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Return to Wizarding World Prt 2

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Harry meeting with friends.

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The Leaky Cauldron was pretty slow for a normal summer day as a messy hair teen step down from the stairs from the second floor, and began looking about." It's almost twelve Remus and my friends should be here?" Harry worriedly thought, and a whisper sounded in his mind.
"Bro don't worry too much, I will be there to give you support, but I'm sorry I can't do anything to protect you against the anger of your families." Clover amusedly informed a cringing teen.
"Thanks allot for the support!" Harry thought, but a startle yell in his mind, as he felt his Familiar quickly leave his shoulders, a second before he was engulf by a bone-shattering hug.

It took a moment for Harry to realize who was hugging him, and quickly suck in enough air to speak." Remus air please, I can't breathe!" Harry slowly gasped out, and luckily for him, his old professor let him go only to give him a death glare.
"HARRY JAMES POTTER how can you just leave like that, do you know how worried we were when you disappeared four weeks ago?" Remus almost shouted, causing the teen to cringe as he stepped back.
"I'm sorry professor Lupin, I wasn't thinking clearly..." Harry only could say before again getting another bone-crushing hug.

After another gasped out for air from a brown hair witch, another set of arms from a red hair witch flew around Harry, making him give up trying to breathe." Why do I even try?" Harry thought, and a second later, he was free and then gotten a pat on the back from another friend.
"I don't know how you did it mate, but I'm sorry I'm not in your shoes, especially since the Curse of the Weasleys may have been pass to you, because of your temporary adoption to our family." Ron sadly informed a wide-eye friend.
"What, what do you mean Curse?" Harry only could stutter out.
"We are talking about the Curse that caused the wife of every Weasley to lose so much of their temper that she will kill the person who caused it!" Ginny sadly informed a wide-eye older friend.
"That, that can't be true?" Harry stutter out.
"I'm afraid it is mate, I saw two grave markers of a set of twins of this generation, and they were born between Percy and Bill." Ron sadly informed a friend who look about to faint." No wonder there is a large gap between the two births." Ron sadly finished, as another interrupted them.
"I better get the Funeral arrangements soon, but come on we should get the almost nearly departed home, we don't want to upset Molly anymore then necessary." Remus informed the teens, as he looked grim at the stricken teen.

Grimmauld PL

After Harry shakily read a parchment, and saw the hidden house of Black, he was almost dragged into the doors, and soon was in the kitchen, where a large number of Wizards and Witches stared at him until a bone crushing hug blocked all view." HARRY JAMES POTTER what where you thinking running away like that!" A red hair woman yelled as she faced the scared teen, which fainted at the sight of the angry witch.

The second the teen fell to the floor and was dead to the world, the elder Weasley looked startled." Why did Harry faint?" Molly confusedly asked the group that accompanied the fallen teen.
"We told Harry about the famous Weasley Curse?" Ginny giggled, as all her brothers laugh.
"Wait a minute who told you about our family Curse?" Molly firmly asked, as the oldest brother looked startled.
"Wait how you know about it, I told my younger siblings that lie to try to keep them in line!" Bill stuttered out.
"LIE that is no lie, the sad story about poor Alex and Jacob Weasley really did happen. " Molly sadly started, as she shook her head. "I shouldn't have let the Curse take affect, but they did really anger me when they pulled that stunt." Molly sadly finished, as the five oldest Weasley fainted to the floor.

The second the five Weasley boys fainted, the Weasley women laughed out loud." Thanks Ginny for telling about that lie, I been waiting to use it to against them." Molly smiled at the fallen.
"We are lucky Ron brought it out, or we wouldn't have a chance to use it against them." Ginny smiled, but another interrupted them.
"Good to see that the Prankster side of the Weasley isn't just on the male side, but I do need to talk to Mr. Potter." Dumbledore amusedly informed the Weasleys before taking out his wand." Ennervate!" Dumbledore firmly called out and immediately awoke the unconscious.

