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Chapter 4 Comfortable Beds

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Guess where Mikey's going?

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Chapter 4 Comfortable Beds

Mikey's POV

I'm packing clothes, for guess what? I get to stay with Gerard for a week, cause mom's going to be out on business er something, I don't care, but I going to stay with Gerard! I shouldn't be this happy, but I am. In his apartment. YAY! On his couch. NOT YAY! I much rather share his bed. Beds are so much more comfortable when someone you love is in them. Mom's drivng over there right now.

Gerard's POV

My gets to spend a week with me. He's sleeping on the couch. Oh it would be so much better if he was in my bed. I cleaned up for him. Making him dinner. He should be here any second now.

A/N: Short chapter, and basically filler, I've failed you.
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