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haha. i bet she didn't see this coming.

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Author's Note: Happy belated Thanksgiving to all! Anyways, thanks go you to everyone who's bothered to read this far. Special greetings go out to the following for their kickass reviews.

glindapsawyer - -dodges water bottle- lol. not many people got the reference. the line was "Will you be my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes?" it's from the book 'nick & norah's infinite playlist.'
dflip07 - oh, silly teenies. still, jason is my faaaavorite fall out boy.
kittkattbar - i really have no idea how i'm going to keep up with 2 plot lines. the more i think about it, the more my head hurts. still, as long as you guys keep reading, i'll keep writing.
--delilah - haha. okay. i'll settle for a patrick's finger. as mentioned above, the reference was from 'nick & norah's infinite playlist.' it's a must read. fo' serious.
bindie611 - lmao. "Pophie!!" thanks for the review. =)
jewsicax - hehe. there aren't many people rooting for pete. but what can i say? i love the underdogs.
pyrotechnist - yep. the whole band is pretty short. there's a picture of FOB when they were on trl and damien was towering over all of them.
astrozombie28 - a video game related hospital would be very hard to explain. i an only imagine what kind of looks the doctor's would have given you. hehe. short boys = love.
rainydaykid13 - YAY! props to you for getting the reference. it''s my FAVORITE line from my FAVORITE book. along with being inducted into my list of favorite people, you will also recieve a cupcake with your choice of frosting. ;)

Now onto the feature presentation...

25: r e f r e s h i n g f o r a b o a r d i e u p d a t e

Soap’s POV

After playing 4 games of Wii bowling, my arm felt like if would fall out of it’s socket.

“Dirty, you can take over for me. I’m done,” I said finishing my last frame.

After handing him the controller, I headed toward the bunks and retrieved my laptop. It had been a long time since I updated my blog\checked my e-mail/visited myspace/et cetera.

As you can see, I’m sort of in love with the internet.

While the David Blaine Street Magic youtube loaded, an IM box popped up in the corner of the screen.

peyton says: you have some ’splainin to do, lucy!


soapymess: wutchu talkin’ about, willis?
peyton says: haven’t you seen the boards?
soapymess: no. why?
peyton says: go and find out.

After logging into falloutboyrock, I went to ‘The Band’ section, as I always did.

Some of the usual topics were there, such as ‘TEAM ASSAGE, FREE CRACK’, ‘OMFGECKETT!’ and ‘new shoes. y/n?,’ but my eyes went wide as I scrolled down.


new girlfriend? :-|

I wish I was Sophia Matsumoto.

why is everyone obsessing over snakes on a plane?!


“What the fuck is going on?” I asked no one in particular.

peyton says: XP
soapymess: holy crap. wtf is this?

I clicked into the thread with most replies and this is what I saw:
I wish I was Sophia Matsumoto
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Last night Linzi, Jen and I went to the FOB show in Atlanta. While we were waiting in line, we saw Pete and a girl who looked a lot like Soap, come out of the venue’s back entrance. A few girls went up to him and asked for pictures. The Soap look-alike stood aside and waited, then took some group pictures for them (seems like something she would do).

After the happy fans left, she and Pete made out for a bit (leaving the 2 skanky girls following them really pissed off as they got back in line). Afterwards, they went inside the bus and came out a few minutes later. As they walked back to the venue, Pete kept his arm around her waist.

Any other Atlanta boardies see this?
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pete’s dating a girl from snakes on a plane?
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S.o.a.P = snakes on a plane
Soap, Sophie, Sophia = FOB’s childhood friend and unofficial clandestine model on buzznet.

or in the words of joetroh, “the really hot sister we never had.”
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|/Xoxcarcrash_hartzxoX wrote:/
|pete’s dating a girl from snakes on a plane?

-laughs at n00b-
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|/gracexcore wrote:/
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| |/Xxcarcrash_hartzxX/
| |pete’s dating a girl from snakes on a plane?
|-laughs at n00b-

rofflecopterz. POINTS FINGER & laughs at n00b- :laughs:
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dawn, congrats on the 40k!
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witness here.
me and my friends were laughing when those 2 girls following them walked away.
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i think pete & sophie would make a cute couple.
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:-| O RLY?
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|/JTlove wrote:/
|I think pete & sophie would make a cute couple.

iawtc =P
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soap+gabe rumors pwn soap+pete rumors. srsly.
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i took pics. sorry if they’re kinda blurry, but I was standing far away and my zoom sucks.

