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you probably saw this one coming

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Author's Note: WOAHWOAHWOAH! My head is still spinning due to the crazy insane amount of feedback from the last chapter. You guys pwn like no other. Seriously.

Who woulda thunk that a one-shot (written by a girl who watched Release the Bats one too many times) would eventually evolve into a fic? I sure didn't.

HUUUUGE THANKS go out to everyone who's read up to this point.

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pyrotechnist - lol. not watching sixteen candles should be a crime.
glindapsawyer - the hem/soap pairing is definitely one of my favorites. i can't resist a cute puppy.
AshleyIsAwesomeo - hehe. you're the first person to suggest soap/vicky-t. it would be interesting, but i don't wanna leave j. walk all by his lonesome. lol.
lil_chica007 - little miss sunshine is an amazing movie. i have it on my ipod. =)
bindie611 - lmao. your surprise party sound like it was fun.
jewsicax - seems that a lot of people liked the pb&j bonding. glad you guys took note of it because it's one of the cutest/non-romantic things i've written. ;)
releasethepants - fancy pens & Lloyd Dobbler I love yous are pretty much teh secks. thank you!
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medicatedlives - i really hope i can stick to my word. 2 chapters at once will get kinda tough, but i have some plans in store.
dflip07 - i think charlie counts as a fall out boy. he'd be the 7th one, right after jason and dirty. =)

Now, onto the feature presentation

24: j o e t r o h p h o t o

Soap’s POV

As I slipped back into consciousness, I sensed pressure on my left and on my right. Opening my eyes, I realized that I was in the middle of a Cobra sandwich. Alex was spooning me while Gabe had his arms loosely wrapped around my waist. Ryland was lying across the foot of the bed, face dangerously close to Gabe’s feet, while Nate was sleeping on the couch, head and shoulders hanging off the edge.

“GUYS, WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!” Vicky yelled, swinging the door open.

This set off a Rube Goldberg-like sequence of events. Alex rolled over, pushing me into Gabe, pushing Gabe’s big toe into Ryland’s mouth, causing Ryland to freak out, inadvertently startling Nate, causing him to fall off the couch with a loud /THUD/.

“Chill out, Vicky,” I groaned, throat still raspy from sleep.
“Yeah.” Nate rubbed the back of his neck and started walking to the bathroom. “The bus can’t leave without us.”
“True, but Panic can.”
“Can’t you just leave with them, then meet us at the venue?” Ryland commented, wiping his mouth. You’d think he’d just taken a bite from a rancid lemon.

Vicky stood in the doorway for a few seconds, letting the information sink in.

“…I think I’ll do that,” she said with a silly grin.
“Bye Vicky!” I said, snuggling further into Gabe’s shoulder.

The door closed and Ryland let out a combination sigh/chuckle.

“She can’t think straight without J. Walk.”
“I think it’s kind of cute,” I said in her defense. “They’re such dorks when they’re around each other.”
“Sounds like you and Gabanti, here,” Alex said as he got up.
“You’re just jealous because we make dorky look sexy.”
“Dorky is the new sexy,” I added.
“Don’t you mean ‘dorky is the new black’?” Ryland asked.
“No, you can’t wear dorky.”
“But you can look dorky,” Gabe said. “Take for instance, Exhibit A,” he said referring to Nate as he emerged from the bathroom.
“Huh?” he said, wondering what we were talking about.
“Oh, nothing.”
“Well you guys should get up,” he said, glancing out the window. Panic’s bus is packed and ready to go, and we’re scheduled to leave in 15 minutes.

Ryland, Gabe and I lazily got up and headed for the bathroom. We crowded around the sink and grabbed the complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste.

After scrubbing my pearly whites, I pulled my hair into a messy ponytail and slipped into the purple hoody Gabe had given me.

“Dork. Dorktette. We’ve gotta get moving,” Ryland commented, gathering up some of my presents.

“Got everything?” Alex asked, taking one last look at the room.
“Like a Joe Trohman drug test.”

Laughing, he closed the door, and we filed down the stairs in an orderly fashion.

“Finally,” Pete said, meeting us in the lobby.
“Sorry, Blackinton was busy sucking Gabe’s toes.”
“Do not speak of that event,” Ryland slapped my shoulder as I returned the keycard to the front desk.
“Riiight,” Patrick said. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that…”

“Hurry up. The bus is waiting,” Pete called, standing by the door.
“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.”
“For your information, I went commando today.”
“Ugh, we didn’t need to know that.” Ryland took a few steps back from Pete.
“There’s only one layer of tight denim separating us from your junk. That’s kind of disturbing,” Nate added.
“Thanks for the visual guys,” I said as the image was burned into my brain. While Pete took this as a queue to start thrusting and gyrating, Gabe intervened, acting as a barrier between us.

“You look a lot cuter than Wentz when you gyrate,” I commented.
“Thank you. I take pride in my gyrating skills.”
I laughed as he started grinding against Pete, totally catching him off guard.

“My eyes!” Nate said, shielding his face.
Gabe eventually stopped, but not before slapping Pete’s ass.

“I feel so violated…”
Laughter ensued as we continued on our quest toward the buses.

“Looks like this is where we go our separate ways.” Patrick opened the door and I turned toward Gabe.
“See you in New York.”
“Pinky swear?”
“Of course.” I linked my pinky with his, then a bright flash suddenly went off. Turning to my side, I saw Joe holding a digital SLR.

“What?” he asked. “I’m taking up photography.”

I rolled my eyes and looked up at Gabe. “Hasta luego.”
“Hasta luego.”

Ryland and Gabe handed my bags over to Andy and Pete, then I followed Joe and Dirty onto our bus.

Once inside, I quickly plopped onto the couch in the lounge area.

“Andy, you got her a waffle iron?” Pete asked, pulling it from the bag.
“It’s not just any waffle iron,” he said. “It’s a Hello Kitty waffle iron.”
“I really like it,” I added. “Now my toast won’t be lonely.”

While they continued looking through the presents I’d received, Joe was on the laptop, sorting through pictures from the party.

“This is one of my favorites,” Joe said, laughing. I took a seat next to him and saw that it was a picture of the Panic-Cobra dance off. Gabe and Brendon were in the center of the room, trying to do the Soulja Boy.
“Please tell me someone got that on tape.”
“I did!” Dirty said, holding up the video camera. “Just posted it on Friends or Enemies.”

He took a seat next to me and continued scrolling through the pictures.

“Wow, Joe. You’re a really good photographer,” I noted.
“Yeah, you managed to make me look decent,” Dirty said.
“Thanks guys,” he said, proud of his work.

As we reached the last of the pictures, I saw the one of Gabe and I saying our goodbyes.
We were smiling at each other while the rest of Cobra Starship was moving in the background.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you two were in love or something.”


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