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Dumbledore learns more things about Clair.

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A/N; After much concideration, I will make this into a betrayal story, hint at the end of this chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Even though the attack on Hogsmeade was quick, many buildings was destroyed and lives were lost, but as things settled down, the Headmaster of Hogwarts was among many whom was magical shifting through the debris of damage buildings, until he came upon a body of a student." No please be alright?" Dumbledore worriedly pleaded as he knelt down to examine the young boy." He is barely breathing let's hope the Healing Water will work." Dumbledore thought as he poured a clear bottle filled with dark blue water into the boy's month and almost instantly his breathing was better." Good, you will make it." Dumbledore thought as he levitated the body to several Healers waiting in an emergency Wizard's tent that was quickly set up after the attack.

After an hour of searching, the Headmaster found several more injured and a few that was too late to help, when he was interrupted by the Head Auror." Sir the total number of dead is twenty-two, and injured was sixty-one, but so far no serious injuries thanks to Clair's Healing water." Shacklebolt gravely informed an accepting Headmaster as he rested in near the rubbles of a building.
"Thank you Shacklebolt, but how are doing with the Healing water, we must have gone threw the entire barrel right?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, since he knew there was a chance they might still find more bodies.
"Actually sir, I can't explain this but almost every time the barrel was half empty, it automatically fills up so we should have an endless amount of Healing Water." Shacklebolt informed a startled Headmaster, but before they could continue a familiar but not so welcome voice interrupted them.

The second the Headmaster was called upon he turned to an important looking Wizard rushing up to him." Minister Fudge, how can I help you?" Dumbledore quickly asked with force politeness.
"Headmaster Dumbledore, I came by to see about this so call rumors about Death Eaters attacking Hogsmeade!" Fudge firmly asked, as the Headmaster sighed before speaking.
"That was not a rumor, since we got well over thirty Death Eaters in custody." Dumbledore informed an unbelieving Wizard.
"WHAT NONSENSE, there is no Death Eaters currently out, since I personally place them all in Azkaban Prison!" Fudge argued with a glare.
"I'm afraid it is so Minister, we already got confirm testimonies that Voldemort is back from the captured Death Eaters, and the Aurors are now on full alert." Dumbledore firmly informed a full glaring Minister.
"Confirmed testimonies yeah right, you are just saying that to help spread rumors of the Dark Lord's so call resurrections!" Fudge spat at the Headmaster as he looked menacing." I will put a stop to your attempt of destabilizing the government by spreading false rumors, mock my word I will make it so!" Fudge shouted before storming away.
"Great there is no telling of what he will do." Dumbledore sighed as he felt his age catching up to him.

After his rude encounter with the Minister, the Headmaster was exhausted, until he felt a tug on his Robes." What the..." Dumbledore started with a start, but saw a little girl standing beside him." Clover what are you doing here?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the little girl looked worried.
"I can't sense my sis I don't know where she is?" Clover worriedly informed the Headmaster.
"Don't worry my dear, Clair is sleeping in the Hospital wing, but care to join me to check up on things?" Dumbledore kindly asked the little girl, and she quickly agreed as the Headmaster picked her up and headed to the school.

Hospital Wing

On one of many beds as a messy hair witch lies in a deep sleep, the Healer just finished her check up." Major magical lost, but not severe enough to cause any problems." Pomfrey thought as she finished her scans.
"Madam Pomfrey will Clair be alright?" Hermione worriedly asked as she was taking several potions, as was her friend.
"Ms. Lakeshore will be probably out for a few days, but I'm sure she will make a full recovery by then." Pomfrey informed her patients as she left to attend others that started arriving from the attack.

