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Harry set off on his own.

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Private Dr.

In a small room filled with broken toys, a small bed and other second hand things, a messy hair teen suddenly appeared." Wow it work, I can teleport now! "Harry smiled, but quickly looked around. " I better start packing all my things before Dumbledore find me gone." Harry thought and quickly placed all of his belonging into his trunk.

Once Harry checked the loose floorboard under his bed, he took out a Parchment and a Quill, to write a quick letter, and once that was done he turned to his snowy Owl." Hedwig please take this to Dumbledore, and then stay with the Weasleys, I will be gone for a four weeks alright." Harry gently informed his Owl, while getting a light bite." Hey I promise I will see you soon, I need to disappear for a while alright, and I'm sure the Weasleys will take good care of you." Harry quickly explained and the Owl hooted in displeasure of what his master had said, but allowed the letter to be tied to her leg, and then took off into the sky." Bye Hedwig, I will see you and my friends later." Harry sadly thought before leaving the room to sneak into the bathroom to make a quick change to a girl, so he can go to Diagon Alley without anyone noticing whom he was.

Once in the bathroom Harry turn on the sink." Great I know I'm going to regret this." Harry thought and with a gulp place his hands under warm water, immediately for split second a light electrical surge ran throughout his body." Ah..." Harry cried out but immediately stopped since the feeling just startled him." Lakeshore I wish you warned me about that!" Harry thought as he looked into the mirror to see a familiar face." I look the same, but my messy hair is a bit longer, and I have a feminine look to my face." Harry thought before looking down in her oversize shirt and cringed." Great I have the body that would make any boy drooled over, including me." Harry thought and again cringed at the thought." I really need to do something to stop thinking about this situation I got myself into." Harry thought and went back into his room to shrink everything and teleport to Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley

In a busy street full of Wizards and Witches, no one notice a young messy hair girl sudden appearance, and her startle look, as she looked about and then headed to the big white building that was far down the street.

Gringotts Bank

At a free Goblin desk, he was interrupted by a young girl." Excuse me I would like to visit my Vault." The girl nervously asked, as the Goblin look angrily at her.
"May I have your Key please!" The Goblin spat out, and the girl handed over a golden key." I'm sorry I need to verify that this Key belongs to you!" The Goblin spat out, causing the girl to look more nervous.
"I am in disguise please I don't want no one to know I'm here." The girl quickly informed the Goblin.
"In that case, let's do this in private, please follow me!" The Goblin spat and left the desk with the girl following.

In a private room the Goblin placed a knife and a Parchment on a long table, and looked to the girl." Place a couple blood drops on the Parchment, and I can tell what Vaults you own." The Goblin spat and the girl took the knife and prick her finger, and once the blood touched the Parchments, the Goblin was startled." That is odd, you look fourteen, but the Parchment says you can excess the Main Potter Vaults, which should be sealed until Harry seventeenth birthday." The Goblin informed a startled teen.
"Wait I have more then one Vault?" Harry asked looking startle.
"You do, weren't you informed of your families Vaults?" The Goblin spat out and a shake of the teen's head the Goblin sighed." You have four Vaults Mr..." The Goblin quickly corrected himself before continuing." Ms. Potter first is your Trust Vault for your schooling, another is the main family Vault, which holds your family fortune, and another is the storage Vault that holds your family valuables. "The Goblin informed a shock teen. " And lastly is the Investment Vault, which keep both the stocks and the money earn from the companies you invest in." The goblin stopped to let the young girl ingest what she had heard.

After a few minutes, the girl looked to the Goblin." I would like to know how much money I have in the bank." Harry shakily asked, and the Goblin flicked his wrist to make a Parchment appear.
"Your Trust Vault has total of Five thousand Galleons, and even though you take out money, the Vault will automatically replace the money from the Family Vault on you next Birthday, so it will stay at five thousand Galleons." The Goblin informed a shock teen." Your Family Vault has roughly over fifteen million Galleons, but every year, money is transferred from the Investment Vault, so the total will change in time." The Goblin stopped as the teen sighed, before speaking.
"So you are saying that I'm pretty much a rich Wizard, with more money to spend in my lifetime?" Harry sighed, thinking he could have bought new clothes long time ago, instead of using his cousin's second hand clothes.
"It appears so Ms. Potter, but now the Investment Vault, it hold any number of stocks for several dozens companies, which a reliable Goblin monitors, and either invest more stocks or cash stocks, so money can be place back into the main Potter Vault." The Goblin informed a confuse teen.
"I don't know anything about Stocks and such, so I will just take your word on this." Harry sighed, as he still digested what he just learned now.