Below that post, there were in fact, pictures of Pete and I making out on our way to the bus.

peyton says: so what’s the story?
peyton says: i want details
peyton says: and BEFORE you say that you’re “just friends,” the last time i checked, you haven’t been making out with me.
soapymess: hemmy was acting all mopey because his favorite squeaky toy was on the bus while we were inside the venue. pete asked me to help him find it. on the way to the bus, these two girls were following us. one of them wanted to make baby wentzs, so he asked me to play pretend girlfriend so they’d leave.
peyton says: in the pictures i’ve seen (and I’ve seen MANY), you looked like you were enjoying it.
soapymess: -rolls eyes-
peyton says: XP
peyton says: so is he a good kisser?
soapymess: -rolls eyes again-
peyton says: i’ll take that as a yes

I went back to the main page and found that there were even more threads about yours truly.

btw: you soapsters are breaking the boards


sophie matsu-fucking-moto, get you’re ass in here!

pete’s new girlfriend (pics inside)


I spy sophie on the boards.

“Oh my God...” I said, rolling my eyes. “Pete, look what you did!”
“What?” he paused the game and tossed his controller onto the couch.
“This!” I said, pointing to the screen.

He walked over behind me and read over my shoulder.

“Oh man, that’s great,” he said, laughing.
“No it isn’t!” I said, frustrated.
“Yeah, it is,” he said, still chuckling.
“Pete!” I whined.
“You’re queen of the boards. You of all people should know not to take them so seriously.”

I still wasn’t convinced.

“You’re like a god to them. Here, look.” He reached around me and clicked on one of the threads.
sophie matsu-fucking-moto, get you’re ass in here!
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Dear Sophie,
I don’t wanna be one of those boardies who’s jumping to conclusions about the pictures of you and Pete, but I am a little curious about the nature of that make out session in Atlanta.

On behalf of all the boardies, I’d like to ask this question: Why were you and Pete kissing?

“See, they’re not writing anything bad,” he said, pointing at the screen. “...They’re just jealous that you made out with a stud muffin like me.”

Though I rolled my eyes, I knew he was right.

“What should I say?” I asked.
“What you usually do. Just tell them the truth.”

He gave my shoulder a reassuring squeeze, and I began typing my response.
KISS AND TELL: truth about atlanta
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After lurking about in various threads about myself, I’d like to set the story straight.

FACT: Pete and I were making out.
FACT: Pete and I are not dating.

You can stop reading now, but knowing you boardies, you want to know exactly what went down. So here’s the whole story (boring details and all):

While the guys and I were inside the venue, Pete noticed that Hemmingway wasn’t his energetic self. I figured that he was moping around because his favorite toy was on the bus. Since I’m the resident search-&-rescue team on the tour (found Joe‘s lucky pick among a pile of nasty socks), Pete asked me to help him find the infamous hotdog squeaky toy.

We left the venue through the back doors and headed toward the bus. Pete had his “normal boy” disguise on, and as expected, more than a few people noticed him walking around. A group of girls came up to him and asked for pictures. Pete never refuses a photo opportunity, so he gladly posed and even signed one of the cameras. Since they all seemed really nice, I offered to take a group picture for them. They handed over their cameras. I took the pictures. They thanked us, then walked back to their spots in line.

Pete and I continued on our quest for the hotdog squeaky toy, but quickly found that there were other people following us. They were whispering obnoxiously loud, and one of them said that she was “so gonna score with him tonight,” referring to our darling p33tard. Though he can be an arrogant asshole, Pete’s not the type of guy who fucks groupies or insults his fans. In order to avoid confrontation with them, he asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend. I said okay, and we made out until they left. Though it was awkward, he’s a pretty decent kisser.

The girls following us huffed and puffed and walked back to the line. Pete and I finally made it to the bus. After searching through the chaos, we eventually found the hotdog in a pile of videogames (Pete fell into the pile, and we heard it squeak). Got off the bus and headed back to the venue.

“Then why was Pete’s arm around you when you guys walked back?” you ask. Well, making out seemed to deter people from approaching us. Pete figured that putting his arm around my waist would have the same effect, allowing us to get back to Hemmy faster.

We went back inside the venue. Pete gave Hemmy the squeaky toy and all was well in the world.

So there it is. The p33n and I are not together.

The End.

PS. If I ever got over the fact that the members of Fall Out Boy are practically my brothers , I’d probably date Trohman. I kind of have a thing for blue eyes and afros.

“I hope this works...”


I hope you ladies and germs enjoyed this chapter. As usual, I beseech you to REVIEW and or AIM me @ Disast3rous with your feedback.
It's very much appreciated.
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