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Return to Hogwarts

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Harry first day at Hogwarts

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A/N;This chapter was sort of a rush job, since I just wanted to go threw the first day of school pretty quickly sorry about it.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

During the month of August, except for Harry's Elemental and magical training, and having a ex-con Guardian, things went back to normal until the hectic last day of summer.

September first was chaos as three out of four friends dashed about making sure their things were pack, until a loud sigh was heard." Ron, Hermione and Ginny are you forgetting where you are sleeping in?" Harry reminded his three best friends, whom quickly stopped what they were doing to stare at Harry, whom was calm and sitting in the living room of his Wizards tent.
"HARRY JAMES POTTER, what are you waiting for, we got less then an hour before we need to get on the train, and I know you never started packing yet!" Hermione firmly scolded as her friend rolled his eyes.
"I don't know what you are talking about Hermione I don't need to pack since everything is already in my backpack." Harry amusedly informed his confuse friends.
"What are you talking about mate I didn't see you put anything in your backpack?" Ron confusedly asked his friend.
"Ron we are sleeping in my back pack, or did you forget already?" Harry reminded his friends, whom realized what their friend was implying.
"HARRY JAMES POTTER, I don't believe we forgotten!" Hermione sighed, as she looked to her friend." Are you going to allow us to leave our things in your backpack until we need them at Hogwarts?" Hermione quickly asked, as her friend nodded.
"Just put your Robes, and other things you will need on the train in the closet so I just need to hand them over to you before we reach Hogwarts." Harry smiled, as his friend quickly gather a few things and dumped them in the small closet which is also the compartment for Harry's backpack.

A little more then fifteen minutes before eleven, Harry and his three friends was smiling as they walked into the Platform 9 ¾, without the hassle of having to roll their trunks to the train, and quickly settled in a empty compartment after a lengthy goodbye to their guardians.

Half an hour after leaving the train station, Harry was reading alone as his two of his friends was at the Prefect Meeting, and the youngest of the four was seeing her friends, when a girl of three years old appeared beside him." Bro I'm bored, can I hang out with you instead of being invisible?" Clover begged as the teen sighed.
"Fine Clover as long as you do not change me into a girl alright!" Harry firmly asked, and the little girl nodded, as she dug into his backpack and found a deck of cards, which both started playing Exploding Snap to pass the time.

Hours pass as the compartment door slide open to reveal a startled red hair Wizard and a brown hair Witch." Clover what are you doing here?" Hermione worriedly asked the little girl who was cover in soot from the card game.
"My sis dropped me off, so I can ride the train with you guys!" Clover smiled, as the two teens groaned, since the little girl seem to hang about them allot.
"I don't mind guys, and plus I'm having fun beating the little monster." Harry smiled as the little girl gave a glare.
"Hey it's my first time at this game!" Clover pouted as the two friends settled into the compartment.
"Don't mind Harry, he always loses at games." Hermione smiled, as she got some cards for the next game." Hey Clover lets team up, and go against Harry." Hermione suggested getting a smile from the little girl.
"Yeah I can finally see Harry covered in soot!" Clover giggled as Harry groaned.
"If you want it that way, hey Ron a little help here." Harry almost begged his best friend.
"What the Boy Who Live asking for my help against two girls?" Ron asked his best friend while looking shock." You're on, I always looking for a challenge." Ron joked as he grabbed some cards and the friends started playing.

By the end of the train ride, the five friends were covered in soot, and laughing at how they look especially at the little girl whom looked so cute cover from head to toe in the stuff." Should you guys get ready, I think we will be at Hogwarts soon." Clover pouted, since she knew the teens were laughing more at her then themselves.
"Clover is right, let's get clean up guys." Hermione smiled as she took out her wand." Scourgify!" Hermione quickly cast at her friends and little girl, making them all sparkling clean.

Sometime later at Hogsmeade Harry was horrified as he stared out of the window, where it was raining cats and dogs." Great I'm in trouble?" Harry worriedly thought, as his friends looked to him.
"Harry what is wrong?" Hermione quickly asked, as she saw how her friend looked.
"It nothing lets gets onto the carriage fast alright!" Harry gulped hoping he remembered the spell he learned to keep out of the rain.

