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Hogsmeade Weekend

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Clair first battle

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Up to the month of October Harry continue to hide his secrete, but unfortunately there was several close calls especially when showering early in the morning to avoid seeing the other boys, and unfortunately Peeves seem to think he is afraid of water, and started tormenting Harry with water balloons, which luckily Harry had been able to avoid.

At the end of the month was Hogsmeade Weekend, and the Third threw Seventh years were looking forward to spending the day in the village, and as the famous Trio plus one started their way to the entrance to the school, a voice got their attention." Mr. Potter can I have a word with you?" Dumbledore firmly asked, and the teen quickly looked to him.
"Professor Dumbledore is something wrong?" Harry worriedly asked while the Headmaster sighed.
"I need you to stay here since I believe after your failed kidnapping last summer Voldemort is stepping up his attempts to get to you." Dumbledore gravely warned.
"But I can handle myself Headmaster, I'm not afraid to face any Death Eater stupid enough to try to attack me!" Harry firmly informed his Headmaster.
"I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm afraid I must insist Mr. Potter, and I will have Order Members looking out for you, so please don't even try to leave Hogwarts." Dumbledore firmly warned as Harry glared.
"Fine then, I have no choice but to stay safely here in Hogwarts, to be safe and sound!" Harry angrily informed his Headmaster before storming away back to his dorms.

As Harry left, his friends started to follow but the Headmaster stopped them." Let Mr. Potter go, since I need you to look out for the Lakeshores, since they might be also targeted." Dumbledore warned as the friends looked to him.
"Why would He who must not be name be after Clair?" Ron unsurely asked.
"Because of her escape and capture of Wormtail, I was told Voldemort is livid of losing his number one spy." Dumbledore warned and the friends nodded.
"We will warn her, but I fear she might be as stubborn as Harry." Hermione informed her Headmaster before leaving with her friends.


Half an hour later three friends found it very crowded with students and adults buying numerous things." Just great I wonder if every Wizard and Witch decided to shop today?" Ron grumbled as he fought his way threw the crowds to Honeydukes.
"Ron I thought we were going for supplies first?" Hermione argued, as she tried to follow Ron threw the crowded streets.

In another part of Hogsmeade a messy hair teen walked with a younger child, sighed as she came out of a crowded book store." Great another shopping trip ruin." Clair grumbled as the child tried to stay close to her sister.
"Sis I think we should go get some ice cream, and hopefully later the crowds will thin out." Clover suggested, as the teen looked to the small child.
"I bet you are only suggested it to get some ice cream!" Clair firmly asked an innocent looking child." Fine then, lets go then and hope in an hour the shopping will be more bearable." Clair informed her sister in a defeated tone.

As the sister fought their way, a hand grabbed onto the older girl's shoulder, but instantly the girl had her wand on the Wizard's throat." Shacklebolt, you shouldn't have startled me like that!" Clair glared as the dark Auror gulped since he never saw anyone move as fast as the teen did.
"I just need to warn you to be on guard, Voldemort is now after you for what you did at his base." Shacklebolt quickly warned as the teen returned her wand to it holster.
"So I don't care what that half blooded Wizard wants, he isn't going to spoil my day." Clair argued as she started her way, but the Auror quickly stopped her.
"Clair wait I need to warn you that Hogsmeade is now a death trap, except for the students almost all the shoppers in the street is Illusions, the Order is trying to clear the students away from the danger." Shacklebolt quickly warned, as the teen turned to her sister.
"Clover check this out and report to me where the real danger is!" Clair quickly ordered and instantly the child disappeared, and a second later a strong wind blew across the street.
"Where did Clover go?" Shacklebolt demanded.
"My sis is up in the air looking for the danger, don't worry she can tell from the Illusions to the real thing." Clair firmly informed the Auror, but stopped as she closed her eyes.
"Sis I got Dementors in the south side of the Village heading towards a small group of students." Clover warned, as the sister looked to the Auror.
"The attack is to the south of us, get any Order Member that can fight Dementors there!" Clair warned before disappearing.
"That wasn't Apparition?" Shacklebolt cried out in shock, before realizing what the teen had said before rushing off to warn the Order.

