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The Play

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Chapter 1 of my play story hope you like it.

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This is my first CotT Fanfiction I hope you like, it just popped into my head one night and I decided to share it.
Disclaimer: I do not own CotT if I did Archie would have told Atlanta how he felt and Jay and Theresa would have kissed.
Note: do NOT forget who is who in the fan fiction.

Jay- Josh
Theresa- Tamara
Archie- Tyler
Herry- Greg
Neil- Jordon
Odie- Nicholas
Atlanta- Amy

It was the night of the school play, all was quiet in the audience… yeah right, sure. The audience was being loud as usual, until a familiar vibrant red haired girl walked to center stage. “Excuse me!!!” She screamed, she was Atlanta, track star and ’The Hunter’. The audience quieted; surprised at how loud she could scream without a microphone, little did anyone know she had lots of practice. “Thank you. Tonight is the night of the first school play of the year. This play is purely teen made and is the typical stereotype school with a twist. I hope you enjoy the show, I know I will.” With that Atlanta walked backstage, the curtains rose and Theresa, dressed as a cheerleader, ran out to center stage. Panting she said “I think I lost them, man football player love is cute at first but it gets way to old WAY to fast” she said to the audience. “Tamara, Tamara” voices, most likely belonging to the football players, called. “Crap!” said Tamara/Theresa and she dove behind a bush, its back facing the audience so they could still see her but the people on stage couldn’t.

Meanwhile Back Stage.
“Good work Theresa” said Atlanta quietly. “So when’s my scene?” asked Archie a.k.a. Tyler, the drama geek. “Soon, soon” said Atlanta, who had to manage the show as well as be in it. “Wait its now.” she said.

Back On Stage
The football players had given up and left the stage. Enter Tyler/Archie. Tyler walked, almost tip toed out onto center stage. “Ok I think I lost the Drama Club Girls, well at least I can hope.” said Tyler. “Tyler, Tyler, Tyler” called the voices of several girls. “Damn” said Tyler. He dove behind the same bush as Tamara, right as the girls ran out onto the stage. The girls looked around for a minute then ran off the other side of the stage.

Behind The Bush
What are you doing here?” asked Tamara. “What am I doing here? What are you doing here.” asked Tyler. “I was here first.” said Tamara. “Ok true enough but what are you doing here?” he asked. “Huh, I’m hiding from the football players, they won’t leave me alone! So what are you doing here?” said Tamara. “Easy I’m hiding from the Drama Club Girls.” Tyler said shrugging. “Oh well, I think all of them left so let’s get of here or were going to be late for lunch.” said Tamara. With that, they both got up and left the stage, on opposite ends.
End Scene
Curtain comes down Atlanta comes out, her footsteps echoing through the quiet auditorium.
“Well there you have it, the first scene and the first merging of the school social clicks. What will happen next? Now let’s see what happens next.
With that, Atlanta walked off stage and the lights dimmed.

Well? What do you think? Please Read, Rate and Review. Oh and to anyone who is also on could you tell me how to put this story on the site. Please and thank you I'll try and get the next chapter up A.S.A.P.
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