Once awaken the Weasley boys were quickly informed that they were prank on, and they all glared at the females until Dumbledore interrupted." Now that is settled, Mr. Potter I can see you look more healthy then the last few years attending my school, but can you tell us about the last four weeks?" Dumbledore firmly asked a still shaken teen.
"There is nothing to say, since I began to train physically, and began reading allot about defense spells for my next encounter with Dark Wizards." Harry informed everyone.
"Harry you shouldn't drawl on fighting against them, you should focus on to be a child now!" Molly firmly informed a cringing teen.
"Mrs. Weasley how can I, I have seen and survive Riddle almost every year I been in the magical world." Harry calmly reminded a grief looking mother." I barely made out of those encounters alive since I never took my magical studies seriously." Harry stopped as he sighed." I could have died last year, and I know if I not prepare on future encounters, I may not live to see the next sunrise, so I have to learn as much as I can now so I can survive everything Riddle sends my way." Harry firmly committed, as everyone was now silent since everyone knew Harry was right.

A few minutes later a sigh was heard, as Dumbledore looked to the young teen." I was not planning on this, but if Harry is fully committed, I will set up a summer defense class, for him and his friends." Dumbledore started, as he got the teens attention." But a warning, the students attending this class only can do magic during class and not afterwards." Dumbledore firmly warned, and the teens accepted it.
"I promise to take this class seriously." Harry quickly informed his Headmaster, as did his other friends.
"Then I guess I will set up a room, Mr. Black do you have a large room available." Dumbledore gently asked, as he turned to another.
"I think the basement will be large enough, but I will need help removing all the junk out." Sirius informed his former Headmaster.
"Then it's settled, I want all the Order members on this." Dumbledore suggested, before turning to the elder Weasley." I think that is all is needed Molly, so you may continue your plans for Mr. Potter." Dumbledore amusedly informed the smiling Elder Weasley.

Several hours later after a large number of scolding's from his Guardians and friends, which a tired but quiet teen fully accepted, Harry was in the kitchen looking glad that it was over." Harry I hope you understand that we do care about you, so please don't run away like that, since we are here to help care for you." Molly gently informed an accepting teen.
"I won't promise, but I will talk to you first before I take action." Harry firmly informed a startled parent.
"I'm glad, but right now why not get unpack, you will be sleeping in Ron's room." Molly informed a now worried teen.
"Um Mrs. Weasley, can I sleep by myself?" Harry quickly asked, since Clover had the habit of changing him into a girl, since she sleeps in his bed in her Dragon form.
"I'm sorry Harry but there are not enough rooms for everyone to have a separate room." Molly gently informed a still worried teen.
"What if I can provide more rooms, I just need about ten by four feet space to set it up?" Harry quickly asked, as another gave it a thought.
"I think if we can provide it, the living room can be enlarged to make more room." Sirius suggested, as looked to the young teen." But how can you get more rooms?" Sirius quickly asked, as the teen smiled.
"I can show you once I have the space." Harry smiled as his Godfather got up from his chair looking interesting in what his Godson got in store.
"Bill, Charlie I need your help, can you lend me a hand." Sirius asked the two interest Weasleys, and they quickly agreed before leaving the room.

In another hour a large group was gathered in a larger then normal size living room, and was waiting for a teen to show his idea." Ok Harry, what is your plan to get more rooms for us?" Sirius firmly asked, but the teen went to a bare corner of the room to place his backpack on the ground.

Once the teen was satisfied at the arrangement of his backpack, he took out his wand and placed it on the Zipper." TENT!" Harry simply said, and to everyone surprise the backpack unfolded until a two-person tent appeared.

A few moment later, one of the older men looked to the teen." You are planning to sleep in here?" Sirius uncertainly asked a grinning teen.
"No I was going to invite all my friends to sleep in there if they want?" Harry smiled at the shock looks everyone was showing.
"Um Harry there is four of us, you, Hermione, Ginny and me, how are we going to fit in that small tent?" Ron confusedly asked, but another interrupted.
"Harry that is a Wizard's tent isn't it?" Hermione gasped out, before turning to her friend." I heard they were expensive how did you get your hands on one?" Hermione quickly asked, as her friend grinned.
"I found a store that sells them." Harry simply informed his friend, before going to the entrance of the tent." Come on let go in and I will give a tour." Harry happily suggested and led everyone into the magically enlarge tent.

Within the next hour, Harry was in the study reading with Ginny and Hermione, while Ron raided his kitchen, he was happy, but one thing bothered him, when he is going to tell them about his curse, but decided to wait on it.
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