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Clair trip to Diagon Alley.

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Diagon Alley

The streets were busy as Wizards and Witches shop for school supplies, and one messy hair Witch was stuck in the middle of it." Clover maybe it was better if we stayed at home." Clair grumbled to a little girl whom looked like the older teen.
"Yeah right I rather be here then be stuck at the dark and dreary place!" Clover informed her older sister as she wrinkle her face in degust.
"I know the feeling I wish we were back in the forest." Clair sighed as she wish for the freedom being with her mentor, but a yell got her attention, as she heard a brown hair teen cried out her name.

With in seconds after been called, Clair was in a hug." Clair I didn't think I would see you here?" Hermione smiled as she gave the younger child a similar greeting.
"I was bored at home so I thought to come here, but now I wish I didn't!" Clair grumbled.
"Yeah I know the feeling but unfortunately I need to my school supplies." Hermione sighed, as she looked to her friend." Hey don't you need to get your school things?" Hermione suddenly asked.
"Actually I'm home schooled, so no I really don't have to buy anything." Clair quickly lied, since she knew Molly would get Harry things.
"Well if you are not busy, why not join me as I get my school things." Hermione gently asked, and the teen agreed as they went into the Wizards bookstore.

As the two teens and child fight the crowd of shoppers, two set of eyes was on them." It's that girl again?" Moody barked, as his partner agreed.
"Do you find it strange that she appears now when Harry disappears?" Shacklebolt thoughtfully suggested, as the battle scarred Auror fake eye focus on the mysterious girl.
"Shacklebolt something is odd with that backpack the girl has on?" Mad-eye suddenly informed his partner.
"Why what is it, it look like any normal backpack?" Shacklebolt suggested, as he looked to the girl wearing a blue backpack.
"I know but the Magical signature is exactly the same as Harry's backpack." Mad-eye informed a startled Auror.
"But no two magical items have the same Magical Signatures unless..." Shacklebolt stopped as he realized something.
"There only two reasons for the girl to have a backpack similar to Harry's, either she stole it, which I doubt it since Harry's backpack does have anti theft spells on it." Mad-eye stopped since the other idea was unbelievable. "Or somehow that girl is Harry Potter." Mad-eye informed the Head Auror, but sounded unsure of the second reason.
"Mad-eye, keep an eye on the girl, I'm going back to Head Quarters to tell Albus of our findings." Shacklebolt quickly informed his partner before Apparating away.

Grimmauld Pl

Minutes after appearing in the kitchen, Shacklebolt informed his former Headmaster of his findings, and the ancient Wizard was very puzzled." I agree with the evidence you have that Lakeshore is somehow Harry, but there is no way Harry would have been able to turn himself into a girl, and there is the little girl that is seen with her." Dumbledore informed the Head Auror.
"I know, since Gender Changing spells and Potions will be to far advance for a starting Fifth year to do." Shacklebolt suggested, as he tried to think of other possibilities.
"Actually I can think of a few other possibilities, but I will need to personally see Lakeshore in person." Dumbledore suggested, before both Wizards Apparated away.

Diagon Alley

Even with the afternoon rush, two teens was enjoying watching a small child eat ice cream with a predatory look on her face." I told you Hermione that sister of mine takes eating ice cream too seriously." Clair joked while the said child pouted.
"I do not!" Clover only said before quickly scooping up ice cream from a large bowl.
"I'm afraid I got to agree Clover, I don't know any child who takes eating ice cream seriously like you do." Hermione smiled as she ate her ice cream much more slowly then the little girl.

As the two teens joke about how the little girl eats her ice cream, a pop sounded as a shadow fell on the unexpected group." POTTER MY MASTER REQUIRES YOUR PRESENCE NOW!" A Rude voice sounded behind Clair, before touching her shoulders, both disappeared before anyone could do anything.

The second the two disappeared, someone rushed over to the table." Hermione did you see who that was?" Mad-eye quickly asked a frighten teen.
"No it happen too fast, I did not know what was happening until they disappeared." Hermione hysterically informed the dark Auror, while he quickly scanned the area of the missing teen.

