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they love her back.

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23: w e k n o w t h i s i s b e l a t e d

Gabe's POV

Groaning, I lifted my head from the bowl of tortilla chips and looked around.

To my left, Vicky and Jon were passed out on the couch. To the right, Ryan, Spencer, Ryland and Nate were slumped against the wall, karaoke microphones still in hand.

After wiping crumbs off my face, I stood up and stretched, inadvertently observing the mess we'd created. Half-eaten food and empty plastic cups littered the floor while "Neighbors" continued to play on the stereo. As I made my way toward the back, I tripped over Dirty, who was snoring with a beer in hand.

Alex, Brendon, Joe, Pete, Patrick and Andy occupied the bunks, sleeping like little angels.

"RISE AND SHINE, MY LOVELIES!" I said, sliding their curtains open. My wake up call was met with tired groans and middle fingers.

"What the hell, Gabe?" Brendon said, throwing a pillow at me.
"Yeah, dude," Joe added. "It's waaay to early for this shit."
"It's already..." I paused to pull my sidekick from my pocket.

Jul 17, 9:22 am

"...Um, guys?" I said, staring at the screen. "I think we have a REALLY BIG problem..."
"What are you talking about now?" Alex asked, clearly annoyed.
"Today's the 17th."
"Yesterday was the 16th."
"The point being?"

"Wait, July 16th is...Oh shit," Andy said, eyes going wide. "We forgot Sophie's birthday."
"Fuck," Joe said. "No wonder she was so quiet..."
"Damn, I just about killed her with my skateboard yesterday," Pete said.
"We need to fix this. Like, now ," Patrick added.

Vicky's POV

"La hoya, we need you're help," Gabe said, shaking my shoulder.
"Huh, wha?" I opened my eyes and saw Gabe standing there, along with Fall Out Boy.
"We need you to keep Soap occupied for the next few hours."
"What? Why?" I asked, lifting my head from Jon's shoulder.
"Because yesterday was her birthday and we need to make it up to her with a huge ass party."
"Holy crap," I said, raking a hand through my hair. "How did we all forget?"
"I dunno, but it happened."

Gabe pulled me off the couch and pushed me towards the door.

"Wait! What am I supposed to do? A few hours is a long time for us to have girl talk," I said.
"You'll think of something."
"Just go! And whatever you do, DO NOT mention her birthday!"

With that, I found myself outside, walking toward their bus.

"Anyone home?" I asked, knocking on the door.
"Come in," Soap said. "It's unlocked."

When I stepped inside, I quickly spotted Sophie sitting on the couch, playing video games while Hemmy sat on her lap.

"Hey Vicky," she said, pausing the game. "What's up?"
"Nothing really. Everyone's still passed out on our bus," I replied, taking a seat next to her.
"The party last night must've been really insane," she said with a weak smile.

I instantly bit my lip and looked down at the floor. It took all of my will power to keep from apologizing.

"Yeah, but it would have been way more fun if you were there," I added. "It was a complete sausage fest." She laughed at this comment.

"Still, ya gotta love the guys... even though they're assholes sometimes."
"Yeah," I said. "That's true..."

Hemmingway’s panting filled the silence between us, and I realized that I had to think fast.

"You know what? I think a girls' day out is in order," I suggested.
"Sounds like a good idea," she said, petting Hemmy. "I'm starting to smell like a dude."

While Soap was in the bathroom changing, I took my opportunity to text Gabe. Walking in on the guys while they planned was not an option.

heading your way to drop of hemmy

A few seconds later, I received a reply.

ok. we're ready.

Soap came out dressed in jeans and a tank top from the Metro. After grabbing her purse and slipping on a pair of beat up Chucks, we were out the door, English bulldog leading the way.

As we approached the bus, I half-expected to hear Ryland say "Guys, they're coming! Pretend like we're not planning anything!" through the door.

Luckily, they were able to keep their obnoxiously loud voices in check.

Soap knocked on the door, leash in hand. After shuffling around, Pete answered the door and greeted us.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.
"Me and Vicky are going out to wreak some havoc," she said. "I wanted to drop Hemmy off before we left so he wouldn't be alone on the bus."
"Oh, thanks," he said, taking the leash.
"No problem."

Pete tried leading his dog inside, but Hem lingered in the doorway, looking up at Soap. She leaned down and scratched his ear. "Don't worry, babe. I'll be back later." He licked her cheek in response, then scampered into the bus. Soap smiled as she got up.

