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Chapter 1

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Haku told her not to look back, an she hadn't, but now Chihiro finds herself back in the spirit world. Will she be able to go home again? Will she want to? Join Chihiro in her latest adventure i...

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"Chihiro! Chihiro, wait for me...please. I love you! Chihiro, Chihiro,"


Moaning, Chihiro rolled over and pulled the covers over her head to block the noise out. Why did the soothing voice in her dreams always turn into the nagging voice of her mother?

Her dreams were always the same. Haku was reaching out for her but he couldn't reach her, yet somehow the dream wasn't a nightmare. Maybe that was because he said he loved her. She hadn't seen him for about ten years but she had grown to love him, or at least she had convinced herself that she did. Whether or not she loved him, she still missed him and the spirit world.

Finally she rolled out of bed, rubbing her sleep filled eyes then stretching like a cat. She walked to the bathroom staring into the mirror at a skinny face with sad looking eyes. Her hair was long and brunette with red lights shining through. Slowly she pulled her hair up into its usual bland pony-tail tying it with the sparkling purple hair tie made with love and friendship. She brushed her teeth and put on her make-up, then, taking one last look in the mirror, she turned and walked back into her bedroom to get dressed.

After graduating high school she had decided to live with her parents while going to college. She didn't really have any friends because she was always too preoccupied to form a relationship with anyone. Lately she had taken to writing in her spare time, but her work could never be shown to anyone for they were all about the spirit world and the bathhouse and especially Haku.

Stepping out into crowded street she began to run, not caring where. She could not bear to go through another ordinary day. She ran faster and faster bumping and shouldering her way through the crowd. Suddenly there was no crowd, no noise. She found herself standing in the entrance of the train station. Dropping to her knees, an unbidden tear rolled down her cheek. She was finally back!

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