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Return to Wizarding World Prt 1

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Harry four week training ends, and he returns home.

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Three weeks into her training, Clair learned to create one inch pillars that could bust threw magical shields to send a Wizard flying, and out of the fight.

Another Clair learn was to create a wall of one inch thick water that could deflect and block almost all curses, she could use this wall to trap and imprison Wizards if she needed too.

On the fourth week Clair was advance enough to learn to create a form of Healing water, but unfortunately she could not make it very potent, since it only heals minor cuts but this encourage her to try harder.

On the third day of training during the fourth week Lakeshore had a small talk with Clair, whom was now growing into a beautiful young woman, and her boy side was looking less like a skinny young teen, and more of a well fit young man." Well Clair you seem to learn faster then I had expected." Lakeshore proudly informed a blushing teen." But unfortunately I can't continue your training until you gain more experience using your Elemental Powers." Lakeshore sadly informed a startled teen.
"What do you need me to do so I can continue my training?" Clair uncertainly asked.
"Continue training on your own, until you can use your Elemental Powers automatically, and without the need to concentric on the water." Lakeshore informed an accepting teen.
"I will do my best, and when will you be expecting me back?" Clair quietly asked since she didn't want to leave her new home.
"Come back during your Holidays, and I will see how far you gotten, but I believe you will be able to continue your training by then." Lakeshore suggested, and the teen smiled.
"I won't let you down, and I will do my best when training on my own." Clair firmly committed, as Lakeshore smiled at the teen.
"I know you will young one, but for now write a letter to your Headmaster to bring you home, I will provide an Owl to take the Letter." Lakeshore suggested, as the teen cringe at hearing her mentor suggestion.
"Um will I have to tell him about my training and the Curse?" Clair worriedly asked.
"It will be your choice young one, but I do hope you will tell someone, since you shouldn't hide your abilities from those you can trust." Lakeshore informed an accepting teen.
"Then I will decide later, once I get settled back into the Wizarding World." Clair informed her mentor before leaving to her tent to get the letter written.

Hogwarts hours later

In the Headmaster office, an ancient looking Wizard was thinking of a meeting with a young teen, whom shed some like on a mysterious girl that she been seeing during the weekends." Clair Lakeshore, and Clover Lakeshore, there is no record of their birth, or any known families with the last name." Dumbledore thought as he went threw the records of known Wizards and Witches." Could be she is from another country." Dumbledore thought as he was interrupted by a white Owl flying onto the papers." Oh hi Hedwig, does the Weasley family need my services?" Dumbledore smiled, as he took the letter, but was startled as the familiar Owl melted into a puddle of clear water." What in the name of..." Dumbledore started, but noticed the familiar handwriting, and quickly tore the letter open.


I will be waiting at the Leaky Cauldron at noon tomorrow, please have Remus Lupin, and my best friends pick me up at that time, I will only go to them.

In addition, I will not be returning to the Dursleys, if you make me, I will not return to school.

Sign by


Once the Headmaster read the letter he sighed in relief." Glad I already made arrangement for Harry's future guardianship, but I hope he will survive their first meeting." Dumbledore cringingly thought, and then got up to get things ready for the next day.

Grimmauld Pl

In a small kitchen, a group of Wizards and Witches was startled as an ancient looking Wizard stepped in." I have news, tomorrow at noon Mr. Potter will be at the Leaky Cauldron to meet up with Remus, and his best friends." Dumbledore gladly informed everyone, whom sighed in relief at the teen's return.
"Finally Harry comes home, I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind for worrying us." Hermione informed everyone in a not so friendly tone.
"Sorry Hermione dear, you need to stand in line, since us adults will have the first crack at yelling at his foolishness!" Molly firmly informed the teen, with a voice that indicated she was not too happy with the young boy.

As a few others commented future threat towards a certain teen, Dumbledore let out a cough." I know you all would love to have a nice chat with Harry, I would prefer to learn what he was doing for the last four weeks, so please hold your comments till I get some answers." Dumbledore gently suggested, while cringing at what the group would do to the teen for worrying them.

Once things settled down, Dumbledore again spoke." Now here is the plan, by nine AM, I will have the Order place around Diagon Alley for both the protection of Harry Potter, and his friends, but if you see him, don't call him, since I want to do this on his terms, so he will trust us again." Dumbledore firmly suggested, and everyone nodded.
"Sir, I was wondering if I can leave early before the meeting, so I can buy certain things at the Alley." Hermione asked, as she looked hopeful.
"I will allow you to leave at ten, so it will give the Order time to get in place, and give you and your friends some time to visit the Alley." Dumbledore informed a happy teen, and then went further into planning for the next day.


