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mary jane isn't just for spiderman

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a silly game of keep away.

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Author's Note: It seems that people are liking the chapter split, so I'm gonna run with it. No idea how long I'll be able to keep it going, but as long as you guys reading, I'll continue writing. HUGE thanks go out to everyone reading this. HUGER thanks go out to everyone who read this along with the Pete chapter. HUGEST thanks go out to the following:

glindapsawyer - oh, guy ripley. that man is delicious.
dflip07 - "who killed soullja boy?" "youuuuuu!"
AshleyIsAwesomeo - thanks for the feedback, yo!
kittkattbar - haha. glad you enjoyed so many parts of this chapter. as mentioned before, i take great pride in the ability to make other's laugh. =)
SugarPlumFaerie - 1. yep. when i was writing about the cobra sanwich, i was kinda jealous. strange, since soap is a fictional character, but oh welll. 2. gate? pebe? gete? pabe? i have no idea what shipper call it. lol. 3. yes yes. dance off = LOVE.
bindie611 - glad you liked the drug test line. =)
jewsicax - sweet! another person who likes both pairings!
pyrotechnist - i know it's strange, but i'm very proud that this chapter made you snort beer out of your nose. hope your keyboard's okay, though.
lil_chica007 - hello kitty waffle iron, ftw!
astrozombie28 - oh man, your review made me smile. a lot. =) x 100.

Now for the actual chapter...

25: m a r y j a n e i s n ’ t j u s t f o r s p i d e r m a n

Soap’s POV

After a few hours of being on the road, we reached Madison Square Garden. Hemmy quickly scampered off the bus, followed by Pete. Joe grabbed the camera and snapped away. Patrick, Andy and Dirty grabbed the Wii, quickly setting up a boxing tournament in one of the dressing rooms.

“Hey, Matsumoto! Wait up!”
Turning around, I saw Gabe as well as Nate, Ryland and Alex stepping off their bus.
“Why, hello.”

I waited as they caught up with me, then we made our way inside the venue.

“Excited for tonight?”
“Of course! New York is only the greatest city on Earth.”
“Hey, Chicago’s pretty great too,” I said.
“Please, it’s so two years ago,” Ryland joked. I laughed and playfully hit his shoulder.

“Crap,” Alex said, looking at his watch. “We still have 5 hours until the show starts.”
With half the tour behind us, we still had trouble finding ways to keep ourselves occupied.

“We could play poker,” Gabe suggested, pulling a deck of cards from his pocket.
“Haha, NO,” Ryland dryly said. “If I want to lose large sums of money, I can invest in a timeshare.”

“Truth or dare?” Alex asked.
“The last time we did that, I asked an old guy for an emergency prostate exam. No thanks,” Nate said.

“Hide Joe’s stash?” I suggested.
“Haha, now your talking,” Gabe said.
“I’m pretty sure he still keeps it in the camera bag…”

Gabe’s POV

As Joe wandered around the venue taking pictures, we formulated our plan.

“Does anyone have some oregano?” Soap asked.
“Yeah, Soap, because we all walk around with pizza ingredients,” Alex said.
“I do, actually,” Nate said.

We all shot him confused looks.

“I have this thing with vampires, but I don’t want to smell like garlic all the time…”
“So oregano will scare them away?” Ryland asked.
“Well it’s a spice that--whatever, it makes sense to me.” He went over to his bag and pulled out a bottle of oregano.

Sophie dug around her purse and pulled out a plastic bag filled with jolly ranchers. After dumping the candy into her hoody pocket, she took the bottle from Nate and poured the spice into the bag.

“Hey, not all of it,” Nate said, with a mixture of regret and anxiety.
“Don’t worry,” Sophie said, zipping the bag. “If any vampires come, I’ll protect you.”

After constructing our fake bag of weed, Sophie stealthily went into Fall Out Boy’s dressing room to make the switch. Patrick, Andy and Dirty were busy playing Rayman on the Wii, so they didn’t really pay attention as she slipped out with Joe’s stash.

“Now what do we do?” Alex asked.
“We wait until he freaks out,” Sophie said. “He usually lights up before Panic’s set.”
“This should be interesting…” I said.

Joe’s POV

Panic was getting ready for their set, signaling the beginning of my date with Mary Jane. While sound check took place on stage, I made my way to the dressing room and grabbed my camera bag. After pulling out the plastic baggy, something seemed off. I opened it up and instead of the usual scent, I was strangely reminded of pizza.

Then it hit me.


“Damn it, Joe. You just screwed up my frame,” Dirty said, referring to Wii bowling.
“Which one of you took my stash?!”
“Not me,” Patrick said. “That stuff smells horrible.”
“And I’m straight-edge,” Andy added.
“Dirty?” I asked.
“The only weed I’ve had was in the special cupcakes Soap made.”
“Soap… I should have known.”

Soap’s POV

“Where’s my weed?” Joe asked, barging into Cobra’s dressing.
“No habla ingles,” she responded.
“Fine,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Donde esta mi marihuana?”
“Yo no se.” (I don’t know.) She shrugged.
“Mentirosa.” (Liar.)

She continued with her innocent act as I stared her down.

“Come on, Soap. Be cool,” I pleaded.
“You should stop smoking. It’s bad for you.”
“Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?”
“Do as I say, not as I do.”
“Seriously, Sophie.”
“It’s in a safe place…”
“Ugh, I’ll go find it myself.”

Joe’s POV

Frustrated, I walked out of the room and the quest for my stash began.

An hour later, I found the bag sandwiched between 2 issues of AP that were under one of Patrick’s hats that was under one of Pete’s hoodies.

“In your face!” I said, holding the bag in front of Sophie. I reached for my lighter, planning to blow smoke in her face. “Crap…”

“What?” she asked, curiously.
“I can’t seem to find a lighter…”
“…You know what, I’ll be nice for once.” She pulled out a Zippo and tossed it to me. I laughed as I caught it.

“I think I just figured out how we’ve managed to stay friends this long,” I said, taking a seat next to her.
“How?” she turned to me, intrigued.
“You’re both the cause and solution to most of my problems,” I joked, leaning against her shoulder.
“You’re probably right,” she chuckled.

Yes, yes. I'm fully aware that there wasn't any Soap/Gabe action in this chapter, but I thought it was necessary to keep the humorous aspect of this story alive. And who can resist a game of Hide Joe's Stash?

If you liked this chapter (and even if you didn't) I beseech you to REVIEW and or AIM me @ Disast3rous with your feedback. It makes me smile. A LOT.
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