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After fourth year, Harry had a agruement with his relatives, and runs off into the woods, where he is cursed for the rest of his life. Warning Gender bender story.

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In a quiet neighborhood, the birds were singing, tree swayed at the gentle breeze, until a loud and unfriendly voice broke the morning silence." BOY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A beefy red face man screamed at a small fourteen-year-old teen face.
"UNCLE I won't take your abuse anymore, I will never do all this chores ever again!" Yelled a teen, while waving a list of endless chores he was supposed to complete before dinner that day.
"No food, you barely feed me at all, I only get scraps every now and then, and that rarely happens." The teen angrily yelled back.
"YOU NO GOOD f FOR NOTHING BOY, THAT'S IT ITS BACK IN THE CUP..." The man started, but the teen could not take it anymore and fled his so call home.

For an unknown amount of time the young man ran, only stopping as he found himself lost in the forest just in the outskirts of his community." Great I have to run blindly out of my home, and get completely lost in the forest." The teen complained as he tried to retrace his steps back to his home.

For a while the teen couldn't find any trace of civilization, as he kicked rocks every now and then." I just hope I don't find anything dangerous, I just realize I don't have my wand." The teen now complain, just as he kicked a small rock into a dense bush.
"OUCH THAT HURT!" A woman voice suddenly yelled in pain, getting the teen attention.
"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." The teen started to apologize as he ran into the bush, but quickly thrown back as a bright light hit him.

After sometime the teen groggily woke up, to see a strange six inch old woman with dark blue hair facing him." So the rude human awakes, I have the every right to curse you for hitting me with that rock!" The small woman angrily yelled.
"But I said I was sorry, I was mad at my relatives..." The teen started as he sat up, but strangely found his voice somehow deferent." What the, what's wrong with my voice, it sounds like a girl's." The teen yelled, and now notice two bumps on his chest." WHAT THE..." The boy yelled, as he quickly checks himself over, and to his horror found his body to be different then what he remembered." NO, NO IT CAN'T BE I AM A GIRL!" The teen quickly yelled, as the small woman smiled.
"That is what you get for angering a Water Sprite, you are lucky I'm not a Fire Sprite or you would not have lived at all!" The woman firmly informed the distraught teen.
"Oh please I didn't mean to hit you, I gotten lost after getting angry at my relatives for not taking care of me, please change me back, and I will do anything." The teen quickly begged, as the small woman looked the now girl over.
"You are telling the truth, you didn't mean to hit me at all?" The woman worriedly asks an equally worried teen.
"I didn't mean too, I thought I was alone so I started blindly kicking stones, I didn't mean to hit anyone." The teen confessed, as the woman continued to look the teen over.

For a few minutes the little woman sigh she spoke with a much gentler tone." I'm sorry my child but the curse you are under is irremovable." The woman informed a horror struck teen." But I think I can make it a temporary curse?" The woman suggested with a thought.
"Temporary, what do you mean?" The teen worriedly asked.
"Simple I can make it so you don't need to spend much of you life as a girl, but I need to see your memories so I can see that your intentions are good." The woman only warning before flashes of memories flash before the teen eyes, and in seconds later it was over.

Some minutes later, the woman nodded to herself." I see you are a powerful wizard Mr. Potter, and not only that you will use your powers to protect your closest friends and true family." The woman informed a nodding teen to show she was right." In that case, my name is Lakeshore, and I can help train you to face the Dark Lord that is name Voldemort." Lakeshore informed a startled teen.
"Train me, but what can you teach me, and can I really learned what you teach?" Harry asked, as he wondered what the little woman could teach him.
"You can my child, but there is a catch, you only can use my knowledge in your curse form, but I will allow you to be able to Teleport in both forms, since it will be handy to use." Lakeshore informed a wide-eye teen.
"Teleport is that like Apparition?" Harry questioned looking unsure.
"No it is more advance and it can't be blocked, so it means you will be able to go anywhere that blocks Apparitions." Lakeshore informed a smiling teen.
"You mean I can teleport anywhere like in Hogwarts?" Harry excited asked thinking of the possibilities of getting around the school.
"Yes you can teleport there if you need too, but other then that I will be teaching you to be a Water Elemental, which will be take you at least four weeks to master the main offenses and defenses spells." The woman informed a ready to learn teen.
"Being an Elemental, does that mean I can control the Elements?" Harry questioned.
"No not all of them, only water since I am a Water Elemental and that are all I can teach you." Lakeshore informed an understanding teen." But before I start teaching, I want you to gather up your things at home and camp out here so you can practice magic since I can block the Ministry from sensing you, but of course you only can do magic in your curse form." Lakeshore suggested, and the teen got ready to leave." Before you go, I better tell you how to teleport, all you need to do is concentrate on where you want to be, and you will be there." Lakeshore quickly informed the teen.
"I will be back then, but if I'm camping here for four weeks, I think I will see about getting a Wizard's tent, I might be able to get one at Diagon Alley, and if not I will get a Muggle one." Harry suggested, and the older woman nodded." But before I go, you said that being a girl can be temporary?" Harry questioned, and the woman nodded and waved her hand causing the young girl to glow and immediately a boy of fourteen stood where the girl was.
"Before you go Mr. Potter I should warn you that warm and cold water will change you back to a girl, but all you need to do to return to being a boy, is touching the opposite of what change you into a girl." Lakeshore warned, and the teen nodded accepting the warning.
"Thanks for helping me, and temporary lifting the curse, I should be going now." Harry suggested, and the woman nodded.
"Take as long as you need, I will start your training tomorrow, to give you time to setup camp." Lakeshore informed an understanding teen, and once the teen closed his eyes he was gone.
"Harry learns pretty fast, he might not take the four weeks to finish this part of his training." Lakeshore thought as she disappeared in a small lake that was in a clearing of a dense forest.
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