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"Yeah I’ll fake it ‘Til I make it..."

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Author's Note: Yet again, I'm amazed at the amount of feedback you guys are giving me. What began as a one-shot after watching Release the Bats is now a full-blown fic thanks to you reviewers. Thanks a bajillion for your support.

+--SHOUT OUTS(because you're just that great)--+
pyrotechnist - lol. not watching sixteen candles should be a crime. dunno about the shotgun though...
glindapsawyer - the hem/soap pairing is definitely one of my favorites. i can't resist a cute puppy.
AshleyIsAwesomeo - hehe. you're the first person to suggest soap/vicky-t. it would be interesting, but i don't wanna leave j. walk all by his lonesome. lol.
lil_chica007 - little miss sunshine is an amazing movie. i have it on my ipod. =)
bindie611 - lmao. your surprise party sound like it was funnn.
jewsicax - seems that a lot of people liked the pb&j bonding. glad you guys took note of it because it's one of the cutest/non-romantic things i've written. ;)
releasethepants - fancy pens & Lloyd Dobbler I love yous are pretty much teh secks. thank you!
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dflip07 - i think charlie counts as a fall out boy. he'd be the 7th one, right after jason and dirty. =)

[24: t h e b e g i n n i n g o f a n i n f i n i t e p l a y l i s t/]

Soap’s POV

After my belated birthday extravaganza, I was surprised anyone was able to get up in the morning. Waking up on the couch, I recalled a blur of balloons, drinks, karaoke and a piñata filled with plastic snakes.

Though we were all tired (and some of us were hungover), we somehow pulled our acts together and hit the road before noon.

3 hours of monotonous scenery and 1 really long nap later, the Fall Out Boy bus pulled up in front of Madison Square Garden.

Stepping off the locker room on wheels, we all took in some well needed fresh air, then Patrick led us inside the venue.

Pete’s POV

“Aw, Hem. What’s wrong?” I asked as he sat at my feet. Whimpering, he rested his head on the floor.
“Pete, I think he left his squeaky toy on the bus,” Sophie said, petting him.
“But it’s right there,” I said, pointing to the bone next to her foot.
“Not that one,” she said, shaking her head. “The one that looks like a hotdog.”

Hemingway’s ears instantly perked up at Sophie’s comment.

“You want your hotdog?” I asked. He barked in response, pawing at my leg.

“Soap, since you’re the expert, do you think you could come help me find it?”
“You sure that’s the smartest idea?” she asked. “I mean, there are a lot of fans waiting outside.”
“I’ll just put my hood up,” I responded. “And we’re taking the back exit, so it’s not like anyone will notice us.”
“Okay…” she said, skeptically. “If you say so.”

I put on a pair of aviators and we walked out the door.

Sophie wasn’t exaggerating when she said there were a lot of fans. Though the concert wouldn’t start for another 5 hours, the line of people stretched from the arena doors, along the side of the building, then around the various barricades set up.

At first, I didn’t think that anyone noticed me and Soap, but as we continued walking, I heard pairs of footsteps behind us.

“Pete!” someone yelled.

So much for the disguise.

Sophie and I turned around. There were 5 teenage girls with cameras.

“Would you mind taking pictures with us?” one of them asked.
“No problem,” I replied.

They took turns posing with me and I signed one of their cameras.

“Hey, if you want I could take a group picture of all of you,” Sophie offered.
“Really?” the youngest one asked.
“Yeah, no biggie.”
“Um, could you use my camera too?” another girl shyly asked.

Before long Sophie was juggling all 5 of their Cybershots in her hands. She gladly took the pictures, then handed the cameras back to their respective owners.

“Thank you!” they said in unison, then walked back to the line.

Sophie and I continued on our quest to the bus, but found ourselves being derailed again.

“That’s Pete Wentz,” someone whispered, obnoxiously loud.
“No, it’s not. Pete’s taller.”
“Yeah, it is/. And I’m so gonna score with him tonight.” I rolled my eyes and quickened my pace a bit. Wannabe groupies were /not my type.

Instinctively, I slipped my hand into Sophie’s.

“Will you be my girlfriend for the next five minutes?” * I whispered.
“Yes or no?” The footsteps were getting closer.
“Fine, but--”

Soap’s POV

Before I even finished my sentence, Pete pressed his lips against mine. It was beyond awkward, but he knew how to kiss.

As I pulled away, the girls following us didn’t take a hint. Pete decided to step it up a notch, cupping my face in his hands as he leaned in for another kiss. The boy knew how to put on a show.

We stood there, making out, and our audience eventually left. As they walked back to the venue, I slowly pulled away and headed toward the bus.

“Wow...” he said, following me.
“I’ve never kissed a girl with a lip ring.”
“You’re such a dork,” I said, chuckling.

On the bus, I didn’t know where to begin. As usual, we left everything in total disarray.

Digging around Hemmy’s toys, all I found were squeaky stuffed animals and chew ropes.

“Pete, it’s not over here,” I called, putting everything back in it’s place.

In response, I got a: “Woaaah”! followed by a loud crashing noise.

I turned around and saw Pete sitting in a pile of videogames.

“Graceful, Wentz,” I said. Helping him up, I heard a familiar squeaking sound. He reached into the pile and pulled out the hotdog.
“See, I meant to do that,” he said, standing up.
“Yeah, sure.”

On our way back to the venue, Pete slipped his arm around my waist.

“I think your five minutes expired on the bus,” I joked.
“I know,” he said, pulling me closer. “But we’ll get back inside faster this way.”
I played along, slipping my hand into his back pocket.

In the end, Pete’s hypothesis proved true. As we made our way back, nobody stopped him for pictures or even an autograph.

Once inside, Hemmy ran up to us, pacing back and forth at our feet.

“Here you go, boy.” Pete tossed the hotdog to the ground. Just like that, Hemmy was back to his happy, playful self.

“Wow, you guys were really fast,” Trick commented as we sat down.
“Thanks to me and my quick thinking,” Pete boasted.

As I rolled my eyes, Pete planted a kiss on my cheek.

Andy, Joe and Patrick stared at us with questioning eyes. Pete just smirked.

I really hope this doesn’t become a regular thing...

* if you got this reference, you’re now one of my faaavorite people.

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