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It Is Parricide

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Ivo and Megan construct the time machine, but when they go back, something is very, very wrong. The lines between realities blur...

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It's been half a day that we've worked on it... late into the night, tinkering and tying, drawing and computing... too much work for a junior and a professor. But we're doing it... Slowly but surely, we make progress.

We're taking a coffee break now... Only we aren't drinking coffee. I'm drinking cherry soda, he's drinking lemon lime. And we're talking, talking about something or other, and I'm laughing and smiling and joking along.

I don't believe a word of what I'm saying. I don't care. It's small talk. Calculated exchanges meant to keep me in his favor. To keep him where I want him to be. To regulate the situation. Because he may be the tool.. but I am the key to saving the world. I am the key...

I did what I had to do. I'll do it again.


"Meg, I think it's ready."

"I agree, Doctor," I state. My voice has become so cold as of late, and so erratic. It is as if it isn't me that's speaking... Frankly, it isn't. I don't exist, none of us do. We're all just constructs, soulless beings in a soulless universe, echoes of what was destroyed by a single man's folly...

"So what do we do?"

"We go back to the prescribed time and destroy the apparatus which Professor Gerald used to contact the comet. Then we record a message to the new future."

"I don't think this will work. The Physics of are all wrong... we shouldn't see that message. We shouldn't have to go back. This doesn't make any sense."

"Assuming any of it's real. Do any of us exist? We could be figments of the imagination... Characters in a play. And all the world's a stage..."

"That's not funny, Megan," he chides.

"Ah, but it's true. Doctor, if we try to take this seriously, we will be unable to comprehend it. Now is not the time for pondering or imagining. This is a time of doing. We must go where we are pulled, or the force will tear us apart."

"I guess you're right."


I open the vortex, and already I can feel it pulling on me. It's almost purifying, sucking the sin out of my, absolving me of the things I've done. The changes I made to the time piece, the murder of the echidna who would have been able to stop the aliens, the protester who would have destroyed the Doctor's credibility. In another world he gave me life... and now I will give him salvation. Through my hands, he will know all that he deserves, and so will I...

He steps in, and I follow, my hand in my pocket.


"Omega, this isn't the ARK."

"Affirmative," I say.

"This is a hospital!"

"Affirmative," I say. I can feel him rising up within me, outside of these bounds of time and space. The man I was supposed to be... the monster in my soul...

"Where are we?"

"We are in Westopolis," I say, coldly.

"Westopolis... where I was..."

"Born. 42 years, seven months, five days ago. Happy birthday, Doctor."

His jaw drops. I behold his face with cold eyes... I can taste the fear in his blue orbs, and I thank the heavens for that feeling. A feeling I could not have before. A feeling for which I could thank him...

"You... I created you in that world... and you hated me... I hurt all those people... I nearly killed Sonic..."

"You locked me away, rejected me. For that... I will destroy you." And I start down the hallway.

He follows. "But, Megan, if you do that, the Earth won't stand a chance against the Black Arms. They'll get the chaos emeralds and there'll be nothing we can do to stop them."

"I know."

He grabs me. "Megan, this is genocide."

"No, Eggman. It is parricide."

I stroll into the room, pulling the cold, metal weapon from my hands. The nurses, the doctor, the mother, all look up at me, eyes wide. I think one of them cries, "You can't come in here!" But I cannot hear, nor do I care. Go ahead, kill me, I'm not alive anyway...

I raise my gun and fire, but something gets into my way...


And then everything fades to white.
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