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Doxy and some movie called Pirates of the Carribean!

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Pirates and my friend Doxy enters the parody as the gang searches for Plot-land!!

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NN: The gang is now in Ellesmera. They are standing by a tree and Murtagh and Thorn with the cuddly kitty they found *DISCLAIMER! NO KITTY'S WERE HARMED

NN: ok.. As I was saying, Murtagh, Thorn, and the little kitty are back. Murtagh's better now. Also, Baldor has come. Since Arya is the princess of Ellesmera,
she can say and do whatever she wants, and in this chapter, she thinks she can sing. Keyword: Thinks.

Arya: lalalala, lalalalala!I am SUCH a pretty singer! lalalalalala!!!

- Everyone except Arya clasps their hands to their ears in order to avoid er singing.-

Baldor: Yeah, Arya, it’s beautiful. You've been singing for six hours. Will you give us the pleasure-- I mean, take away our privilege to hear you sing?
After all, if we hear you too much it just isn't as special anymore. So whaddya say? Continue with this tomorrow?

Arya:-shrugs- Yeah I guess so.

-everyone un-clasps their ears.-

Saphira:- to everyone but Arya- Yes! Finally! I was afraid she was going to burst my dragon ear drums!

Catie: Did that make sense?

Arya: What?

Catie: Did I say that out loud? - thinking to everyone but Arya- Oops. So. What. Now.

Eragon: This isn’t funny.

Katrina: So, as I said before, I happen to figure out things that are obvious, but some people may not notice them, but what is the plot of this story?

Catie: Well, fist we have to get out of Ellesmera.

NN: Poof! They are out of Ellesmera.

Catie: hey Eragon, remember your horses Cadoc and Snowfire? We have to get them.

NN: Poof! Cadoc and Snowfire are here.

Catie: ok, so if I ride on Taco with Baldor, Eragon rides on Saphira with Katrina, and Murtagh rides on Thorn with Arya, that’s everyone right?

Eragon: Don’t forget the kitty!

Catie: oh yeah. The kitty can ride with Murtagh. OK?

Murtagh: ok come here kitty witty!

Catie: ok Eragon, enter Cadoc and Snowfire's minds and make them follow us on the ground. Now we have to go to Gilead.

NN: so they head off the Gilead!

Arya: lalalalalala!

Murtagh: AHHH!! ARYA STOP IT!!!

Taco: Can we stop for some more nachos? I just finished eating all of the ones we ordered in the first chapter.

Catie: No. We. Can't. Stop. No. Time.

Eragon: Why do you talk like that?

Catie: Like. What.

Eragon: Like. this. its. so. annoying.

Catie: Oh sorry.

Baldor: looks like we've arrived in Gil'ead. Now what?

Catie: Eragon, get Cadoc and Snowfire out of the way. We all need to land.

Eragon: Aye!

Catie: Yarr we be pirates!

Capt jack Sparrow: Pirates don’t say Yarr.


Barbossa: Pirates don’t say Ohemgee either. arr you feelin ok?


Cap't Elizabeth Turner: hey!

Catie: Hey! How've you been doing?

Elizabeth: Good you?

Catie: Pretty good pretty good. you guys better go now cuz like, I don’t want them to get mad...

Baldor: Who are they?

Catie: They be Pirates from an equally successful movie.

Doxy(my bff who appeared out of nowhere): Equally?

Catie: ok, they were slightly more successful.

Doxy: Slightly?

Catie: ok a lot more.

Doxy: Much better. hey, how come you said my name is my horse’s name?

Catie: Cuz I didn’t know if you wanted your name on the internet like this.

Doxy: oh ok. So you said this is supposed to be funny?

Catie: yeah.

Doxy: Cuz it’s not. you nincompoop.

Catie: hey!!

Doxy: No, I was talking to Eragon. he started poking me with a stick. ow! You nincompoop!!

Catie: oh ok. Eragon stop.

Eragon: Okie Dokie.

Murtagh: I play with little kitty witty!

Doxy: Kitty! where?

Kitty: Meow. Meow.

Catie and Doxy: AWWWW!!!

Baldor: ok..

Murtagh: ok let’s move along now.. we just arrived in Gil'ead!

Catie: ah yes! Now, we must go to Surda!

Everyone: ok..

NN: So they fly to Surda with the previous arrangements. Doxy is flying on her dragon, Nachos, with the kitty.

Arya: Here we are! Lalalalala!

Doxy: Does she always have to do that?!

Catie: apparently. Ok now we have to find Jeod.

Baldor: ah, that old guy? not again!

Catie: yeah, well, he's supposed to help us find our plot.

Katrina: Oh so we have to find it?

Catie: yeah.

Eragon: So now what do we do with Snowfire and Cadoc?

Catie: they followed right?

Eragon: yeah.

Catie: well, we will ride them! duh!

Doxy: Uh, Catie, there are only two of them, and -counts on fingers - 8 of us if we count the cat.

Catie: Oh well, uh..

NN: Poof! 5 more horses appear!'

Catie: I believe that solves our problem.

Doxy: Uh, yeah.

Catie: Now we must Voyage south on our way to Plotland to find a plot! YAY!!!

-everyone cheers -

Catie: Now where can we find a ship?

NN: Poof! a ship appears(they are at the coast) and it is big enough for all of them. They all hop on!

Catie: Ok, you heard the man-- well, the random guy off the street...-- lets all hop on!

- they start hopping and finally managed to get on the ship after ten minutes of insane hopping-

Catie: -slaps forehead- I didn't mean it that way.

(uh, I didn’t know what to do, so I just made some things up. I hope it gets better and that you still read it) R&R!!!!
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