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Harry is now trap in Grimmauld Pl.

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In the middle of the night, a messy hair boy lies in bed, surrounded by every known non-lethal traps, wards and so on, so he wouldn't be able to leave the house again, and he sighed at the restrictions his Guardians left on him." I don't believe they didn't fall for being under the Invisibility Cloak in Buck Beak room." Harry sighed as he tried not to move an inch fearing he would set off a trap.
"Well if you told them the truth you wouldn't be in this mess?" Clover voice sounded in his mind.
"I would love to tell them Clover but it does give me an advantage when I need to sneak out." Harry informed his Familiar, then thought of something." Hey Clover, help me get out of here and I'll make you a big breakfast." Harry suddenly asked, and for a few minutes got an answer.
"Will it be ice cream?" Clover hungrily asked.
"No you been eating too much of that, I'm surprise you are not getting fat." Harry informed a grumbling voice." How about pancakes Clover, a whole stack?" Harry suggested, and quickly got a reply.
"Yummy pancakes almost as tasty as ice cream." Clover squealed, before she quickly asked for all of her favorite toppings.
"Yes Clover all you want, so do you have any idea of how to get out of this room?" Harry quickly interrupted, and the child gave it a thought.
"Hmm, I believe your bed has a sensitive spell on it, so the second you leave it, it will both alert your guardians and set off some traps." Clover informed a cringing teen." I could try to make a clone of you, and place it on the bed the second you teleport away?" Clover thoughtfully suggested.
"Good idea I'm ready when you are!" Harry firmly informed his Familiar, and got ready to do what the child asks.
"In that case stay still, I need to incase you in a watery cocoon, don't worry you can breath while I cast the spell." It was Clover only warning before the teen was engulf by water, and then felt freezing cold.
"Hurry Clover this isn't very nice to be in!" Harry stuttered out.
"Ok Harry, teleport out of here now!" Clover quickly commanded, and the teen teleported away, leaving an exact copy on the bed.

Out in the hallway of Grimmauld Pl, a very wet girl with messy hair appeared looking not so nicely at the little girl beside her." Clover I should have known you was going to change me into a girl!" Clair grumbled as the little girl smiled.
"I can't help it if water changes you!" Clover pouted as the older girl shook her head in defeat.
"Why do I even bother?" Clair sighed as she looked about." Since it is still in the middle of the night, let's put that prank journal Sirius gave me to good use." Clair suggested with an evil smile.
"Yeah I want to help!" Clover excitedly asked as they walked down the hallway to prank those who were in the house.

Morning arrived as a messy hair boy made breakfast, and a little girl hungrily ate a large stack of pancakes." Mmm delicious pancakes!" Clover smiled as she sliced a large piece and started eating.
"Well at least Clover eats clean." Harry thought, as he continued making breakfast.

Some minutes after the teen finished making several plates of food, a red hair woman stepped into the kitchen looking startle at the little girl." Hi Clover, but why are you back here?" Molly worriedly asked, as a smiling child looked to her.
"My sis had to stock up on food, and since Hermione is here, Clair left me here while she did some shopping." Clover quickly lied before getting back to her still large pile of pancakes.
"I guess you can stay, but I wish your sis told us you were going to be here." Molly suggested, as she greeted the child with a hug.

Once the elder witch was making sure Clover was warmly greeted, she turned to get breakfast ready but stopped as she now noticed another." HARRY JAMES POTTER, I thought we grounded you in your room!" Molly scolded, while looking shock at seeing the teen here.
"I was, but I got bored and decided to make everyone breakfast, but I'm afraid that little monster will start eating everything before everyone wakes." Harry joked as the little girl pouted.
"I won't eat everything I'll just eat the delicious pancakes." Clover smiled before getting back to eating.
"But still Harry how did you get out of the room, I doubt Sirius could get out of there." Molly firmly asked, but a yell got everyone attention.

The second the yell was heard, a set of twins ran in into the kitchen, both were covered in green and silver colors." Who did this to us?" Both twins yelled as another came in.
"Fred, George remove this spell at once!" Ginny yelled as she came in the room wearing a very pink old fashion dress.
"Wait we didn't do that!" The twins quickly admitted, just as two others came in.
"Fred, George remove this at once!" Two humanlike dogs yelled as they stormed at the twins.
"Not before they remove the spells from us!" A walking book with a giant worm sticking out, and a bright orange teen yelled at the shivering twins.
"BUT WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WE SWEAR!" Both twins yelled, as another cleared his throat.
"I do believe the twins are innocent." An ancient Wizard with lemon drops stuck to his beard and hair firmly informed everyone." Am I right Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore firmly asked, as a teen whom look oblivious to everything continue to make breakfast." MR. POTTER, I asked you a question?" Dumbledore firmly asked, as the teen turned to the arrivals.
"But how can I prank you guys, since I'm still in my prison?" Harry only asked, before dissolving into puddle of water to everyone shock.

It was soon chaos as everyone race out of the kitchen, while at the same time no one noticed a little girl with a smile." Harry be ready they are coming to see you now!" Clover amusedly thought, while she continued eating.

In the room filled with traps and wards, a teen sat up as the doors burst opened causing chaos as the new arrivals suddenly hit with all the traps and wards at once.

Four hours later as soon as all affected by the traps and pranks were freed, they all settled down in the living room, with an innocent looking teen facing their glares." How many times I need to tell you I didn't do anything?" Harry confessed as the sudden appearance of a teen that almost like Harry appeared.
"Oh Harry, Lakeshore want to make sure you remember to come by this Holiday to continue your physical training." Clair firmly informed her counterpart.
"I will remember don't worry, and please take your bratty sister please, I don't think we want to run out of food before we leave for Hogwarts." Harry complained as the other teen sighed.
"Fine then Clover come on we is going!" Clair yelled while getting a complaint from another room, a second before a child rushed into the living room.
"Finally I'm going home, good-bye you all!" Clover happily yelled as her sister picked her up.
"I hope you are full little brat." Clair smiled at the pouting little girl before turning back to the teen." And Harry thanks for lending me the backpack, I do hope the books I bought will be enough to help you learn more spells and such." Clair smiled before she disappeared from the room.

The second Clair was gone Harry looked to the shock group before him." See I told you I WAS NOT IN DIAGON ALLEY!" Harry firmly informed everyone, while getting them out of their shock.
"Mr. Potter how do you know the Lakeshores?" Dumbledore only could ask.
"It was them who started my training, and that is all I'm saying." Harry only informed the group, before leaving the living room looking not so happy at everyone.

Once the teen was gone, a long sigh was heard." I believe we need to apologize to Harry." Sirius suggested as some agreed.
"That we do I'm afraid, but luckily we have until the end of summer to get back on Harry's good side, so I would suggest we try our best before school starts." Dumbledore firmly suggested, as he got up to leave.


In the Headmaster's office, the Headmaster smiled as he ate his lemon drops." Not bad Harry, you almost had me fool with those realistic illusions." Dumbledore thought while hoping Harry would reveal everything soon.
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