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More training

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Harry and friends get some training

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After his returned to the Wizarding world, Harry continue his training in secrete, and luckily his friends and Guardians was unaware of his training, since they were making a Training Classroom, which took the remainders of July to finish.

A day after his fifteenth birthday, which Harry enjoyed the party more then the gifts, he and his friends was led to the training room in the basement where three Aurors was waiting.

The Training room was large, more then enough to accommodate over fifty Wizards, it had patted mats on the ground and a few on the walls, but as the students looked about the Aurors got their attention." This will be your training area, and we will teach you both Defensive and Offensive spells, as well as Gentlemen's Dueling and Battle Dueling." The Head Auror firmly informed the students.
"Sir what is the deference between Gentlemen's and Battle Dueling?" Hermione quickly asked.
"Simple really, Gentlemen's Dueling is when both Duelers agreed to some rules, and Duel in a ring that is surrounded by witnesses." Shacklebolt informed some interested teens." Battle Dueling is when you caught in an unexpected attack, where formalities are thrown out of the window, and you must fight a life and death battle with no rules of what so ever." Shacklebolt grimly informed the students." I do hope you all will never get to use what we teach you in Battle Dueling." Shacklebolt grimly furnished as the student gulped at what the Auror told them.

Once the students were informed of what to expect, the Head Auror again spoke up." Now the formalities is over, Mr. Potter since you have some experience with dealing with Dark Wizards care to have a friendly Duel with me?" Shacklebolt firmly asked, and the teen gulp as he walked up to the Head Auror." Now you lot, head behind those red lines, and you will be protected by friendly fire." Shacklebolt firmly commanded, and the teens quickly went behind the lines, while hoping their friend will come out of this all right.

Once the bystanders were protected, the Head Auror looked to the teen standing before him." In Gentlemen's Duel, we shake hands, then turn around to walk ten paces, and we begin once one of us shoots a spell." Shacklebolt informed a nodding teen.
"What are the rules?" Harry quickly asked, as the Head Auror gave it a thought.
"No Unforgivables and permanent curses agreed?" Shacklebolt firmly asked, and the teen nodded.
"I agreed on the terms." Harry quickly informed the Auror as they shook hands and turned about to walk ten paces.

As Harry walked, he heard his Familiar in his mind." Harry try to use your Elemental powers, I think you can use it in this form." Clover kindly suggested.
"Are you sure, Lakeshore never mention I can?" Harry thought as he continues his walk.
"I have a feeling you can, but don't rely on it, since it won't be as strong." Clover worriedly warned, and the teen gulped as he turned to face the Head Auror.

The second Harry turned, the Auror waved his wand." STUPEFY!" Shacklebolt yelled, and sent a spell flying faster then the teen thought, but rolled to the side missing it by inches.
"STUPEFY!" Harry quickly yelled as he came out of his roll, but the Auror simply stepped out of the way.
"Put more power in your spells, your spells are slow as snails!" Shacklebolt barked, as Harry stood up.
"You call that slow, then take this STUPEFY!" Harry yelled, and sent a blue spell straight at the Auror.
"Protégé!" Shacklebolt yelled, the blue spell burst threw his shields and hit him, but he just took a couple steps back shaking his head as if trying to clear it." Not bad Potter, but you should have finished me off! "Shacklebolt bark as he waved his wand. " Petrificus Totalus!" Shacklebolt yelled, causing the teen to wave his wand.
"Protégé!" Harry quickly yelled, causing a wall of clear water to block the spell, but as it did the teen fell to his knees, now feeling too weak to stand." Great Clover you should have warn me this would drain me allot in this form." Harry exhaustedly thought as he caught his breath, before looking to a startled Auror." I give up, you win." Harry relented, before fully falling on the matt.

An unknown amount of time, Harry awoke to see a number of worried faces." Harry what happen, and how did you change those spells you used?" Hermione quickly asked, as a groaning teen sat up.
"I found out a deviation to those spells, but I didn't think it will drain me that much." Harry quickly lied as he looked to the Head Auror.
"Not bad Mr. Potter, but you should have practice those spells before using them." Shacklebolt firmly suggested." Let this be a lesson to you all never tries an unknown spell unless you practice it until you are comfortable with the spell." Shacklebolt warned as he looked to the teens." But for now I want you to write a list of all spells you know, and bring them over in two days, since tomorrow no training." Shacklebolt warned and the Aurors left the teens.

The following morning Harry was enjoying breakfast with his friends, when their Headmaster stepped into the kitchen." Ah there you all, I believe these are for you!" Dumbledore smiled, as he handed some letters to the teens.
"Our Hogwarts letters there here!" Hermione excitedly shouted before jumping onto the pile of letter to search for hers.
"Hermione only you will be excited about going to school." Ron groaned as Hermione shoved his letter at him, before handing out the rest of the letters.

Once their letter in hand, the four friends ripped the letters and two found a familiar Badge." We are prefect!" Both Hermione and Ron excitedly yelled.
"But wait Headmaster shouldn't Harry have gotten the Badge?" Ron quickly asked, and the elderly Wizard sighed before answering.
"You are right Mr. Weasley, but after what Mr. Potter did this summer, I feel he is not responsible enough for this duty." Dumbledore firmly informed the teens.
"But Harry...." Ron started but his best friend interrupted him.
"It's alright Ron, I don't mind at all, since it will give more time to study and practice." Harry suggested, as he looked at the supply list for classes." By the way, when are we going to Diagon Alley?" Harry quickly asked to change the subject.
"Within the next hour to give the Order time to set up watch, but Mr. Potter I'm afraid you must stay here." Dumbledore firmly informed a wide-eye teen.
"But why can't I go?" Harry quickly asked, as Dumbledore looked at him firmly.
"Mr. Potter, even though Voldemort had not made any more yet, I feel that you are still in danger, so it would be best that you stay here to be safe." Dumbledore firmly informed a disappointed teen.
"Wait if Harry doesn't go, then I won't go!" Ron firmly suggested, as did the other teens.
"No you should go, I don't mind." Harry sighed as he got up and left the table looking defeated.

As Harry got into his tent, he mentally spoke up." Clover can you tell me the second everyone leaves to Diagon Alley, I will be going there also." Harry firmly informed his Familiar.
"I do hope you are going as Clair, since they would be searching for you the second you are found missing?" Clover quickly warned.
"Don't worry Clover I am." Harry informed his Familiar before heading to his room to change.

In the next hour, another Wizard trap in the house sighed as he watched everyone leave threw the fireplace that was place in the Library." Great I wish I could go to the Alley?" Sirius thought, as he went to the parlor to check on his charge, but froze as he noticed something was wrong." That is odd, where is Harry's tent?" Sirius worriedly thought, before quickly rush about the house searching for the teen, and within half an hour he certain the teen was gone." How did Harry pass the wards, they should have stopped him from leaving!" Sirius called out, as he rushed to the fireplace to fire call the Headmaster.
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