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Chapter Twelve

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Who were the mystery flowers from? All that and more!

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“Greta, these are beautiful!” I said, putting the flowers in various vases and placing them around the house.

“Well, they’re really from all of us, but I picked them out. You know boys,” she said as we all laughed.

“She wouldn’t let me get the mums like I wanted!” Patrick whined in a childlike way.

“That’s because they’re for funerals!” Greta and Brendon said at the same time. Patrick proceeded to duck behind me, cowering in fake fear.

“Oh Patrick! It’s time to come out and play!” Brendon sang playfully.

He really did have a nice voice. What I heard that first night was nothing compared to his real ability. Patrick began to sing some nonsense back, and soon the room was filled with the lovely voice of all three singers. And then I did the only thing I could think of doing.

I closed my eyes and began to dance.

I had never been a singer. Sure, I could harmonize in the church choir, but I was standing in a room with three fairly well known singers. No way I was going to attempt to sing and ruin what they had going on. It didn’t help that I had music teacher in elementary school that told me I should try playing in the orchestra instead of singing. Needless to say, I started dancing the following week and had been until I reached my senior year of high school.

One by one the voices faded, and I slowly raised my eyelids.

“I feel like I was just in the middle of that movie. You know, the one with the dancer, and the music,” Brendon explained, rather unsuccessfully.

“Which one? There are like a gazillion,” Patrick answered.

“Is it that one with Antonio Banderas?” Greta asked.

“No, the one with Julia Stiles,” Brendon said.
“Save the Last Dance,” I answered.

“That’s it!” his face lit up like a kid at Halloween.

“Anyway, now that we have that sorted out, we should head to dinner,” I said, grabbing my purse from the entryway.

Brendon took my hand, and Patrick matched his action with Greta. I couldn’t help but blush, but thankfully the heat of the night masked my heated cheeks.

Thankfully we reached Antonio’s not five minutes later. I had made the mistake of wearing my new heels. I was going to have blisters. The host quickly seated us. As usual, Mary was late.

“Can I get you something to drink while you wait for your friend?” The waitress asked in a southern accent.

“I’ll have the usual Leanne. Mary will too when she gets here.” I said. Mary and I came here far too often. Leanne was the cousin of a friend from school and she introduced us to Antonio’s. In her late 20’s, Leanne practically ran the restaurant. However, she always made time for Mary and I.

As she took the drink orders, I looked over the surroundings. I loved the familiarity of it all. Greta and Patrick were deep in conversation over something music related, and Brendon was left fumbling with his napkin.

“So when do you leave?” I asked Brendon in a slight whisper. His eyes looked back sad, but a slight smile was on his lips. But before he could even open his mouth to speak, a voice rang out.

“Alex! Do you realize who you’re with?!”
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