The four friends was the first to get to one of the exits of the train, where Harry quickly cast a spell on himself, and ran under the downpour of the rain for the first available carriage with the others running after them.

Once in the carriage Harry quickly cast a drying spell on his friends, and once that done one quickly looked to him." HARRY JAMES POTTER, how did you not get wet in the rain, since I could tell the raindrops was not hitting you?" Hermione firmly asked, as her best friend grinned.
"It's sort of an umbrella spell which protects the entire body from the rain." Harry smiled sine he could tell Hermione had never heard of the spell." Its in the Household charms book, you can read my copy later once I get to my personal study." Harry smiled, as Hermione glared.
"You should've taught us that spell during our summer training!" Hermione argued as Harry shrugged.
"Sorry but it's too weak for a shield spell, and I thought I would never need to use it in battle." Harry quickly informed his irate friend, but before anyone could say anything the carriage stopped and he quickly caste the Umbrella charm onto his friends before they all left the carriage.

At the entrance to Hogwarts, a stern professor was waiting for the students." My word, I assume Ms. Granger was able to cast the Umbrella charm on you all?" McGonagall firmly asked, as she held an endless number of towels.
"Actually professor, it was Harry whom knew about the spell, and cast it on us." Hermione informed her professor while sounding jealous of the fact.
"In that case why not head to the Great Hall, unfortunately dinner is delayed until the rest of the students get dried up." McGonagall sternly informed the friends, before sending them off.

Well over fifteen minutes later, the Great Hall filled with students and another half an hour later the first years sorted, and the Headmaster of Hogwarts made his yearly speech.

Once the Headmaster was done with his speeches he again spoke up" Now the formalities are over, I want to introduce the Defense Against Art Professor Sirius Black!" Dumbledore proudly informed the shock students as the doors open for the ex-convict." Before I forget, all the past articles about Professor Black are not true, since he never done any of them." Dumbledore smiled as the newly appointed professor sat at the Head Table.

For a few minute the Headmaster let the shock set in before speaking again." Now that said, let the feast begin!" Dumbledore proudly called out and food appeared on the tables.

As Harry and friends ate a brown hair teen looked to her friend." Hey Harry did you know Sirius will be teaching?" Hermione whispered as her friend ate.
"Actually no, I was wondering why he was so quite during breakfast." Harry informed his friend while looking unsure about having his Godfather as a teacher.
"We'll I hope he is as good as Professor Lupin." Ron smiled before eating
"Let's talk to Sirius after dinner." Harry quickly suggested, and the others agreed.

After the Hogwarts song and students started to leave the youngest of the friends notice someone was not with them." Hey where did Clover go?" Ginny worriedly asked, as one quickly replied.
"I think she is waiting at the Hogsmeade station for her sister, since both doesn't go to school." Harry quickly lied as they got to the Head table.

At the Head Table a certain professor smiled at the group that walked before him." Mr. Potter and friends, how can I help you?" Sirius grinned, as his Godson rolled his eyes.
"Professor Black we was wondering why you didn't say anything while we were home?" Harry quickly asked, as his friends nervously stood facing the professors.
"I wanted this to be a surprise, since I doubt you all saw me as a teacher material?" Sirius smiled, as the godson looked disgusted.
"I will believe it when I see it PROFESSOR." Harry joked as he left the Head Table with his friends.

As the teens started their leave, a couch got their attention." Mr. Potter I was aware that a certain child was on the Hogwarts Express, which is against the rules since non-students aren't allowed to go on the train during the students return to school, unless they got the school's permission." Dumbledore firmly warned as the teen gulped.
"I will make sure Clair is informed of this professor Dumbledore, but I'm sorry she does have the habit of leaving her sister with me." Harry worriedly informed his professor.
"If she does, I would like to know when she is here, so I can note her arrival in the school's visitor's Log Book, since it is part of the our policies." Dumbledore informed an understanding teen.
"I will inform you are soon as Clover is here, I promise you that." Harry informed the professor, and left the Great Hall with his friends.

The following morning, hours before the sunrise, Clair awoke in the boy's dorm, and sighed as she looked to the sleeping Dragon beside her." Luckily I can lock the bed curtains or I will have to answer my roommate's questions as to why I'm here." Clair cringingly thought, and awoke the little Dragon to join her with her morning training.

