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We're One And The Same Dear, You Were Born For This

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Adam pulled a silver sort of flask from his pocket and dripped a splash of the contents into Gerard’s mouth, the excess dribbling over his chin.

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Title from "Stiff Kittens" - Blaqk Audio

Gerard’s world? What did Adam mean by that?
Frank followed closely behind Adam, his eyesight adjusting and brain un-fogging.
The torches were angrily being swung and jerked around. Frank followed Adam till they were less than ten yards from the crowd. They were obviously shouting and yelling. Frank gasped as he caught a glimpse of what was they were fussing about.
Gerard. He was sitting in the midst of the mob, bloody and beaten.
“Cut ‘is head off! Yeh got an axe there!” a thick Scottish voice said.
“Nah, that won’t do any good. We’ll hafta burn him and cut him up ‘n all,” another said, British this time.
Frank was reminded of Riley. How cruel he could make his voice sound, powerful, superior.
Then he was reminded of Sarah. He’d been married to her, hadn’t he? In those ten drugged years he’d started a new life, gotten hitched, and it all ended with a bloodbath in his own bedroom. Her accent wasn’t like Riley’s or Aiden’s, he remembered faintly. It was nice. Tinkling, sort of… Made him think of flowers and stuff. It had been a long time since he thought about human things like that.
Gerard was rocking on his heels. He looked younger. And then Frank realized that so did he, and Adam too.
“Adam, what’s happening?”
“Dimension shifting,” Adam answered plainly.
Gerard was muttering something, lips curling back for a moment to show his fangs.
He stood, swaggering drunkly, his eyes raging red.
The crowd made mixed noises as Gerard swung around angrily.
He turned his head and was suddenly lunging at the Scottish man, toppling over on top of him. He growled and snapped at the rest of the mob. They backed off as he drank the blood from the guy, ripping at his flesh as he did so.
He stood, throwing the body to the side, his breathing heavy.
A man threw a rock at him, hitting him in the stomach.
He was suddenly behind the guy, hands at his neck for half a millisecond that only Frank could see before he snapped his neck.
“Get… ge’ AWAY,” Gerard yelled, his speech slurred.
There were tears on his face.
“Kill him! Kill him! He murdered Henry!” a woman shrieked.
Gerard roared, picking up the axe the man had been holding and flinging it at random at the people. They scattered, a few left stumbling, blood spewing from wounds.
“Go…,” Gerard whined, falling to the ground.
The people recognized this as a sign of surrender, which it was, and encircled him, tying his arms and legs.
Frank looked at Adam. The young man was making a low rumbling sound in his chest. Before Frank could do anything, Adam was out of the bushes, trying to get at Gerard. The caught him too, and it was all Frank could do to stop himself from leaping out as well.
“Theh’s summone else too,” someone said.
And they were dragging the three off. Frank was behind Gerard and Adam, but Gerard was unconscious and Adam kicking and biting and nipping at people’s hands.
They got them in the back of a wagon, covering up the whole thing with a blanket. There was a stinking layer of hay underneath them, the stench sinking into Frank’s clothing.
“Frankie…,” Gerard mumbled.
“Gerard?” Frank whimpered.
He could smell blood.
“Yeah… Yeah…,” Gerard said bluntly.
Adam’s face appeared, an outline in the dark under the scratchy material.
“Adam, is he really…?” Frank asked, “Are you really?”
“For now… Sort of… I guess. No. Well…,” Adam answered.
Gerard shivered and gasped, shudders wracking his body.
Adam turned away, lying his face in the moldy straw and looking out the back of the wagon at the disappearing road from the gap below the blanket.
They were gonna die here. That’s how it always ended up. Someone had to die, or it just wouldn’t be right. Someone always died. Or all of them…
“Alll right… get ‘em out…,” a man ordered.
The three were shoved roughly in front of about five guys who locked them in a stone building. It was roughly the perimeter of a master bathroom, maybe 4 yards on all sides and at least the height of a normal building, probably little less than double.
“A-Adamm…,” Gerard groaned, throwing himself against the wall, and beating his fist against it.
Adam eased him back until he fell to his knees, a strangled cry escaping his lips. His head fell backward until he was on his back, knees still bent and face toward the ceiling.
Adam pulled a silver sort of flask from his pocket and dripped a splash of the contents into Gerard’s mouth, the excess dribbling over his chin.
Gerard hissed and tried to spit it out, curling onto his side and clawing at the dirt.
Adam shook his head then faded completely into the air.
Gerard sniffed and jutted his chin out.
“You were better…,” he stated.
“You were better,” he said, letting out a breathy laugh, “A better fuck. Much better… Kiss better too…”
Frank felt a flare of jealousy.
“Yeah, thought you might… I don’t… Hmmm… Don’t know…,” Gerard said.
There was a thumping noise at the door and Gerard had pinned Frank up to the wall a few feet below the ceiling in less than a second. Frank shoved him off, but kept himself securely anchored to the rock wall-
-six feet away from Gerard.
The door below them opened and four people were pushed in. Gerard looked away, up at the straw ceilings, sideways at the stones next to him, anywhere but Frank or the newcomers.
The door slammed shut and the confused captives glanced around. They were sure they weren’t alone. Frank had known the feeling when he was human. The feeling of being watched. But not anymore. He could tell if there was anything around him. He could hear inanimate objects.
Gerard crawled silently down the wall till he was above them.
One screamed.
Frank could hear chuckling laughter from the two who had pushed the people in a minute before. They were walking away outside the building.
Gerard dropped to the floor, a look of despair mixed with hunger on his face, baring his fangs at the group.
“No, what are you? A demon? One of Satan’s creations to come and plague us in this world?”
Gerard shook his head grimly. There was a little girl, two women, and a man.
Probably a family.
They started praying, or whatever it was they did.
“That’s not gonna help you…,” Gerard said coldly.
The man stepped up.
“Who ‘you think you are? You feel like talking to my wife? You disrespect God, son?”
Frank could almost hear his own father in the words.
Gerard snorted, inching closer. The prisoners stepped back.
Gerard’s eyes flickered. He was trying, trying so hard to stop himself, but no.
“Say goodnight…,” he growled.
In less than a second Gerard was behind them.
“…motherfuckers…,” he finished, throwing the dagger he was suddenly holding, into the wall.
The daughters shrieked as their parents fell to the floor in front of them, throats slit and blood spilling messily onto the dirt around them.
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