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A new Familiar and more shopping.

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Training starts, and a day out.

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In a nice cozy large room, a messy hair teen groggily woke up." What the why am I a girl?" Harry cried since the last he remember that he change himself into a boy before falling asleep.
"I'm sorry, I accidentally you into a girl." A little girl of three years old with messy hair and resembled Harry at that age smiled as she sat next to the awaking teen.
"Who are you, and why do you look like me?" Clair worriedly asks as she sat up looking at the girl.
"I'm your Familiar, and I decided to disguise myself to look like your relative." The little girl smiled as Clair groaned.
"Great I thought you would be an animal not a human child?" Clair explained, and the child looked not so nicely the older teen whom quickly back away.
"But I AM a magical creature, a water Dragon!" The little girl argued, and instantly was a twelve inch Chinese Dragon made out of pure blue water.
"Ok I guess you will do." Clair quickly informed the little dragon as it turned back into a girl. "But what should I call you?" Clair asked looking unsure.
"Hmm about I call myself Clover Lakeshore Potter?" The little girl smiled as did the teen.
"Good idea, we can just leave out one of the last names when we are out, but for now come on I will get us something to eat, and then we can see Lakeshore." Clair suggested as she got up to dress and went to the kitchen to fix them some food.

Outside a small tent, a teen and a little child stepped out to see the sun rising into the sky above a thick forest." Wow, what a sight, I can get use to waking up here." Clair smiled as she walked over to the lake, where an old woman of six inches rose out of the water.
"I'm glad you do Clair, and I see you meet your Familiar?" Lakeshore smiled, as she looked the little girl over.
"Hi Lakeshore, my name is Clover Lakeshore Potter." Clover happily introduced herself.
"It's nice to meet you young one." Lakeshore smiled, before turning to the older teen." Now for your training, I need you to start a physical training, so please head to the dirt patch at the south edge of the forest, and run to the end, which should not be more then a twenty minute run." Lakeshore informed a groaning teen.
"Will I need to do this every training session?" Clair groaned, and the woman nodded.
"You will need to run before and right after each of my training sessions, which will be at eight to eleven AM, and another from two to five PM, this will your daily program." Lakeshore firmly informed a cringing teen." And don't look at me that way Ms. Lakeshore, since you need the stamina and you said you will do anything I ask of you." Lakeshore firmly reminded a now gulping teen.
"I will get on the run now then." Clair quickly suggested, as the little girl looked to her.
"Get on me I will fly you to the dirt path." Clover quickly suggested, and before Clair could how, the little girl was now a forty-foot Chinese Dragon.
"Ok now I know how you can protect me." Clair sighed as she climbed onto the watery blue Dragon, and it flew off into the sky invisible.

For the next few days Clair was training to make large to small water columns to help him control water, and by the first week, he graduated to more and complex water control, from using the columns to attack and defend.

The first weekend during Harry's training, the teen was giving a break from his training, but as he was reading on Defense spells in his tent, he was called upon by his Mentor." Harry why you are still here, why not go out and do something?" Lakeshore firmly asked as she entered the tent.
"I wish I can, but I can't show myself because of Dumbledore or Tom Riddle." Harry explained since he was sure Dumbledore would immediately take him back to the Dursleys, and Tom would love to get his hand on the teen.
"Harry are you forgetting you CAN go out and no one will notice you?" Lakeshore reminded the teen as she shook her head at the teen's forgetfulness.
"You mean go out as a girl, I know I did that in Diagon Alley but I really don't want to make it a habit!" Harry quickly explained while getting embarrass at the thought of being seen.
"I'm sorry you feel this way, but think it as training since you need to get use to your female self, you can't hide it forever!" Lakeshore firmly suggested, and the teen sighed in defeat since he did want to do something other then study.
"Fine, I guess I'll do some shopping for Muggle clothes for myself and Clover." Harry suggested in a defeated tone.
"If you will be doing that make sure to buy clothes for your female self, not just for your male self." Lakeshore suggested with a smile, since Harry was blushing at the thought.
"Do you think I need to buy everything a girl would need?" Harry embarrassedly asked.
"Well you know what they say, when in Rome..." Lakeshore started, but the teen interrupted.
"Fine, fine I get it we should be back before nightfall." Harry suggested, and with a farewell, he went to his room to get ready to leave.

