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Chapter 2

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Chapter two. Don't really have a summary for this yet so just read it. Oh,and check out this face I can make! ?:^)

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After my shower, I walked into Mikey's room and rummaged through his dresser for something to wear. I picked out an MCR shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans, and a pair of converse. I just finished adjusting my bra when I felt like I was being watched. I turned around, and standing there in the door way was none other than Mikey. I felt myself turn bright pink, then snapped out of it. He was smiling.

"Mikey! how long have you been standing there watching me?"

"Let's see. Standing, for the past hour, and watching since you got out of the shower like fifteen minutes ago. It was fun."

"I see. OK, if you're done having pleasing thoughts, can we go now?" I asked as I finished tying the shoes.

Mikey blushed, mumbled "OK", grabbed his jacket, and then we were off to Frankie's garage. When we got there, Gerard was talking to my friends about something and they were laughing and smiling and jumping up and down.

"Hey guys! What's up?" I asked.

Oh, hey Ashley. Nothin'. Gerard just gave us the best news ever!" Crystal, my fellow band mate and best friend said happily.

"Really? What?"

"He's gonna SIGN OUR RECORD LABEL!!!!" all the guys, except MCR, said at once. I seriously almost passed out.

"Really?" Gerard nodded, all the while smiling.

"Yeah. We all talked about it and agreed that you've tried really hard to get it. So are you just going to stand there gawking? Or are you gonna give me a hug and thank me a thousand times?"

I immediatly ran over and hugged Gerard with all my might. I even gave him a little kiss on the cheek, which made him blush fiercely.

"Hehe, don't push it, Ash. We all know you love me. But actually, you should thank Mikey for bringing the subject up. So go "kiss" him." he said quietly, making sure no one but me heard, and he pushed me away.

I ran over to Mikey, and pounced on him. I gave him a kiss and he kissed me back. It seemed to go on for forever.

"OK guys, before I go puke up whatever I don't have in my stomach, could we practice a little bit?" Gerard was clearly irritated, but I don't know why.

"OK, OK. Besides, Gee, you're the one who brought this to my attention." I said sticking my tongue at him.

So I let Mikey go practice, and then my band went and practiced for the other guys. Then, just as I had asked, Ray and Frank gave the guitarists in the band some info. I played the bass and was the screamer and back up, so I had Mikey show me at home.

After all that was done, we all went out partying at the Club. Then me and Mikey retired and went home. And just so you know, me and Mikey are both virgins. We don't play any hokey-pokey, and we don't sleep together if we don't have to. Yeah, occasionally the guys will sleep over and then Mikey sleeps with me. So that's that. And we wear clothes too!

The next day the guys, me, and the rest of my band went on tour with them, plus we were going to start recording a demo for the recording studio. After we got to the big place where the magic happens, Gerard went and talked to Matt Dammon, the music producer. We shook hands.

"Hey, nice to meet you Matt. I'm Ashley."

"Oh. Well hi there yourself! Now, I understand that you wanted to record your demo Cd? We're gonna do that right now, then I'm gonna send a copy to the board directors. Can you handle that?"

"Yeah, I think we can. Oh, and these are the rest of the band. This is Crystal, Jesus, Damion, and Courtney. And we're Child's Play 101."

"Wow, pretty cool name. Sounds kinda creepy. So, let's go make some magic!"

And so we did. And let me tell you, that was the best we've ever played. And Gerard even helped me a bit with the beautiful screaming. Later on, back in the bus, we were all pretty much tired. So I went into Mikey's bunk and fell asleep. Yeah, this was one of those times when I have to sleep with Mikey. It was nice. And NO funny business. HA!

When I woke up I was alone in the bunk. I got up and walked out to the living room part of the bus, and discovered that I was in fact all alone on the tour bus. I walked to the bathroom, planning on taking a shower, and found a note on the mirror.

Ashley, we(the guys) and your band all went across the street for lunch. Come on over when you're done with your shower.

Wow, I thought. OK, so I guess I'm gonna head over there now. So I went across the street to the small diner and immediatly found all of the guys. They hadn't seen me yet, so I snuck up behind them and spied. I heard someone, I think it was Frankie, talking about how him and Jamia were now going out, and Gerard was all like,

"It's about time, Frank. I thought you'd never ask her."

I had to agree with that, because we all know that they had been crushing on each other for a long time. Then she hear Crystal, once again her best friend, band mate, and lead singer of their band, say something about playing live. I thought this was a good time to come out.

"Yeah, so I was thinking, what-"

"Hi guys. So what were you thinking Crys?"

They all looked at me for a few seconds and then she continued to talk.

"I was thinking, what are we going to do so that people start to like and know our music?"

Then Gerard spoke up."Well, since we're going on tour this summer, why don't you come along and play with us occasionally? It could work, and we could do a couple of free shows, just so that everybody has a good time and more people get to see you!"

"Wow, Gerard," I said,"I think that's your best idea yet! But I agree. It could work."
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