A few minutes later, Harry looked to the Goblin." I can still excess the Family Vaults right?" Harry asked, thinking he will need more then five thousand Galleons for his shopping spree.
"Since the Parchment says you can, you may enter it now, as well as the Storage Vaults, but I do suggest you don't touch the Investment Vaults." The Goblin rudely suggested, and the teen agreed.
"Then can I see my Family and my Storage Vaults." Harry quickly asked, and the Goblin nodded, before calling for a new Goblin to take Harry to his Vaults.

After a long cart ride, Harry reached his Family Vault which held more gold then he ever seen, and quickly filled up a two money bags, which he gave one to the Goblin." Can you exchange this bag for five thousand Pounds?" Harry quickly asked, and the Goblin nodded, before magically dumping some Gold out of the bag.
"I don't need all of the Gold, this will do, and when you are done a teller will give you your money." The Goblin spat out, and led the teen to the next Vault.

In the Storage Vault, Harry found some old books on Defense and offensive spells, charm spells, and many other books he could use, and quickly place them in a magically enlarge bag, and once the teen gathered some Heirlooms from his parents, he finally left the Vaults.

After gathering his Muggle money, Harry looked to the Goblin serving him." Um excuse me do you know where I can get a Wizard's Tent?" Harry cautiously asked.
"Yes there is a store just in the entrance to Knockturn Alley, they sell specially made tents, and other items of interest, and not to worry, they don't sell anything that would be considering Dark." The Goblin informed the teen, and he nodded his thanks before leaving the bank.

Knockturn Alley

Just inside the Alley, Harry notice a small store with the sign" Magical Items, and Trinkets" and decided it was the place he needed to go.

Once in the store, Harry was called upon by a wrinkle old Wizard." What can I do you for?" The old Wizard kindly asks.
"I need a Wizard Tent I was told a store sells them here?" Harry uncertainly asks, and the Wizard nodded.
"That would be me Josh, what kind of tent would you like to buy?" Josh informed an interesting teen.
"I want a simple looking tent, but easy to carry." Harry informed a thoughtful Wizard.
"I have a two person tent that can turn into any number type of backpacks." Josh suggested.
"Can I see your selections please?" Harry asked and the Wizard went to shelve to gather a catalog.

After searching through a thick book, Harry selected a common looking two person tent, that can turn into a basic school backpack which can turn into any color he chooses, and once that done, the Wizard looked to Harry." Now that we got the Tent, what do you need for the inside?" Josh asked as he showed the teen many designs of deferent interiors of magical tents.
"Hmm, I guess a four bedroom tent, with a study, living room, kitchen and bathrooms for each room." Harry suggested, and the Wizard smiled.
"Hmm, how this then a two story interior with four bedrooms on the second floor and the study, living room, and kitchen on the first floor." Josh suggested, and Harry quickly agreed." In that case, the tent will be ready in three hours, and will that be all?" Josh kindly asked, and Harry looked about.
"No I was wondering about your trunks." Harry asked, as he pointed to several trunks on display.
"Ah yes, they are magical enlarge, and you can add multiple compartments, up to eight if you need more then two." Josh suggested and the teen smile.
"I will take a five compartment trunk, and I guess that will be all for now." Harry gladly informed a smiling Wizard.
"Then your total is eleven hundred Galleons, and I need you to pay up front." Josh suggested, and the teen to his relief had more then enough to pay for everything.

Within three hours Harry got himself new robes, a Wand Holster, and a few new books on charms and defense, and once back to get the tent he was not disappointed, as the store owner showed him a eight foot by three foot high tent." As you can see it look like a normal Muggle tent, but inside I hope you will find adequate for your outdoor adventures." Josh joked as Harry stepped into the tent and his jaw dropped.

