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Clair first meeting with the Headmaster.

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Weeks into the new school year, the students got into a daily routine of classes study and being with friends, but as a group of friends finished the last class of the day, they were interrupted by a friendly voice." Good evening Mr. Potter and friends." The kind voice of the Headmaster greeted getting the three friends attention.
"Headmaster Dumbledore what can we do for you?" Harry gently asked, as the Headmaster smiled.
"If you can, I would like a meeting with Ms. Clair Lakeshore, I was hoping to meet her sometime in the near future." Dumbledore kindly asked a worried teen.
"Um Clair not in any trouble is she?" Harry worriedly asked, as the Headmaster shook his head.
"No not at all, I was hoping she will shed some light of your training, and also I want to get to know her and maybe your Mentor Lakeshore if I remember the name correctly." Dumbledore kindly suggested.
"My Mentor Lakeshore won't be available, since I doubt she will be able to leave her home anytime soon." Harry informed a startled Headmaster.
"It's alright Mr. Potter, I guess we can use Clair as a representative if she is available." Dumbledore started, as he looked lost in thoughts." But I was wondering does your Mentor have a first name?" Dumbledore kindly asked.
"Actually I don't know since I always call her Lakeshore, and I believe Clair may have been adopted by my Mentor, so she gotten Lakeshore by being adopted." Harry lied, as the Headmaster nodded.
"In that case, please contact Clair so I can talk to her." Dumbledore kindly asked, before leaving after a friendly goodbye to the friends.

Once the Headmaster left, Harry wondered how he was going to pull this off, when his thoughts were broken by his friends." Harry maybe you should contact your friend now?" Hermione urgently suggested, as her friend looked to her.
"I guess I'll do that, why not head to the Great Hall and grabbed some dinner, I probably go to the kitchens for a late dinner." Harry suggested, as he headed to the Owlry, wile his friends continued on their way.

About half an hour into dinner, the doors of the Great Hall opened to reveal a young messy hair witch before she started walking into the room." Headmaster Dumbledore, you wanted to see me?" Clair kindly asked, as she continued walking to the Head table, with a child of three walking closely to her.
"Ah Ms. Lakeshore, I didn't think you would respond to my summonings this quickly." Dumbledore kindly asked, as he smiled at the teen." But since we are in middle of dinner, care to join us?" Dumbledore kindly asked, and a chair appeared beside him.
"I would love too." Clair started, but a tug on her robes got her attention, and she bent down to whisper to her sister, before looking to the Headmaster." Headmaster Dumbledore, I was wondering if you mind if my sis can sit with her friends?" Clair smiled as she gestured to the Gryffindor table.
"If her friends don't mind her company, I don't see why not?" Dumbledore smiled, as the little girl quickly went to sit beside Hermione, whom quickly help her to some food, and talk between the little girl and those around her quickly started.

At the Head Table, Clair sat nervously as she piled some food on her plate, while glancing out into the room, seeing it for the first time from the professor's point of view, but was kindly called upon by the Headmaster." Ms. Lakeshore what do you think of Hogwarts?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the teen gave it a thought.
"Since I just got here, I really can't say anything can I professor?" Clair answered, since she knew she had to pretend she did not know much about the school.
"Ah yes that's true, but since you are here I was wondering if you would like to be schooled here?" Dumbledore gently asked, as the teen looked like she was giving it a thought.
"I'm sorry I got to decline your offer, my mentor is more then enough to teach me about magic, and I know I will do well on my OWLs." Clair informed a startled Headmaster.
"I understand Ms. Lakeshore, and my offer still stands if you change your mind in the near future." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the teen only nodded as she ate her dinner.

Right after dinner the Headmaster invited Clair and her sister to his office, to talk further in private, and once seated, Dumbledore smiled." Care for a Lemon Drop?" Dumbledore kindly asked, and the youngest one quickly held out her hands for the Headmaster to pour some candy into her cup hands.
"Thank you Headmaster Dumbledore." Clover thankfully thanked the Headmaster.
"Now Clover don't eat too much you just had dinner!" Clair firmly reminded her sister, whom was happily sucking on a candy.

Once the Headmaster was assure the older teen didn't want any candy, he started their meeting." Now that we are more comfortable, I would like to know more about Harry's training since I'm sure he had more then physical training?" Dumbledore firmly asked, as the teen looked to him.
"I had a feeling you wanting to know about the four weeks Harry was with us." Clair sighed as she looked straight in the Headmaster's eyes." I really can't say much, but I assure you Harry never learned anything that you would consider Dark Magic." Clair firmly informed the Headmaster, and he nodded looking glad that was the case.
"I'm sorry for prying into your training, but I would like to know why Mr. Potter needs to go back to his training during the Holidays?" Dumbledore firmly asked, as the teen sighed before speaking.
"Because the four weeks during the summer, Harry only learnt our basic spells, but unfortunately will need the time between now and the Holidays to train on his own to gain enough strength to continue more advance lessens." Clair informed a confuse Headmaster.
"From what I saw when Harry trained with his friends when he came back, I don't see how it's any deferent then the way we train our students?" Dumbledore unsurely asked.
"Headmaster, Harry is taining in our way in private and away from prying eyes." Clair informed a shock professor." What you saw in your own summer training is just the tip of the iceberg Headmaster." Clair smiled as the Headmaster's eyes grew large." Now if you want a preview of what's to come, here it is." Clair grinned as she suddenly disappeared with a pop.

Once Clair disappeared, the Headmaster was shocked, since only someone who was hundred times more powerful then himself could Apparate threw the Wards around the castle." There is no way Harry can reach Ms. Lakeshore's level, but if there is a chance, I would greatly accept any help with this war." Dumbledore thought as he reached for his Lemon Drops, but found his large bowl empty." That's one sneaky little devil." Dumbledore smiled, since he didn't mind losing his almost endless supply of Lemon Drops." Oh well I can finally I can buy another flavor, and this time I got to remind myself not to buy too much." Dumbledore happily thought, as he went over a list of Muggle candies.
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