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(frerard-inspired poem) Manipulate, entertain, control, it's all for show.

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I wrote this a LONG time ago. jk.

In like 7th grade. lol so long.
but really, i havnt re read it, and im not going to. so deal with it. Frerard inspired.


Dance for me,
Be my puppet on a string,
Don’t you see?
I am your conductor…

Steal away my unused strings.
Underneath my fabric ties,
Steps as light as feather wings,
This game started out with lies,

Off these crooked wings I fall,
Fix my broken pieces faster,
I wish you could control me, doll,
Be my puppet master…

Be my fixation,
My oxygen, my air,
Be my obsession,
I can’t help but stare,
Your colors like rainbows,
Entertainment at best,
Don’t be mistaken,
I lied, I guessed…

Dance for me,
Take me from your makeshift stage,
Made of wooden crates and boards,
Burn the book or turn the page,
Pull me from these frayed rope cords,
Away from public eye we flee,
Dance for me…
Dance for me…
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