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Chapter 10

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Author's Note: I forgot to post this chapter when I wrote it. Sorry. :x


"He, uh, he kissed me."

Ryan watched the look on Parker's face drop. She stayed sitting on the ground but kept her face angled up so she could meet his eyes.

"B-But he didn't mean it Parker." He said, sitting down next to her on the ground. Ryan stretched his legs out and leant back against the wall, just waiting for her to say something.

"Don't try and kid me." She finally said quietly. "Brendon tends to do what he means."

He sighed. "He said he wanted both of us."

She averted her gaze from his face and let it drift to the hands she had clasped in her lap.

"Well," She said slapping her hands gently on her legs. "I guess I know what I have to do now." She said standing up.

"What?" Ryan asked. When she didn't answer him he reached to grasp her hand. "What?" He asked more urgently.

"I've got a job coming up soon. I've got to travel. It's in a few days but I can leave early." She said meekly.

Ryan shook his head incredulously."You're not running away, Parker."

"I'm not running away, Ryan." She replied matter-of-factly. "Let go of my hand. I'm going home."

"You practically forced me into telling Brendon the truth and now you're running away from it."

Ryan stood up. Although she was a head shorter than him she didn't seem intimidated or belittled by the difference, she just continued to stare at him defiantly. The silence between them was thick and laced with hostility.

"Parker, don't leave now."

"I can't very well stay either." She replied, placing her free hand on the side of his face. "You love him Ryan. He loves you. I can't win this fight. I'm backing down now before someone gets hurt."

"But what about you?" Ryan asked, completely regardless of having won Brendon.

"I'm used to this. Well-not /this/exactly, but this." She chuckled quietly and then let a soft sigh escape.

"Tell him you're leaving at least."

She shook her head. "He knows that Imove around a lot for work. If he doesn't know immediately, he'll guess."

"Parker just-" Ryan sighed, releasing her hand and pulling her into a hug. "Just don't do what you think is right for me, do what you think is right for /you/. I don't need another father."

She shrugged out of his embrace and he let go. "Don't worry about me." She said. "Just enjoy what you guys can have together. I don't want to be the hindrance over your relationship."

"Like I would've been over yours." He stated sarcastically.

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