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The Rock Star Life

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Mikey's off tour for a while. Charlie's the only substitute they have for now. What do you get when one brother isn't happy with his brother off tour and a shy bassist who might just have a crus...

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The Rock Star Life

Chapter One: Goodbye New Jersey, Hello The World!

Charlotte Jameson sat on her suitcase as she lit a cigarette. She warmed her hands for the millionth time and shuddered, how cold it was in early October. She was waiting for my two friends come and pick me up. A black Range Rover pulled up and she giggled, rolling her eyes as a chestnut colored afro poked its way out of the backseat windows. “Hi Charlie!”

The afro; that was one of her best friends, Ray Toro.

She was going on tour with them as their temporarily replacement bassist, for little Mikey Way, because of his bi-polar disorder. Their lawyer, Stacey, said he’s be out for only a week, but she wanted them prepared if he was going to be gone longer. The band was lucky that Ray and Frank knew such an amazing bassist, because Mikey’s usual replacement was Matt Cortez, who was going to be in Mexico with his family for a reunion.

In a blur, a black, white, and red blob passed her and encircled her. She chuckled, looking in Ray’s direction. “Coffee?”

The blob; Frank Iero, her other best friend. She had known Ray longer, and met Frank when they were at a town fair together. She laughed and set her bags in the back of the Range Rover, Frank helping her shut the back door. He was hopping up and down trying to reach it, due to his lack of tallness.

They were off to the airport, where the rest of the band would be waiting plus their manager, Brian, and some of the band mate’s significant others. Charlie had rested her head against the cool glass, letting herself drift off to sleep for ten minutes before they would be on the plane, where she knew she’d be a nervous wreck.


“TAKE ME HOME! JUST TAKE ME HOME! I WON’T BE AMERICA’S NEXT FREAK!” Frank sang obnoxiously as they entered the airport, Charlie regretting letting him borrow her iPod with her favorite songs. She snatched her iPod back and made a face. “And how exactly are you the lead singer of Leathermouth?” She giggled as Ray made way past them.

Frank shrugged. “Easy, I’m the sexiest one out of all of them. I’d be the singer in this band too, if it wasn’t for love sick teenies like some people we know.” He said in a singsong voice, peering at some of the few teenagers drinking their morning coffee as they passed by.

“Conceited.” Charlie coughed into her sleeve, smirking.

By Frank’s response, a shove in the back and a wet willy, she scurried forward with Ray, giggling as Frank made a face at Ray’s abnormal afro.

“Hey guys, we’re here.” Ray announced to the half asleep guys sitting on the benches of the airports.

Gerard smoking a cigarette, Brian already yakking on his phone this early in the morning, Bob skimming through a book, and Katlin and Christa both asleep on each other’s shoulders.

Frank moved in between Christa and Katlin, smirking at the two jealous boyfriends, Bob and Ray.

“Guys, this is Charlie, our new temp bassist!” Ray announced proudly.

Gerard’s head snapped up, as well as Bob and Brian’s. Gerard’s hazel orbs scanned over her wardrobe, light wash denim jeans, a pair of red Converse, and a Bayside T-shirt on. “Hey.” He said pointedly.

“Hey, Charlie.” Bob and Brian greeted.

Charlie smiled shyly. She wasn’t exactly a people pleaser.

Frank rolled his eyes at Gerard. “Don’t worry about Gee, he’s just unhappy that Mikey’s not here. He’s such a brother’s boy.” He smirked, pinching his cheek. “Ain’t that right, Gee-Gee?” He giggled.

“I suggest you get Frank away from me before Charlotte will be playing both bass and rhythm guitar.” Gerard warned, making a gesture to Frank. “The hobbit might get hurt playing with the big boys.” He grunted.

Charlie knew this was going to be a very long, week tour.
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