On the other side of the Village Clair appeared in an area clear of shoppers waving her wand." Finite!" Clair yelled clearing away a good deal of the Illusions, but to her horror, many of the Illusions was Dementors." Great they are already in the Village!" Clair worriedly thought before waving her wand." Expecto Patronum!" Clair yelled sending a silvery dragon at the Dementors, causing a small number to fly away.
"Sis shoot Healing water at the Dementors!" Clover voice sounded in Clair's mind.
"Um Clover I don't think they need to be healed." Clair informed her Familiar.
SIS, the Dementors take our form of Healing water like Vampire take to Holy water!" Clover firmly informed her sis.
"Ok I'll try it." Clair quickly thought and waves her wand at a Dementor attacking a student." Aguamenti!" Clair shouted causing a beam of dark blue water to shoot threw the Dementor both slicing it in half and slowly disintegrating the now screaming Dark creature.
"Now it's my turn sis!" Clover shouted, and a foot diameter ball of darker blue water appeared out of thing air, and splashed on a group of Dementors quickly disintegrating them.
"Clover get on the larger groups, I'll get the smaller groups!" Clair quickly suggested, and both started attacking the remaining Dark creatures.

In no time the Dementors was nothing but a watery mess, and a very tired teens sighed as she leaned against a wall, while an invisible Dragon flew overhead to make sure the danger had pass." I think I'll sleep all day tomorrow!" Clair thought, while getting a giggle.
"I'll join you sis." Clover amused voice echoed in the teens mind.
"I know you will, but for now keep an eye out for trouble." Clair suggested, but groaned as she spotted someone heading her way.

As the teen rested, an Age Headmaster along with a number of Wizards and Wizards stepped up to her." Nice piece of spell work, but can I ask what that was?" Dumbledore gently asked, as the teen looked to the Headmaster.
"A very powerful form of Healing water, I was just told it can disintegrate the fowl creatures." Clair tiredly informed her Headmaster.
"I'm glad you found a way to fight off Dementors, but does the Healing water do anything else?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the teen tiredly got up.
"It can heal just as well as Phoenix Tears, but I'm afraid my Familiar just reported Death Eaters in the east side of the Village, so our fight isn't over yet." It was Clair only warning before she disappeared.

In another part of the Village two teens hiding behind an overturned table was trap in a firefight against numerous Dark Wizards." Stupefy!" Hermione yelled blindly as she quickly got up to fire a spell, but ducked the next second." Ron none of our spells are getting passed their defenses." Hermione breathless informed an equally tired friend.
"We got to use stronger spells..." Ron started but a yelled got the friends attention.
"REDUCTO!" A familiar voice sounded and a second later a loud explosion blew apart part of the street taking out about half of the Dark Wizards." Did you miss me guys?" Clair tirelessly joked as her friends the second she appeared near them.
"CLAIR, you need to get out of here, they are after you and Harry!" Hermione quickly warned, as Clair tiredly looked to her friend.
"You don't need to worry about me guys I can handle a few Death Eaters." Clair informed Hermione before looking up to the Invisible Dragon still flying overhead." Clover can you take out the rest I too exhausted to cast anymore spells." Clair quickly thought.
"I on it, and next time please let me handle the Dementors, the Healing water attacks zapped too much of your magic." Clover worried voice sounded before a loud watery explosion sounded and everyone looked up to see a large pillar of water crashed onto the remaining Death Eaters that survive Clair's attack, and knock them to ground unconscious.

The second it was clear Clarisa and friends quickly got up to secure the unconscious Death Eaters, and then they went too checked to see if anyone needed any help." This is not good, not good at all." Clair gasped out as she survey the numerous injured and destruction that was caused within minutes after the Dark Wizard's arrival.
"The Death Eaters started casting destructive spells the second they appeared, both Ron and I was lucky that we weren't caught in the crossfire of their first spells." Hermione sadly informed an even more sadden friend.
"I can help the injured Hermione I just need a large Barrel." Clair informed a startled friend.
"I don't know what you are going to do, but here I can Transfigure one for you." Hermione suggested, as she waved her wand at a stone, and a large three-foot Barrel appeared.
"Yes that will work and thanks." Clair smiled, as she pointed her wand at the inside of the Barrel." Aguamenti!" Clair tirelessly cast, and instantly the Barrel filled with almost dark blue water." Darn it not dark enough." Clair only could say, before collapsing to the ground.
"Clair is you alright?" Hermione yelled as she and her friend went to their fallen friend.
"Hermione, Ron, take the water to the injured, and pour a cup of it on the external injuries, or let them drunk the water if the injuries are internal." Clair whispered, and took another breath." The water will not Heal them fully, but it will give them a chance to survive their injuries until a Healer can take..." Clair stopped as she passed out.

The second Clair was out cold another voice sounded." Hermione take this Portkey, it will take you and your friends to the Hospital Wing." Dumbledore sadly informed the friends.
"Headmaster, Clair said the water will help save lives." Hermione quickly informed her professor.
"I know Ms. Granger, don't worry I will put it to good use." Dumbledore gravely informed his students before handing a cloth that caused the three friends to disappeared.

The second the friends was gone, Dumbledore got the Order and Aurors who just arrived to take glasses of the Healing water to the injured, and thanks to the water many of the seriously injured was saved.
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