Hours later a still embarrass Clair and a very happy child left one of the many clothing stores at a large mall not believing the things she had to buy." Good thing that sell clerk was more then happy to help you with your fittings." Clover joked since Clair had no idea of her sizes for clothing.
"Don't remind me, I don't believe I had to try all those under things to get the right fit." Clair complained but as she looked at the child, she a voice got her attention.
"Harry is that you?" Asked a familiar voice from behind the teen called out, before the other teen.
"I'm sorry I think you got me confused with someone else?" Clair quickly explained a wide-eye friend.
"Oh sorry you look like someone I know." A brown hair girl embarrassedly explain, before quickly introduce herself." Sorry about that but my name is Heroine Granger." Hermione smiled, as she held out her hand.
"Hi my name is Clair Lakeshore and this is my bratty little sis Clover Lakeshore." Clair joked while shaking the friend's hand while her familiar grumbled.
"I'm not a little girl!" Clover pouted, as the older teen smile down at her.
"Maybe not but you are still a brat." Clair continued to joke.

While the two joked about, Hermione smiled at the siblings arguing." How much I would like to hear you both argue, I need to do some shopping?" Hermione informed the two sisters.
"Hey if you going for clothes, let's go together since my sis is terrible at picking her clothes." Clover happily suggested as Clarisa gave her a glare.
"Clover we just met her, I don't want to be a bother." Clair warned, as Hermione looked to them.
"Actually Clair I don't mind some company, and plus I planning to stay the whole day to spend here." Hermione suggested, as the young girl smiled.
"I guess we could hang out together, so what stores you would suggest we should go?" Clair quickly asked, and her friend was more then happy to show the sisters.

After three stores and bags full of clothing, Hermione was startled to see Clair put bags after bags into her average size backpack." Um Clair how is your backpack able to hold tones of clothing, and not look full?" Hermione quietly asked, but already knew the answer.
"To simply answer your question, I'm a witch as is Clover." Clair quietly informed a wide-eye teen.
" I should have known, no wonder you are clueless about clothes." Hermione smiled, as she shook her head. "Well in that case do you anything else I could help with?" Hermione smiled, since she was more then happy to help a fellow witch.
"I guess we could use your guidance in other stuff we should know about." Clair suggested, and hid her embarrassment as she listened as her friend informed her about girl things.

In a far corner of the shopping center, a pair of eyes was not only watching the three girls, they were also following the girls around as the teens did their shopping.

After a full day of shopping, two teens and a child were happily eating ice cream, and one was enjoying her chocolate way too much." Clover I swear that you must be addicted to ice cream the way you savor every spoonful of it!" Clair jokes while the little girl pouted.
"I do not, I just like ice cream." Clover firmly informed her sis.
"Is that so, then why do you always ask for large bowls of ice cream hah?" Clair joked, while getting a glare from the child.
"Clair leave your sis alone since children around her age love sweats and always cherished the taste." Hermione suggested, as her friend sighed.
"Fine but you know I have to help buy months worth of ice cream to feed her large appetite for sweats." Clair gambled, as they finished their ice cream.

As the day ended, the three friends left the shopping center, with a promise to meet again early the next day, and soon after that they would meet every weekend to do more shopping and talk about each other to pass the time.

Grimmauld Place

Unknown to the friends, a meeting was taking place right after the first weekend they spent together." It's been a week since Harry's disappearance does anyone has any promising leads?" An ancient looking man sadly asked.
"I'm sorry Albus there is no sign of him at Diagon Alley, and I did ask everyone I know we can trust." A witch with pink hair worriedly informed the Headmaster.
"From the few meetings I had with the Dark Lord, I know for certain he doesn't have the brat." A greasy hair man rudely informed the group.
"Actually sir, I may have something, but I'm not sure what to make of it." A dark skin Auror informed an interested Headmaster.
"Go on Auror Shacklebolt, any information will be better then none." Dumbledore informed a nodding Auror.
"I went to a well known shopping mall in the Muggle world with Mad-eye, and we both sighted a young teen that resembles Harry." Shacklebolt started, but stopped the Headmaster when he was going to asked something." I would've brought Harry in, but when I got a closer look I was shock to see that the child was a girl, so I knew she couldn't be the boy." Shacklebolt quickly explained to why he did not bring in the child.
"There is more, since she seemed to have a younger sister, and also befriended Ms. Granger on the first day." A battle scared Wizard interrupted, as the Headmaster looked interested.
"Are you certain that she is a girl?" Dumbledore cautiously asked.
"Yes I'm pretty sure, since nothing can be hidden from me." Made-eye informed the headmaster, as he pointed to his false eye.
"Sir if she is the same child, she may have been seen in Diagon Alley, during the week since I been told a girl resembling Harry was seen buying lots of spell books, Quills, parchments and other items." Tonks quickly added, as the Headmaster gave it a thought.
"Interesting a girl resembles Mr. Potter is seen right after his disappearance, I think we should bring her in for questioning." Snape rudely suggested.
"No I don't think that will be necessary for now, but I would like you all to keep an eye on Ms. Granger, and this mysterious child when they are together, and also be discrete since I don't want them to know they are being watch." Dumbledore warned, before calling an end to the meeting.
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