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hopeless(ly hopeful)

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Author's Note:

Holey moley! You ladies (and feminine robots) sure know how to flatter an author. I can't thank you enough for all the kickass feedback!

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onto the fic, yo!

26: c o n f e s s i o n s o f a t w e n t y - s o m e t h i n g d r a m a k i n g

Soap’s POV

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Joe’s smoking in the front. Andy’s reading in the back. Trick and Pete are jamming in the lounge area. And Dirty’s passed out on the couch. All is well in the world.

As I finished typing the paragraph, Hemmy jumped onto the couch and took a seat next to me. Resting his head on my knee, I could swear that he was reading.

“Anything you want to add?” I asked, petting him. He looked up at me and barked in response. “I take that as a yes.”

I scrolled back to the part about Dirty, then typed ‘Hemmy’s adorable as ever.’ He seemed to like the addition, looking back at me then nuzzling against my hand.

The boys and a lovely keytar-playing girl are reaching the halfway mark on their US tour. HUGE thank yous to all the kids who’ve come out to the shows, as well as everyone anxiously waiting for their tour dates.

Right now, we’re on the road, somewhere between New York and Florida. (If it’s any help, we just passed Larry’s Bait and Tackle.)

Hope to meet more of you guys a la merch booth.


With that, I clicked ‘Post.’

“Has the boardie drama blown over yet?” Pete asked taking a seat next to me.
“As a matter of fact, it has.”

After kissing and telling, the boardies dropped the subject, quickly replacing the pictures of the Wentz/Matsumoto make out session with those of the Jonas brothers.

“I still can’t believe they went nuts over a kiss. Imagine what they’d say if they found out we were sleeping together,” I said, chuckling.
“Hey, we’re only sleeping in the same bunk. No fornication,” Pete said. “…At least not yet.”
“Haha, funny,” I said, dryly.

“Shit,” he said, glancing at his watch. “Interview in half an hour.”
“What more do people want to know about the infamous Pete Wentz?”
“I really can’t figure that out,” he said, chuckling. “I mean, everyone and their moms already know what my dick looks like.”

I laughed along with him as he pulled on a pair of Chucks.

“Bye, Hem,” he said, kissing his dog’s forehead. “See you, Soap. Be back in about an hour.”

With that, he grabbed a hoody and was out the door.

Hemmy’s POV

As Pete walked out, my mind drifted back to our conversation the night before.

“Hem, can you keep a secret?” he quietly asked, turning toward me.

I nodded as he played with one of my ears.

“Well, I kind of kissed Sophie earlier…”

Upon hearing this, I turned to look her. She was fast asleep, chest steadily rising and falling while she laid next to me. Turning back to Pete, I tilted my head, wondering how someone could ‘kind of kiss’ Sophie.

“Some wannabe groupies were following us when we went out to get your squeaky bone. I thought they’d leave us alone if Sophie and I started acting like we were together, so we made out a little,” he explained. “The plan worked and the other girls left, but it backfired at the same time…” he trailed off, sighing. “I think I’m falling for her.”

As if on cue, Sophie rolled onto her side and wrapped an arm around me.

I looked up at him and saw something that I didn’t expect. Instead of the cocky, egocentric Pete that I’m used to, I found myself looking at a nervous Lloyd Dobbler-type boy.

After petting my head, he turned onto his back and sighed deeply. I crawled out from underneath Sophie’s arm and nuzzled against his shoulder.

“Thanks, Hem,” he said, offering me a weak smile. “But you still have a better chance with her than I do…”

“Hem, you okay?” Sophie asked, snapping me out of my reminiscent daze. I barked in response to her question, and she looked at me with curious eyes.

I made my way over to her laptop and commandeered the keyboard. It was obvious that she didn’t want me stepping all over it, but she moved aside nonetheless and watched as I typed.

The message was meant to say ‘pete likes you,’ but it looked more like ‘p;o/erstes blkiujkredszv yjhgioyuk.’

People can put man on the moon, yet they can’t make a dog-friendly keyboard…

Confused, she looked at the screen. “It’s times like these that make me wish you could talk.”
I nodded and took a seat next to her. As she regained control of the laptop, I was surprised to see that she didn’t erase what I had typed. Instead, Sophie copied the text and pasted it into Microsoft Word.

“I think your daddy would be proud,” she said, saving it as ‘hemmy’s first blog entry.’

Pete’s POV

“I’m back!” I called out, stepping inside the bus.

By the sound of it, Andy and Dirty were playing Mario Kart while Patrick was busy working on one of the songs.

Joe and Sophie were sitting upside down on the couch while a plate of half-eaten brownies sat on the table in front of them.

I opened my mouth to ask what they were doing, but the scent of marijuana hit my nose before I had the chance to speak.

“Heyyy, Pete!” Joe said, waving. “How was the interview?”
“Fun, I guess,” I said, taking off my hoody.
“That’s good. Because you like talking. And other people like listening… Kinda like music, except there is no music. Just words. Like this. Yeah… What do you think, Soap?”
“I think that Pete looks funny upside down,” she said, giggling. “Why are you upside down?”
“Um, I’m not upside down. You two are,” I said, laughing.

She let her legs fall to the side and turned herself upright. Joe did the same, hitting his head on the coffee table in the process.

“Owww.” He rubbed his forehead as he sank into the couch. Sophie leaned over and kissed the spot where his skin made contact with the wood.
“That feel better?”
“Mhmmm,” he said nodding. “You’re like magic.” Joe pressed his lips against her temple and wrapped his arms around her.

Since Joe’s known Sophie for the longest time, it made sense that they’d have the closest relationship, but by this point my heart was overriding my head.

“Where are you going, Pete?” Sophie asked as I walked toward the back.
“Just gonna take a nap.”
“Alright. Sweet dreams.”

“Hey, Hemingway,” Joe called. “Keep your dad company while he sleeps.” My dog did as he was told, following me to the bunks.
“Thanks, Joe.”
“No problem.”

Sighing, I collapsed onto the small mattress. Hemmy hopped up and laid down on my chest.

“Of all the girls I could fall for, why did it have to be Sophie?” I asked, rubbing his back. He put his head down and gave me a sympathetic look.

Hemmy’s POV

My desire for mountains of bones and streets lined with fire hydrants was nothing compared to how much I wanted to speak.

When I looked at Pete, he seemed so hopeless.
So sad.
So mopey.
So un-Pete-like.

The sarcastic boy who made jokes about everything seemed light years away, and frankly, that scared me.

I nuzzled against his neck and licked his cheek, hoping that my actions would convey at least some of the things that I couldn’t get across with speech.

He gave me a half-hearted smile before drifting off to sleep.


It's true. Pete has an actual heart.
And Sophie has it in the palm of her hand.

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