As the Auror waved his wand, the little girl had her eyes closed and smiled." It will be all right my sis will return to me, I know she will." Clover smiled, not looking one bit worried about her missing sister.
"May I ask how you know this young one?" A kind voice worriedly asked.
"I know since I have a special link with my sis, so I know she will be all right." Clover simply informed everyone before she continued eating.

Even with the little girl assurance, the age Headmaster was not too sure as he looked to the table." Shacklebolt, I think we should end this outing quickly, get the Weasleys informed of this." Dumbledore urgently warned, and the Head Auror quickly left the group." Hermione I'm sending you back to Head Quarters now." Dumbledore quickly informed the teen as he handed over a cloth and the teen disappeared.

Once Hermione was gone, the Headmaster turned to the little girl that seem obvious to what was happening." Clover isn't it?" Dumbledore knowingly asked, and with a nod he continued." It will too dangerous to be here by yourself, want to come with me, and I can keep you safe?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the child gave a long thought.
"Can have more ice cream there?" Clover innocently asked as the Headmaster smiled.
"All the ice cream you want, so please come with me." Dumbledore gently asked, as the child gave out a happy yell before jumping on the Headmaster a minute later both disappeared.

Unknown location

In a large dark and foreboding room, a teen was shoved to the ground face down, as a few laughed at the sight." Finally we got you Potter!" A snakelike man hissed, as the teen stayed silent.
"Clover stay with Hermione, I will try to get to you!" Clair thought, before lifting herself up." I believe you got the wrong teen." Clair angrily informed a startled Wizard." My name is Clair Lakeshore, not Harry Potter!" Clair firmly informed a shock Wizard, as she got up and stood before the snakelike man.

A few minutes later the Snakelike man turned angrily to another." Lucius you fool can't you tell this isn't Potter?" Voldemort angrily hissed, while a blond hair Wizard looked very frighten." CRUCIO!" Voldemort angrily hissed causing the Wizard to scream in pain.

While the Dark Lord was occupied, the teen saw a silver hand among the small group of Dark Wizards and smiled." Since you will not need me, I will be off." Clair only warning before waving her wand at a cloak man causing him to be engulf in a column of water, a second later he as well as the teen was gone.

The second the teen and Wizard was gone, the Dark Lord turned to the empty space where he last saw the teen." You fools why you didn't secure her!" Voldemort angrily hissed while sending out torture curses at the unfortunate wizards staring dumbly at the empty spot.

Grimmauld Pl

In the kitchen everyone except for a happy little girl eating her ice cream, was worried about the event that occurred at Diagon Alley, until something suddenly flew across the kitchen and slammed into the ground." WHAT THE!" Many yelled at seeing an unconscious and very wet Wizard lying on the ground, but a yell got their attention.
"CLOVER I leave you for a second, and now I find you still eating ice cream." A messy hair teen grumbled as she walked over to the young child." Come we need to go." Clair firmly informed a pouting child before both disappeared before anyone could do anything.

For a few minute no one could say anything until a Wizard cleared his throat." I thought no one can find us?" A dumbstruck Fletcher asks.
"Even though that will need an answer, I believe we got another pressing problem." Dumbledore firmly informed everyone as he knelt before the fallen wizard, and removed his silver mask and hood.
"PETTIGREW!" Almost everyone in the room yelled, and a few made ready to kill the rat.
"Sirius, Remus I do believe we need him alive, so please wait until we clear Sirius name." Dumbledore tiredly informed the two friends, before securing the rat." Shacklebolt I need you to accompany me to the Ministry, so we can interrogate Peter with other more reliable witnesses!" Dumbledore firmly informed the Head Auror and with a pop both and the rat was gone.

Some minutes later no one was sure what to do until the kitchen doors open for a tired messy hair teen, whom looked startled at the scene before him." Did I miss anything?" Asked Harry Potter the boy who now wish he never return.
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