Several hours after the friend's arrival a now grim looking Headmaster walked into the Hospital wing, and after talking to the Healer, he went to the friends." Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley how are you both doing?" Dumbledore kindly asked.
"We are fine thanks to the potions, but Madam Pomfrey is keeping us till tomorrow." Ron answered for both of them.
"That's good to hear, but if you guys feel up to it, can you look after this little monster I found, she seem to be stuck to me." Dumbledore joked as the friends smiled as they saw a small messy hair child clinging to their Headmaster's Robes.
"We can handle that monster, come here Clover your sis is sleeping on the bed over there." Hermione smiled, as did the child before letting go of the Headmaster and walked over to the teens.
"Hi Hermione, Ron we got separated during the attack." Clover quickly informed the friends.
"Good thing you made it out without a scratch." Ron smiled as he mess up the little girl's hair, Pomfrey came by to check the new arrival.
"Clover I'll conjure a bed so you can sleep near your sister." Pomfrey kindly suggested, as she waved her wand and created a new bed beside the sleeping teen.
"Yeah I get a bed." Clover yelled happily, and quickly got on the bed.
"Now behave little one, I need to see to the others." Pomfrey smiled as she left the friends.

After the little girl was settled, the Headmaster looked to the sleeping teen, and making a decision he waved his wand at the still teen, which she started to glow bright red which shocked him." My word this is unexpected." Dumbledore only could say as the friends looked to him.
"Sir what's going on, what spell did you use?" Hermione worriedly asked, as the Headmaster continues looking at the sleeping teen.
"Sorry Ms. Granger, I need to discuss something with Madam Pomfrey." Dumbledore only said before heading to where the Healer was.

A few minutes later the Healer arrived to cast a spell on the sleeping teen, only to stare as the teen glowed red." Headmaster is there any other reason for the spell to react like this?" Pomfrey worriedly asked, as the Headmaster shook his head.
"I'm afraid not Madam Pomfrey, but is there anything you can do?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, as the Healer continued to cast several spells at the teen.
"I'm afraid this is permanent, there is nothing neither I nor anyone else can do to help her." Pomfrey gravely informed the now lost in thoughts Headmaster.

As the professors grew silent, another quickly spoke up. "Sir what is wrong with Clair?" Hermione quickly asked, as she looked worried that the professor found something gravely wrong with her friend.
"Don't worry Ms. Granger, Ms. Lakeshore is not in any immediate danger, but I would need to talk to her once she awakens." Dumbledore gently informed his still worried student." But you should rest for now since you been through a not so pleasant experience." Dumbledore suggested, before leaving the room to organize his thoughts.

In the Headmaster's office, the Headmaster was looking over his Pensieve when a knock sounded on his door." Come in Minerva!" Dumbledore called out, and the stern professor came in.
"Sir we got the count of the returning students, including those in both St. Mungo's and the Hospital Wing." McGonagall firmly started, as the now grim Headmaster turned to her." All students are accounted for and there were no deaths, but there is one student missing." McGonagall worriedly warned.
"Let me guess its Mr. Potter right?" Dumbledore heavily sighed as the professor nodded.
"I know you forbid him from going to Hogsmeade, but from what I heard from his House, Mr. Potter was not seen since this morning." McGonagall gravely informed the Headmaster.
"Hmm this seems to add to my suspicion about Ms. Lakeshore." Dumbledore whispered as he started to pace about.
"Sir what was that?" McGonagall worriedly asked.
"It's nothing Minerva, but not to worry I will see about Mr. Potter disappearances myself." Dumbledore firmly informed his Deputy Headmistress.
"Then unless if you need anything else I better get going, I need to finish some work I been putting off." Minerva informed the Headmaster before leaving.

As the professor left, another stepped into the office." Ah Shacklebolt how is the search at Hogsmeade going?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, as the Head Auror looked to him.
"Sir there is no new bodies found, and we believe we won't find anymore." Shacklebolt grimly informed the Headmaster." But there something I should tell you about the Lakeshore's." Shacklebolt started before telling the Headmaster about his encounter with Clair that morning.

Once the Head Auror was done with his story, the Headmaster for a few seconds was lost in his thoughts, before looking to the Auror." You said Clair seem to be able to communicate with her sister when they weren't together right?" Dumbledore knowingly asked the Head Auror.
"Yes they seem to be telepathically link, but how was Clover able to see the dangers on the other side of the Village so fast?" Shacklebolt quickly asked.
"I don't know, but when I spoke with her right after the Dementor attack, she told me her Familiar warned her of the Death Eaters attack." Dumbledore informed a startled Auror.
"Did Clair just call her sister a Familiar?" Shacklebolt shockingly asked.
"I'm not certain at the moment, but I will check with Clair once she awakens, hopefully by tomorrow." Dumbledore committed himself before leaving the room.