"See you guys," she said, waving goodbye to everyone.
"Bye Sophie!" they replied.

I don't know how she did it. If I was in her shoes, I would still be giving them the silent treatment.

Before raiding the local mall, Soap and I stopped by Noodles & Company for an early lunch. Stepping up to the counter, we both ordered pad thai. As she reached into her wallet, she rolled her eyes.

Sighing, she handed her credit card over to the cashier.

"What was that about?" I asked as we sat down.
"Take a look for yourself." She slid her wallet across the table. I raised my eyebrow as I picked it up.

I opened it, but instead of seeing dead presidents, a flimsy piece of paper took their place. I pulled it out and examined it.

Borrowed some poker money. I'll pay you back soon. I promise.
XO, Joe

"Sometimes I don't know why I'm friends with him," she said, surprisingly more amused than angry.
"Speaking of which, how did you meet the infamous Joe Trohman?"
"We were both in kindergarten. He had a huge crush on me and followed me around like a lost puppy. Both our moms thought it was adorable, but I just thought it was creepy. Anyways, he forgot his lunch one day. He looked all sad sitting next to the radiator while everyone else was eating, so I gave him half my sandwich. From them on we started sharing lunches and we've been friends ever since."
"That's so cute," I said, imagining a tiny Joe and Soap bonding over PB&J.
"I guess it is," she said, chuckling. "Then I eventually met Trick and Andy though him."
"What about Pete?"
"Later that year, I was playing with blocks. I made this huge tower, then Pete came along and knocked it down," she said, gesturing. "I punched him. He cried. The teacher asked what happened, then after hearing both sides of the story, we got sent to the time out corner. I felt bad for making him cry. He felt bad from destroying my tower. We both ended up apologizing, then he split a bag of gummi bears with me."
I chuckled. "Sandwiches and gummi bears... What's up with you and food?"
"I'm like a guy," she replied. "The way to my heart is through my stomach."

As if on cue, our food was brought to our table.

Gabe's POV

“What’s our progress?” I asked Patrick as he got off the phone.
“I just booked the penthouse suite.” I nodded and turned to Joe.
“Sent Dirty out to buy the cake.”
“What about you, Pete?”
“Panic, Andy and I are heading out to buy presents.”
“We’re going to the hotel to decorate.”

I put my hands together in a Mr. Burns-like fashion.

Vicky’s POV

As I stood in front of a mirror in the Wet Seal dressing room, a familiar twinkling noise was emitted from my purse.

1 new text message(s)

everything’s set. get your asses over to the mariott. penthouse suite.

“Hey Vicky, what do you think?” Sophie asked, coming out from behind the curtain. She was wearing a dark blue jumper with small white polka dots.
“Very cute. I like it.”
“I think I’m gonna buy it,” she said, playing with the hem.

As she went back in to change, I was in desperate need of an excuse to go to the hotel.

“Sophie, the busses just caught fire, so we‘re staying in a hotel.”
Nah, too ridiculous.
“Let’s go hunt squirrels at the Mariott.”
Nope. Dirty already used the squirrel hunting excuse.
“Wanna crash a hotel party?”
Too obvious.

I went back into my booth and changed back into my clothes. When I reemerged, Sophie was waiting by the door.

“Ready to go?”

We quickly paid for our clothes and headed out the door.

“Hey, I just got a text from Gabe,” I said, truthfully. “He said that the guys bumped into Mark Hoppus and they’re hanging out at the Marriott right now. Wanna stop by?”
“Sure, sounds good.”

“Which room are they in?” Soap asked, as she followed me toward the elevators.
“Penthouse suite.”
“Damn, is there a party I don’t know about?” she commented, pressing the up arrow.

My eyes went wide for a second as I racked my brain for an answer.

“You know Gabe,” I quickly responded. “He brings the party wherever he goes.”
She chuckled and I mentally let out a sigh of relief.

With a ding! the steel doors slid open, revealing Dirty. And he was holding a piñata.

“Hey,” he said, awkwardly as Sophie and I stepped in.

Standing behind Soap, I glared at him, mouthing ‘What the fuck are you doing?’

“What’s with the piñata?” she asked, clearly confused.
“Uhh...” he said, blanking out.

‘Say something!’ I mouthed, hoping that he wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

“Pete told me to find something colorful to blow up,” he quickly replied.
“Typical Wentz...” Sophie said, chuckling.

Lite jazz flowed over the awkward silence and the elevator came to a stop, signaling that another person was heading up. The doors slid open revealing Ryland, holding what looked like a cake box.

