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Chapter Thirteen

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Illusion to sex. I didn't get too graphic... Mainly just filler. Then next chapter is the reason for the title. The end is near!

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Obviously Mary was shocked. “I can’t believe this is what you’ve been hiding!”

After introductions we sat down to a nice relaxing dinner. Mary was astonishingly calmed down and talking normally within seconds. I was quite proud of her demeanor.

Laughing and carrying on, the evening couldn’t have been going better.

“We’re leaving tomorrow,” Brendon whispered in my ear. Boy, did he ever have horrible timing.

“Oh” I whispered back. I put on my fake happy face and enjoyed the rest of the time.

“Hey guys I think we’re gonna ditch on bowling. I’m exhausted,” Greta said, her hand back in Patrick’s. Personally, where I thought it belonged all along.

“That’s fine,” I said. Mary had already left, and Brendon was pulling me back to my apartment anyway.

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just didn’t want it to end,” he said.

“It doesn’t have to.”

My lips met his in a warm brief kiss. I had gotten bolder, especially considering the time frame we were working with.

“We’ll keep in touch. Next time you’re in Chicago we’ll get together. If I’m ever out West we’ll meet up then too.” I said, the words my lips were saying trying to convince my brain were true.

“Your phone bill better beware. I’m going to text you all the time.” He said, pulling his phone out to prove his point, me laughing the whole time.

“I might be falling in love with you” the message said. I smiled.

“I might be too.” I replied, as our lips met again. Our bodies became silhouettes in the darkness of the apartment; Chicago’s lights illuminated our quickly occurring bare skin. My eyes saw swirls of color in the darkness, emitting from our passion.

The next morning was surprisingly not awkward. We lay until 9 am in bed, until Brendon decided to cook breakfast. Pancakes had always been my favorite as a little girl. His recipe rivaled my own, and we spent time playing gofish while he waiting for the dreaded call. The time he’d have to leave me.

The time came at 5 pm, where we were both inexplicably calm. A brief kiss and he was off.

We texted each other excessively for the next month. My classes were becoming more difficult and taking up a lot of my time. We weren’t able to talk on the phone much. Our schedules were completely off, but I cannot deny the smile I had when I woke up to “good morning beautiful.”
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