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Nervous As Fuck

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Charlie's nervous, Frank's being the idiotic hobbit, Bob's being his regular self and keeping the band in shape for the concert, Ray's being the father figure, and Gerard ... well he's being an ass.

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Charlie had been tired from her flight, and was getting her stuff together on the tour bus they would be living on for the next week. She had the top bunk across from Gerard, and she was slightly scared about that. Below her was Bob, and below Bob was Ray, and below Gerard was Frank. Katlin and Christa were in their very own shared room in the very back of the bus. They had a show in two hours, and it was at seven. It was now five.

She was already in her bunk, listening to America’s Next Top Freak on her iPod over and over again. She was writing a poem. Just a regular poem. About everything and nothing at all. Bob, Ray, Christa, and Katlin had been in the back room, and Frank was in the head of the bus with Brian, playing video games. She didn’t exactly know where Gerard was, and didn’t much care either. They were still driving to their venue, and since Charlie didn’t care much for car rides, she steadied herself to get down from her bunk.

Her curtain was drawn back and she hopped down, only to bump into Gerard as the bus made a sharp turn down the highway. He had her pinned against the wall as the bus made another sharp turn. She yelped in response.

Frank made a run for her as Gerard let go of her hips as he came into the small hallway. He quirked an eyebrow while smirking. “Aren’t used to the bus turns yet, Gerard?” He snickered.

Gerard glared at him and uttered a sorry to Charlie. He passed by him, into the kitchen area. “Here,” Frank said to her, holding out his muscular arm.

Charlie had quickly said thank you to Frank and climbed back up to her bunk. How embarrassing. She thought. Gerard probably thought she did that on purpose, hop down knowing she’d probably fall into somebody. But she didn’t. She didn’t even know Gerard enough to like him. She blushed as she remembered his soft hands on her jean-clad hips.


“Charlie! Hurry up!” Frank whined from the other side of the bathroom door, banging his fists. “I need the makeup bag too!”

Charlie giggled, slightly forgetting that the rest of the band used makeup too. “Okay Frankie, I’ll try.” She dabbed more foundation on her cheeks and looked at her reflection. She was pale as hell. That was for sure. She rubbed more charcoal eyeliner underneath her eyes, and unlocked the door, only to see Frank on his knees and his hands in prayer position. “Frank!” She laughed, helping him up.

“YES!” He yelled in triumph as he pushed past her and closed the door, Charlie heard the click of the lock and she giggled. “NO! Charlie you used my eyeliner!” He cried.

“Boo-who.” She yelled back laughing.

She went up to the front where Bob and Ray were talking, drumsticks and guitar in hand. “Hey guys, have any Perrier?” She asked, knowing they probably wouldn’t know what the hell Perrier was.

“Sure as shit we do.” Bob smiled, tossing her a green bottle of Perrier.

“Thanks.” She smiled back.

“Nervous?” Ray picked up on her nervous energy.

“Yeah, but usually Perrier calms my inside nerves.” She giggled nervously.

She downed the Perrier by the time Frank and Gerard came out from the back of the bus. “GOLF CART! I CALL SHOTGUN!” Frank yelled frantically as he pushed open the door to the bus and hopped onto the golf cart parked by the bus.

Charlie hid her giggles by biting her bottom lip as Ray swatted Frank’s head with his fist and Bob got into the driver’s seat. She sat down next to Gerard and inhaled and exhaled slowly. She was wearing a new outfit for the concert, something that Frank had told her to wear. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt with a dead corpse on it, Frank’s combat boots, and a black and white checkered belt slung around her waist.


Sound check made her stomach lurch. The crowd was already screaming, and having Frank tease her didn’t help. “Frank shut up!” She finally yelled, making the hobbit jump. “I’m nervous as fuck!” She screamed.

Frank giggled. “Haha, you said nervous as f-”

Bob had hoisted him back by the ear. “Frank, go see Brian. Charlie, you can go get ready with the rest of us.”

An hour later; Charlie was forced to go onto the stage. Where Mikey lovers would boo her because Mikey was gone. But how was that her fault? She didn’t even know Mikey and wanted him here. “Wait, before we go,” Gerard hadn’t spoken to her since the incident on the bus. “Mikey has some advice for you.” He said quietly.


Still nervous.

“Hey Charlie. My bro tells me you’re a bit nervous. Don’t worry about a thing. Frank and Ray have told me loads of stuff about you. You’ll do fine. Once you start playing everything will be a piece of cake. You got it?” She could hear him smile.

Charlie cracked a small smile. “Yeah. Thanks Mikey. I’ll be seeing you around after the tour?” She asked.

“Yeah. Now get going, we don’t want to disappoint the fans. They’re yours tonight.”

End call.

No nervousness.

She handed Gerard his phone back. When it was tucked away in his jacket on the backstage chair, they entered the stage. The crowd roared.

The band launched off to Welcome to the Black Parade, and during the end of the song, Frank had decided to flip over onto Charlie, causing them both to fall onto the ground. Miracously, she survived the fall and didn’t miss a note. They played Famous Last Words next, where she had shared the microphone with Gerard. They both did the chorus. It had been the night of her life. They played Helena and I’m Not Okay. She had been daring and done what Bob had told her the crowd would love.

Jump onto his bass drum and play on top of it. Hell, she had felt the adrenaline pumping through her body. It felt amazing. She had screamed “Trust me!” with Frank and Ray and the crowd had screamed Charlie at the end of the concert.

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