My eyes went wide yet again. Could this get any worse?

Ryland’s POV

When the doors slid open, I saw that Soap was on the other side. Dirty was to her left, with a piñata at his feet while Vicky was to her right with a shocked/frustrated look on her face. I cautiously stepped in and leaned against the doors after they closed.

“What have you got there?” Sophie asked, referring to the large box I was carrying.
“Well,” I started, biding for time.

Vicky bared her teeth at me and swept her bangs over one eye.
Dirty discreetly gestured that something was exploding.

“...Pete. Told. Me. To. Get some fireworks?” I said, choppily.
“Riiight,” Sophie said, suspecting that something was up.

After what seemed like an eternity later, we reached the top floor. Doors slid open and we filed out.

Dirty led the way toward the room, followed by Soap, while Vicky and I lagged behind.

“What’s going on?” she whispered. “Gabe said that everything was ready.”
“Well Dirty dropped the cake that he got earlier, so they sent me to get another one.”
“Then why does Dirty have a piñata?”
“I have no idea...”

“Guys, I forgot my keycard,” Dirty said, knocking on the door. “Me, Soap, Vicky and Ryland need to get in.”

The door slowly opened and we were greeted with a screamed “SURPRISE!”

Everybody on the tour was packed into the room-- from Panic, Cobra, Charlie and Korean Tom Cruise to all the roadies, guitar techs, drum techs and merch guys.

A huge smile spread across Sophie’s face as Gabe stepped forward, video camera in hand.

“You guys--” she said, still in shock.
“Hold that thought,” Gabe said, cutting her off mid-sentence. He pointed toward the mini stage Fall Out Boy had set up. Pete stepped up to the mic as we made our way to their side of the room.

“This song goes out to the only girl who puts up with all our shit,” Pete said, smiling.

My eyes lit up as Patrick stepped up to the mic and the intro to Grenade Jumper started bouncing off the walls.

“My heart ticks in beat with
These kids that I grew up with.
Living like life’s going out of style.
And you came to watch us play
Like a “big shot talent,” but
at the end of the day you know
Where we come from and where we call home.

Hey Soap
You were our only fan
And we know this is belated,
but happy birthday

They’ll say it’s not worth it.
So we‘ll leave this town in ruin.
Living like life’s going out of style.
You came to watch us play
Like a “big shot talent,” but
at the end of the day you know
Those busted lips we take back home.

Hey Soap
You were our only fan
And we know this is belated,
but happy birthday

Hey Soap
You were our only fan
And we know this is belated,
Patrick paused, pointing at us.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” everyone yelled. Sophie blushed as the song continued.

“We know you would be there either way
We’re so glad it seems like these times will never fade
We know you would be there either way
We’re assholes, but we love Sophie.”

Soap’s POV

“Hey Soap
You were our only fan
And we know this is belated,


“We know you would be there either way
We’re so glad it seems like these times will never fade
And we know this is belated,”


As the last notes faded into the air, the room erupted into applause.
“Now it’s time for cake!” Joe said, stepping up to the mic.

Lights dimmed, and the mob of people around me parted like the Red Sea.

I let out a laugh, noticing that Dirty was on the table, sitting behind the cake.

“You get the reference, right?” Dirty asked.
“Sixteen Candles…” I said, smiling. “But you’re no Jake Ryan,” I joked.
“And you don’t look a thing like Molly Ringwald,” he quipped.
“Touché,” I said, smiling.

I leaned down, made a wish and blew out the 24 candles. Cheering ensued, then Dirty leaned forward and pursed his lips. I played along, letting him plant a kiss on my cheek.

The rest of the night was filled with hugs, dancing, presents, cheap champagne, loud music, piñatas and numerous noise complaints from people down the hall.

In the famous words of Dirty, “I LOVE MY LIIIIFE!”

N O T E.


The long awaited romance of disasteRomance is coming up. Many reviewers have been asking who Soap will end up with, so here's the answer:


From here on out, I'll be updating 2 chapters at a time. One chapter will have Soap paired with one of the Fall Out Boyz. In the other, she'll be with one of the Cobras.



Not sure how smoothly this will go over, since I haven't seen any stories do this. Take into mind that I'm making this up as I go.

As always, I oblige you guys, girls and non-gender specific humanoids to REVIEW and or AIM me @ Disast3rous.
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PS. If you haven’t watched Sixteen Candles, I demand that you go out to Blockbuster and rent it.
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