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My Brother, My Wannabe Lover

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I love drawing. It's even more rewarding when someons asks you to draw.

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A/N: I know these are short chapters, but it means quick updates.

Chapter 2 My Brother, My Wannabe Lover

Mikey's POV

My brother, my wannabe lover is an amazing artist. As a little kid I asked him to draw me pictures numerous times.
Could you-
Draw you a picture?
Ah, yeah.
Sure Mikey. Of what?
Uhhh, Spiderman!
I would watch him draw them too. It was hypnotic, watching him draw. Long strokes, shorts strokes, and perfect curves. His drawing always turned out better than the comic books. I've kept most if not all those pictures. These littles trinkets of a brothers love. That's it. A brother's love.

Gerard's POV

I think I came out of the womb with a pencil and pad of paper. I love drawing. It's even more rewarding when someons asks you to draw. You feel your heart warm when that voice calls your name.
Gerard. It's the saccharine voice of the one I love.
What? I call back.
Could you- I cut off the voice, I've been through this time and time again, and I want it to happen again.
Draw you a picture? He's surprised, he thinks I'm a mind reader, but I'm not, I'm just his brother.
Ah, yeah. Beauty in human form calls back.
Sure Mikey. Of what? I at smile at the prospect of a drawing, not the the prospect of you drawing.
Uhhh, Spiderman! He calls out the name of hero. I'd much rather draw of picture of this sweet little cherub.
I draw Spiderman, sometimes Batman, these simple little characters I pour my heart and soul into. I love it when he watches me. It shows he might care a little more about the artist, then the work. He loves it when I draw for him. It make him happy. And that makes me happy.

A/N: Wannabe Lover is going to come up throughout the story. I just love that term, and I'll try and come with cool stuff like that more often. Is there any specific lines you liked? AND I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE REVIEWS! I love you people, tomorrow I get to see which is the musical with the song "If You Were Gay." You have to see the one on you-tube. Search if gerard way was gay. Twas cool funny. And you have to read the story, on this sight. I'll quit my rant now. o
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