After an hour of training, Harry was ready to face the day and headed to breakfast where he knew he would be the first to arrive." Maybe I should awake earlier." Harry thought as a screech heard and he had only a second to dodge a round object that splash water onto the ground.
"Ah I miss the rule breaker, I won't miss this time!" A voice sounded about the teen.
"PEEVES, I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Harry informed the residential Poltergeist with a glare.
"WHY IS THE LITTLE POTTY GOING TO CRY?" Peeves joked as the teen grinned.
"No, but I know someone who will not like getting wet." Harry firmly informed the Poltergeist, as he waves his wand." Come out Killer of ghosts and protector of the innocent!" Harry called out, as a watery Chinese Dragon flew out of his wand and looked to the teen." Sick him Clover my dear!" Harry smiled, as the Dragon flew forward.
"No it can see me, I'm out of here!" Peeves yelled as it flew away as it bang things about, with the Dragon in hot pursuit.
"Clover please come back when you are done with him." Harry telepathically sent to the little dragon, while wondering why a water Dragon is afraid to get wet.

As Harry watched his familiar leave, a kind voice interrupted his thoughts." That is quit advance spell work Mr. Potter." Dumbledore gently asked, causing the teen to look nervously to the Age Headmaster.
"I'm not in trouble am I?" Harry worriedly asked, as the Headmaster shook his Head.
"I didn't see anything that would cause you to be in trouble." Dumbledore informed his student, before walking away while humming a tone.
"Why do I have a feeling the Headmaster knows more about Clover then he is letting me to believe?" Harry thought as he continues his walk to the Great Hall.

After breakfast Harry and his two friends headed to the Dungeons where one groaned and complain about unfairness of the Potion Professor." Ron if you study harder, I bet you can do potions without any problems." Hermione scolded, while looking forward to the first class of the day.
"Well I hope I'm prepared, I been reading everything on potions during the summer." Harry informed his friends.
"WHAT you been studying instead of enjoying your newfound freedom?" Ron yelled looking like his friend had lost his mind.
"Actually yes, since I had nothing better to do." Harry started while he continues his walk." Don't worry Ron I won't turn into another Hermione." Harry whispered as he tilted his head towards his other friend.
"Boy I hope not, one Hermione is more then enough to handle on my own." Ron smiled, while getting a glare from the said Witch.
"At least one of you sees how important studying is." Hermione grumbled as they reach the Potion classroom in the Dungeon.

An hour later and several dozen House Points taken from Gryffindor house, the trio of friends headed to DADA, hoping Sirius can help return some of the lost points that been wrongfully removed.

In DADA class the professor looked to the group of not so happy Gryffindors." Alright how many points did Snape took away?" Sirius smiled and got an immediate answer." Don't you all worry about it I'm sure I can get triple the points back as you answer my questions correctly." Sirius smiled, and started teaching his class once the class settled down.

True to his word by the end of class, Gryffindor not only got back all their points, they got double of what they lost, and as class was dismissed, three students stayed behind." Wow professor Black, I must have learned more then the last few years." Ron joked as his friends agreed.
"Yeah you are just as good as professor Lupin." Harry smiled, as the professor smiled.
"Glad to be of service!" Sirius informed the three friends all gentlemanlike." But for now, I would like to see my Godson alone, if you two don't mind?" Sirius firmly asked, as the two friends nodded.
"Harry we'll meet you in the Great Hall for lunch, we will save you a seat!" Hermione suggested, and left after a quick farewell.

Once alone, the professor looked seriously at his Godson." Now we got a problem, would you call off your Poltergeist hunter, it is disturbing all the classes while it chasing Peeves all over the school." Sirius firmly asked, but not looking like he cared about the disturbances.
"Sorry I thought it would have giving up after an hour of chasing the Poltergeist?" Harry apologized as he waved his wand causing a glow, and in a few seconds he was done." The Dragon should have disappeared, I better get to lunch, but maybe we can talk about my parents later?" Harry quickly asked.
"It's a date Mr. Potter, and I see you later." Sirius smiled, as his Godson left the room.
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