It appears that Malfoy got himself and other main Death Eaters out by paying Minister Fudge for a not only permanent release, they were also cleared of all charges against them." Shacklebolt informed everyone with a look of disgust. "And I'm afraid this is not all, Fudge is trying a smear campaign against both Harry and Clair, to not only makes them look bad, he might even go as far as to arrest them?" Shacklebolt worriedly finished.
"This is not good, since I believe this will provoke the Prophecy that was spoken just days ago!" Dumbledore informed everyone, as he looked lost in thought.
"But sir the Prophecy indicate one will start the Second Dark Age, so which one Harry or Clair?" Molly worriedly asked.
"Our best bet is Harry, since he is also part of another Prophecy." Dumbledore informed the Elder Weasley." But let's move on, Severus is there anything to report?" Dumbledore tiredly asked the Potion Master.
"The Dark Lord as always was livid when he lost all his Death Eaters, but will be now keeping low because of the smear campaign, since it will allow him easy access to Potter once Fudge got his hand on the brat." Snape informed everyone with a bored tone
"Hmm this does not sound good, Headmaster we should keep Harry close, he is too much of a target!" Molly worriedly suggested.
"Normally I would agree, but I fear Harry will insist with his Holiday training, which I believe he should continue." Dumbledore informed the elder Weasley." Now if that is all, I think we should call this meeting to an end." Dumbledore suggested, but another spoke up.
"Sir what are we going to do about the smear campaign against Harry and Clair, this won't do well for both of them?" Sirius worriedly asked.
"I'm afraid once Fudge made up his mind on something he will do it, no mater what anyone says to change it, so we must bear this out, and hope Harry and Clair will do fine." Dumbledore simply informed everyone before calling an end to the meeting.


The month of November was not looking well for Harry, as everyone slowly started glaring at him, and whispering about the news articles that were written to make him look crazy or evil, but luckily, his best friends kept to his side from day one, and made a promise they would never believe anything written by the Prophet.

By the month of December Harry and his friends was making fun of the many articles about him." Hey look here, they have proof that I killed Cedric." Harry laughed, since he read worse.
"Hey this one about your scar, how it was form, and how it could turn you into the next Dark Lord." Ron joked.
"Oh I miss that one, hand it over so I use it to help me to make me a good Dark Lord." Harry laughed, while another friend rolled her eyes.
"Harry this is not helping you any bit, especially if you are joking about it in front of everyone in the school." Hermione firmly informed her friend, while gesturing to the entire school sitting in the Great Hall listening to the teens.
"Darn my plans are ruined I better stop using the Prophet for advice then." Harry sighed before throwing the paper away and heading out.

Up to the day the students would leave for Christmas Break, Harry and friends continued to joked about the stupid rumors, trying to ignore all the glares, and soon they headed to the Hogwarts Express for home.

After a long day on the train, Harry and friends were greeted by their families at the train station." Harry it's good to see you all!" Molly kindly greeted, while giving the teen and her family a hug.
"It's nice to see you again." Harry smiled, as his other Guardians came up.
"Harry don't be long, with your training alright, so you can spend the rest of the Holidays with us!" Sirius firmly warned after giving a friendly hug.
"I promise to be back before the end of the Holidays." Harry committed himself before he said his goodbyes to everyone.

Once Harry said his farewells to his friends, the Head Auror stepped up." Mr. Potter don't leave threw the Barrier, there is a squad of Aurors waiting to arrest you!" Shacklebolt firmly warned, and the teen nodded.
"Don't worry I have another way to leave, I will see you back at Headquarters." Was Harry's only warning before rushing back onto the train and teleported once he was clear.


In a forest at a hidden crystal lake a teen suddenly appeared looking worried." Great now what, the Ministry will be looking for me now?" Harry angrily asked, as a six-inch old woman comes out of the lake.
"Mr. Potter I believe its time for you to learn the truth?" Lakeshore worriedly informed a startled teen.
"About what is happening in the Wizard World?" Harry confusedly asked.
"Even though I know what is happening to you, that is not what I mean, please sit down." Lakeshore firmly asked and the teen quickly sat on a dense patch of grass.

Once the teen was seated, the six inch sprite sat before him." Before I begin, do you know about the Wizard Dark Ages?" Lakeshore firmly asked.
"Yes I know since a Prophecy was just told of a second Dark Age, but wait is the Innocent me?" Harry now worriedly asks a sad looking sprite.
"I'm afraid it is, since you will be betrayed by all except for your closes friends and family." Lakeshore sadly informed a not so happy teen.
"Well at least I will not be entirely alone." Harry sighed as he looked down, knowing his life just gotten more complicated.

For a few minutes the elder woman waited before speaking." That Prophecy is the second of two Prophecies about the coming of a second Dark Age, and I was chosen to help the one that will end it." Lakeshore informed a startled teen.
"Does this mean I am supposed to end the second Dark Age?" Harry quickly asked before shouting out the next question. "By being curse to become a girl for life?" Harry quickly cried out in disbelief.
"Ah about that, that was an accident, since I never thought the Prophesied one would kick a stone at me!" Lakeshore firmly informed an apolitically teen." I was supposed to just help you learn to become an Elemental, the first human Elemental in the last thousand years." Lakeshore informed a now shock teen.
"Exactly how many human Elementals there were?" Harry wondered.
"I only can name two, you Harry James Potter and the Great Wizard Merlin himself, whom was a Lightning Elemental." Lakeshore informed a wide-eye teen.
"Wow so I have the potential to be as great as Merlin?" Harry quickly asked.
"As long as you don't let what happening in the Wizarding World bother you, you do have the potential to be greater then Merlin." Lakeshore firmly informed an accepting teen.
"So when do I start learning more?" Harry quickly asked, looking ready to start learning, but the Sprite just stood up and waved her hand at the lake, which sent a column of water into the air, and created a dome of clear water that surrounded almost all of the forest.

For a few minutes, the teen was confused as he looked at the almost invisible dome. "What was that about?" Harry quickly asked as the sprite looked to him.
"Even though I'm always here, I know what's happening in the world, and thanks to that I know you need more time to prepare for the Second Dark Ages." Lakeshore firmly started, as she pointed to the now invisible Dome." To give us more time, I put the entire forest in a state that time will speed up, so when you spend a year in the Dome, only a week will pass on the outside." Lakeshore informed a startled teen.
"A year, I never stuck up on foods how am I going to eat?" Harry stuttered out.
"I will supply all your needs, so all you need is your dedication to my training." Lakeshore informed a partially accepting teen.
"Will I need to spend a year in here?" Harry now worriedly asked.
"I will not know until I restart your training, but for now you better get your tent setup, and tomorrow be ready since this training will be far more intense then last summer training." Lakeshore warned, and the teen only could nod before getting his tent ready.
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