The following morning a messy hair teen slowly awakens to hear some voices." Harry it's time to get up." A kind voice got the teen's attention, but a warning sounded in her mind.
"Clair does not answer to your other name!" Clover voice quickly sounded causing the teen to stay quiet.

After another attempt to get the teen attention, she finally spoke." Sorry Professor but why are you calling me Harry?" Clair tiredly asked as she tried to get up, but another held her down.
"Not so fast Ms. Lakeshore, I need to examine you first." Pomfrey firmly informed a reluctant teen, before using her wand to scan her body.

After five minutes the Healer was done, and looked firmly at the teen." Do you know you know you are affected by an irremovable curse Ms. Lakeshore?" Pomfrey immediately asked, causing her friends in the other beds to gasp.
"I know about the Curse Madam Pomfrey, and I'm living with it the best possible way." Clair sighed, as she looked to the Healer.
"If you know about the curse, is there any danger to yourself or others?" Dumbledore worriedly asked.
"No and I don't really want to talk about it please." Clair firmly started as she looked to the Headmaster." And please when can I leave, I would like to go home?" Clair firmly asked, as the Headmaster looked to the Healer.
"I would prefer to know the nature of your Curse Ms. Lakeshore, but since I can't find anything else wrong with you, I just want you to take some potions and then you can leave." Pomfrey informed a cringing teen, before she took several potions, which she quickly gulped them down.

Once the teen transfigured her pajama's she was wearing to normal Wizard's Robes, Dumbledore spoke up." Ms. Lakeshore, please if you need to talk my office will be always open to you." Dumbledore gently informed the teen.
"Thank you Headmaster, I might take on your offer sometime in the near future." Clair quickly informed her Headmaster as she looked to another bed with a young child." Clover come on, we leaving." Clair firmly ordered.
"Ah can I stay with my friends?" Clover pouted but her sis shook her head.
"Sorry but not now Clover but maybe later, since I don't want to you to be a bother to anyone but me." Clair firmly informed her sister, as the little child pouted as she got up from her bed to go to her sister.

Once Clair took her sister in her arms, she gave a quick farewell before teleporting away causing those who didn't know about her abilities to gasps." But, but you can't Apparate in Hogwarts." Hermione stuttered out unbelieving.
"It is true Ms. Granger, but you will find that Ms. Lakeshore can do many things even I can't do." Dumbledore tiredly informed the friends before getting up to leave after a quick farewell.

By dinner that afternoon, almost all the students affected by the Hogsmeade attack had returned to Hogwarts, and was enjoying being back with friend, until the door opened to reveal a very thin witch with magnifying glasses, and without warning she began to speak in a unemotional voice.





Once the witch was done speaking she fell to the ground just as the Headmaster quickly went to her." Professor Sybil is you alright?" Dumbledore quickly asked, as the thin professor slowly came too.
"Headmaster Dumbledore, what happen last I remember I was in my classroom?" Sybil confusedly asked, as she was help up by the age Headmaster.
"You probably had a fainting spell, why don't I help you to your rooms, and you can get some rest." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the professor agreed before she was lead back to her rooms.

Sometime later in the Headmaster's office the Age Headmaster was pouring over old books looking for information on the new Prophecy, and once he found something his face drained of blood." It is what I fear, and if this Prophecy comes true, no one, not even all life on this planet will survive this." Dumbledore gravely thought as he suddenly felt ten times his age.


The Dark ages began when Morgana open a Gateway to Hell, unleashing hundreds of Demons, which no Wizard nor Muggle could defend against them.

The Age came to known as a Dark Age to Wizard kind, since many scrolls of powerful spells, potions and even our own history were lost.

The Dark Ages ended when Merlin sealed the gate, but since it took the few survivors many years to rebuild the Wizarding World it is unsure when the Dark Ages ended.
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