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You'll be my pain.

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She's always hated boys, she's always hated kissing, and cuddling, and hugging, and just plain love letters

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"So, Cass, my brother just got a few new issues of Doom Patrol, wanna come over and check them out?" Mikey asked, as we were on our way home.
"I wish I could, but I have to help my mom clean out our garage." I replied.
"Oh, that's ok. Maybe tomorrow?"
"Hm..Sure." I said.
"Ok, um, I'll catch you later." Mikey said as he was walking through his walkway.
"Mikey?" I called.
"What?" he turned around to look at me.
"What were you and your friends talking about earlier, at Mrs. Brink's room?" I asked.
"Stuff." he shrugged.
"What kind of stuff?"
"Guy stuff, you wouldn't want to know."
"Come on. Tell me, I know you're hiding something."
"Ok, we were talking about which girl had the best chest. I preferred Janet."
"Oh, ok. Forget it that I asked."
"Told you so."
"You like Janet, don't you?"
"Janet's nice, and everything.."
"It's okay, Mikey, you can tell me you like her."
"No, I don't."
"Then who do you like?"
"Well.." He looked away to find an excuse, "Your mom might be looking for you. Talk to you later." He quickly turned around and walked towards his front door.
"Oh come on, Mikey. You like her!" I called out. I watched as he quickly walked home, and slammed the door behind him. And there I stood, enough front of his home. I continued on home, and started playing with the black bracelet Mikey gave me last year. I think I had to tell someone. So you guys will be my witnesses. I think I like Mikey. I didn't want to have those stupid, lovey-dovey feelings. But I can't take it. The way he looks at me, the way he laughs at my jokes, and the way he cries, they all just start to come alive in me. I started to have these feelings a couple months ago. And usually, whenever he liked a girl, I'd always tell him to go for that bitch. But now, since the "feelings" came, my stomach churns, and my heart seems heavy. But this is not me. This is not the Cass that Mikey knows, the Cass that my mom knows, the Cass that my brother knows. Cassie doesn't fall in love. She's always hated boys, she's always hated kissing, and cuddling, and hugging, and just plain love letters. I'm "Cass, the stupid ass" and I still am. I'm not your prom queen, I'm not your homecoming queen, I'm not even your punk rock princess. This is what bothers me the most. I think I've fell in love with my bestfriend. But he doesn't know that, and he should never.

That night, as I laid in bed, I guess I felt those feelings of a "crush". I couldn't stop thinking of him. I felt like a drama queen. I couldn't sleep, just the evil thoughts of seeing Janet and Mikey together was killing me. I sat up and placed a pillow in my face, and screamed. Slowly, hot tears began falling down. Was this usual? Do girls really feel like this when they like someone?
"It's okay, Cass. Mikey's not even dating anyone. Not even Janet, they don't have a chance. Just, breathe." I told myself. I picked up the phone, and began to dial one of my friend's numbers. Her name's Michelle. She was just this girl that I could talk to, if Mikey was around. And she wasn't like those other preppy girls that would talk to me. She was simple. I guess you can say she was my "BFF", or whatever you girls call it.
"Hello?" Michelle answered.
"Michelle? This is Cassie." I replied.
"Cass, it's late. What's up?"
"I have..uh..a problem."
"Ok, hit me up."
"Well, you see, I think...I like..someone..."
"Really?! Cass, honestly, I never knew you'd--"
"Well, yeah, I'm not sure. That's why I need your help."
"For what? You don't need any help to hook up with a guy. Just go up to him, ask him out, and I bet he will say yes."
"No, that's not the problem, Michelle, you see, this guy is easy for others to ask out, but hard for me." I explained.
"Oh, come on, you gotta be playing. Not true." she replied.
"True. This guy is awesome, it's just that I can't date him." I said.
"Why? Is he your brother?" Michelle chuckled.
"Gosh, Michelle, I'm not kidding. I really like this guy."
"Sorry, so what's wrong with going up to him?"
"Michelle," I sighed, "Promise to never tell anyone?"
"Promise? Cross your heart, hope to die, poke a needle in your eye?"
"Goodness, Cassie, we're sixteen, there's no need for that. I can keep your secret."
"OK, I think, I have these awkward feelings for Mikey." I finally said.
"Mikey? Michael James Way? Really? You're not fucking playing with me, right?"
"No, I'm not. Yeah, Mikey. Him, I like him." I said.
"Wow, Cass, of all the guys--"
"Of all the guys I like Mikey. Yeah, I don't want to, and I'm trying not to, but I think I love him." I said.
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