As the teen looked about, the inside of the tent was more then twenty feet high, and twenty feet squared, a good size staircase went to the second floor, and the doors to the kitchen and study was marked." The Kitchen and study have all the things needed to be use as soon as you set up camp, except for the food." Josh informed the teen, and began showing the said rooms.

Once the rooms on the first floor met Harry's requirements, the store owner took the teen upstairs. "As you can see, I made the rooms we are now in plain, so you can decorate at your leisure, and you will find all the rooms with a bed, drawers and a closet." Josh informed a smiling teen.
"Yes this will do, and thanks for your services, I will probably come back to check on your other items later in the common weeks." Harry happily suggested, and was lead back downstairs.
"Oh before I forget, that closet over there is where the things you place in the Backpack go when you turn it into a tent." Josh informed the teen as he open a now empty but small plain closet.
"Perfect I don't need to worry about removing things from the Backpack before I turn it into a tent." Harry thought as he went outside, and the owner gave out one last instruction.
"Now to turn the tent into a Backpack you just place your wand on the zipper and say pack, and to turn it into a tent, place the backpack in a large open space, and place you wand on its zipper and say tent." Josh informed a satisfied customer.
"Thanks that is easy to remember, and thank again." Harry smiled as she places her wand on the zipper." PACK!" Harry simply said, and the tent seemed to fold itself and instantly a new grey backpack was in the tent place, which Harry put on his back, and one last goodbye, he left the store.

Hogwarts several hours earlier

An ancient looking man sat in a round office filled with books, trinkets and other assortment of gadgets, when a snowy Owl landed before him." Ah Hedwig you have a letter from Mr. Potter." The Headmaster of Hogwarts kindly asked, and took the letter to read, but was not too happy.

Headmaster Dumbledore

I'm sick and tired of being a House Elf to my family, I'm leaving home to be on my own, but will be returning to the Wizarding world in four weeks, which I hope you will have another family that can take care of me, if not I will NOT be returning to the Dursleys.


Once Dumbledore read the letter, he went to the fireplace and threw in some black powder." Private Dr!" Dumbledore yelled, and stepped into the large fireplace and was gone.

Grimmauld Place an hour later

After stepping into a depressing looking parlor, Dumbledore headed to the kitchen where he was greeted by a red hair woman." Albus, what brings you back so soon, is there something wrong?" The woman worriedly asked as the ancient looking man sighed as he looked to a large number of Wizards and Witches.
"I got some grave news, it seem that Mr. Potter ran away from his home." Dumbledore gravely informed a shock audience." This is not all, I found out some disturbing news about Harry home life, which I won't go into details, but I will remove him from the Dursley's care once we find the child." Dumbledore informed everyone, whom was ready to leave.
"Where do you want us to search, there is so many places Harry can hide?" A dark Auror quickly asked.
"I know that Shacklebolt, so let set out in teams to search Diagon Alley, and both the major and minor Muggle shopping districts, since I believe he would going there for any number of things." Dumbledore suggested and once they got into search teams, everyone left the room.


In a dense forest surrounding a small crystal lake, a girl of fourteen sighed." Well this will be home for the next four weeks, I better get set up." Harry thought as he placed the backpack on the ground." TENT!" Harry simply said, and the backpacks seem to unfold itself and instantly became a two-person tent.
"That is an interesting piece of magic Mr. Potter." A familiar voice asked, causing the teen to turn around to see a six inch old woman walking out of the lake." And Harry, I would suggest that you change your name when you are a girl, and if I can make a suggestion Clair Lakeshore." Lakeshore smiled; as the teen sighed, knowing the little Sprite was right.
"I guess I will choose that name, and please only call me that when I'm a girl." The now name Clair suggested, and the woman nodded.
"It's a deal, now before you get yourself settled in, I should warn you, when you awake you might find a familiar waiting, please take care of it, since it will both protect you and be a life long companion." Lakeshore only said, before walking back into the lake and disappeared.
"Oh well I guess this will be better then just being with my teacher." Clair thought and headed into the tent to eat dinner, and get herself settled in.
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