Hours after the morning sunrise, young well dress teen, followed by a three year old girl, steps out of a small two person tent, both looks ready to face the day." Sis what are you going to say about me?" The little girl worriedly asked, as she looked to the older teen.
"I really don't know Clover, I was thinking you can stay invisible until I tell them my secrete." Clair informed a not so happy child.
"Please can I be seen, I don't want to stay invisible." Clover pleaded, while the older teen sighed.
"Clover I don't know how they are going to react towards you, so please wait it out until I have the courage to tell them about what happen," Clair firmly suggested, as the child pouted.
"Fine then, but I better get two large bowls of ice cream for this!" Clover grumbled, while the teen sighed, as she turned to the tent.
"I will make it three if you don't cause any problems during our return." Clair suggested, as she place her wand on the Zipper of the tent." PACK!" Clair simply said, and the tent folded until it became an average size backpack, which she quickly dusted and placed on her back." Come on Clover it is just pas eight, so we can have breakfast at the Cauldron, and then spend some time in the Alley." Clair happily suggested, but knowing this might be the last visit to Diagon Alley if the Headmaster had any say about her future.

Diagon Alley

Several hours later, Clair and a happy Clover walked out of the Flourish and Blotts book store, only to be stopped by a familiar face." CLAIR!" A bushy hair teen yelled, before hugging the girl like old friends.
"Hi Hermione, what brings you to the Alley?" Clair happily asked, as Clover got a similar greeting.
"Just getting a lost friend, I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind for worrying me!" Hermione firmly informed a slightly cringing teen.
"I'm sure he will get what he deserves." Clair informed her friend with a small almost audio gulp.
"I'm sure he will, since Molly and his godfather will have a long and nice talk with him." Hermione informed a pale face teen." Um Clair are you feeling all right, you suddenly look sick?" Hermione worriedly asked, but her friend quickly shook her head.
"I'm fine, just feeling down at the moment." Clair quickly informed her friend, before changing the subject." Hey if you still want to see the shop that sells the magical enlarge bags, I can take you if you are still interested?" Clair quickly suggested, since Hermione had asked about her backpack.
"I would like that, and you said I can get it around fifty Galleons for a special type of backpack right since I got a hundred Galleons for spending money." Hermione happily suggested, as she looked glad her parents were rich.
"That what the shop owner said when I last talked to him, but I'm sure he will lower the total price of the backpack if you ask for a cheaper deal?" Clair informed an understanding teen.
"I will try that, so come on let's go and see what he got?" Hermione happily suggested, as her friend led her to the store.

At the entrance to Knockturn Alley, two teens and a child step into the first shop, and was immediately greeted." Ah my highest paying customer returns!" An old man greeted, as Clair groaned, since she only found out recently that she could have gotten a cheaper deal on the tent she bought.
"Hi Josh, my friend here is interested in your magically enlarge bags." Clair quickly informed the shop owner, and he quickly pulled out a catalog.
"Ah yes, is this the friend you were telling me about?" Josh happily asked, as Clair nodded a yes, he turned to her friend." Good then maybe I can interest you in a multi compartment backpack, since I heard you take all your classes seriously?" Josh suggested and the teen looked to the catalog.
"Hmm the main backpack is twenty Galleons, and the compartments are five Galleons a piece." Hermione read, as she gave it a though." I guess I will get a basic backpack with five compartments along with the basic charms." Hermione informed a smiling shop owner.
"The backpack will be fifty Galleons, and the basic charms, which include anti-theft and privacy charms, the total, will be fifty-five Galleons." Josh quickly informed a thoughtful teen.
"How about forty-five Galleons." Hermione quickly asked.
"Fifty-three Galleons!" Josh countered.
"Forty-eight Galleons!" Hermione countered.
"Alright then Fifty Galleons or no deal!" Josh smiled, since he knew he had a sale.
"Fine I accept, and thanks." Hermione smiled, as she place a bag of coins on the counter, and began counting.

Once Hermione bought her bag, the owner informed the teen that it will take an hour for her bag to be ready, so she started to looked about." Hey Hermione are you interest in getting a Wand Holster?" Clair quickly asked, as she looked about the selections of Holsters in a glass-covered showcase.
"Yes that would be better then putting my wand in my pocket or up my sleeves?" Hermione suggested, as she looked over the selection.
"Well they are between ten to twenty Galleons for the basic to heavily charmed ones." Clair suggested, as she smiled at the price she got for hers.
"Oh I would like to get one, but I need the rest of my money for a special book I place on hold." Hermione informed her friend, as she looked to a certain Holster, which her friend noticed her interest.
"Well I guess you can set one aside and pay later." Clair suggested, and her friend smiled.
"I will do that." Hermione happily suggested and went to owner for details to hold an item.

The friends stayed in the shop for the hour, and once Hermione got her bag, she left her friend to spend some time with her other friends, and while she left, Clair had a talk with the owner.

At a quarter to twelve, Clair went to a room she rented earlier to change back to being a boy, and then change his clothes." This is it, I better get going." Harry worriedly suggested while at the same time turned backpack from a blue to a grey color.
"It will be alright sis, they will understand." Clover assured the older teen.
"I know they will, but let's get this over with." Harry suggested, and once Clover was invisible, and safely wrapped around his neck in her Dragon form, Harry went out of the room and into his destiny.
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