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Not listening when you say goodbye part2

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"Alright. I lo- bye Maddy," he stumbled and hung up. i slowly pushed the phone back into my pocket and walked back into Ryan's house.

"So how'd it go?"

"I'm meeting with him at Port of Subs in 45 minutes."


"Ryan you realize that i can't be Panic!'s manager anymore. It's way too awkward and would be nothing but a whirlwind of drama."

"Yeah, I understand. Listen Maddy i was thinking it'd be a shame for you to just up and leave. You know you're still the only person i can trust. Why don't you just move here? There is plenty of room."

I let the idea slowly sink in for a moment as he waited eagerly for my answer.

"That actually sounds like a really good idea!"

"Great!" he said as he pulled me into a hug. Pain spiraled don't my arms.

"Ow!" I exclaimed painfully. He looked at me with a deep concern as he lightly traced over my bruises with his fingers.

"Maddy i don't want you going alone. I'm coming with you."

"Alright, but you have to stay in the car."

"I will, i just want to be there incase he gets outta line."

...about 45 minutes later...

We pulled into the parking lot at Port of Subs. Ryan was sure to park his car so that he could see the window.

"you sure you're gonna be okay?"

"Yeah Ry, I'll be fine and I'll try to be as quick as possible."

"Alright, good luck."

"Thanks," i replied as i began to get out of the car. Suddenly something came over me and i stopped. i turned around.

"are you o-" I caught the rest of his words with a kiss. He placed his hands on the small of my back and i cupped his face. The kiss was passionate but gentle, and hard but soft. It made made ever other kiss i've ever engaged in seem like a peck on the cheek. I slowly pulled away. Ryan was speechless and put his fingers to his lips.

"Be back soon," I smiled closing the door before he could get out another word. As i walked across the way to Port of Subs i looked back and smiled at Ryan, who smiled back at me reassuringly. My heart started to race as i approached the door. I pulled it open and stepped in to find Brendon at the very far end of the resteraunt with his back towards me. he had the hood of his hoodie up. i approached the table catiously.

"Hey," i tried to stay calme as possible as i took the seat across form him.

"hi." he replied as he looked up.

"Wow, Brendon," he had two black eyes that looked quite a bit worse compared to Ryan's.

"yeah," he looked back down. There was a quick moment of silence before he looked back up. "Listen Maddy, i dont even know where to begin. im truly sorry for all the things that i did and all the lies that i told you. i dont exactly know why i did it, but i know it was stupid and definitely not worth it."

I let it all soak in before i decided to reply.

"well Brendon I appreaciate your apology and i accept it, but things probably wont be the same between us for awhile. I never imagined that you would have the ability to hurt me this bad and i never dreamed that you would hurt my physically. You let temptation and rage get the best of you. When did you change, Brendon? Why did you change?"

"I dont know, Im sorry for hurting you though." a tear rolled down his cheek and made a faint splash on the table.

"well i cant be your manager anymore, but im sure we will still see each other quite often so i hope we can still be civilized."

"yeah, definitely."

"Good, well ill be needing to pack my stuff and move it within the next few days."

"Okay i understand. Where are you gonna go?"

SO i know i keep breaking this chapter up but its really long and a bit of a burden to type all at once but let me know how you like where its going.
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