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What's Wrong is Right, and What's Right is this Love

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Waycest. My first try. Should be good though.

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A/N: I writing a Waycest, something I've always wanted to do, along with going to moon.
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Chaptet 1 It's Not Worth the Risk, Or Is It?

Mikey's POV

He's been your best friend since birth. You love him with all your heart. And's that's wrong in the eyes of so many. It's probably wrong to him too. You don't know. It's too big of risk. It's all a game of Russian Roulette, and you want to play it safe. Playing it safe doesn't do anything. No rewards at playing it safe. Playing it risky has great rewards, but to get the rewards you have to play risky. You just can't do that. So you keep your brother, and your secret that only you know, and maybe god, but that discussion's for another day.

Gerard's POV

You wanted to be his best friend since birth. You wanted to be his lover since you were 13. At 13 you were wise enough to know that was wrong. And it's too bad. You can't just tell him you love him, you wouldn't know if he loved back. If he wasn't you brother you could tell him, but he is. If he wasn't your brother people would pity your unrequited love. He's your brother and it doesn't work like that. They would be disgusted with you. You would become a pariah. It's not worth the risk.

A/N: Kinda short, I know. And this is going to take over Vampire in the Attic for a while. Still try to post for that. There's ideas swirling in the pot.
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