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Chapter 2

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Haku had told her never to look back and she never had. But here she was and she couldn't bear to leave without seeing him. Without giving it a second thought she stood and ran through the familiar train station and past the empty river bed until she got to the theme park. It hadn't changed a bit. She could barely wait for night fall when the spirits would appear. Tiredness washed over her as she walked to the bathhouse. Thinking that this would be the perfect thing to do to help pass time and wanting to be refreshed for when she saw Haku, she curled up on the soft grass and fell immediately asleep.

Hours later, when she finally woke up, the sun had reached the horizon and the spirits were already out. She jumped up and ran across the bridge while holing her breath. Luckily this time she made it. She didn't want to spoil the surprise by letting them know she was here yet. Once across the bridge she went straight to Kamaji's boiler room. She crept through the door and, as the soot recognized her, quieted them. Waiting until she was right behind him then, in her loudest, most obnoxious voice, shouted "Mr. Kamaji, I want to work here. Can I have ajob please?"

Without turning he gruffly replied "I don't need any help, I have too much soot as it is."

"But I want a job; I'll do any kind of work. Please give me a job."

Suddenly he recognized the voice and turned just as Chihiro leapt into his many arms. About that time Lin walked in to collect Kamaji's bowl only to be shocked by the sight of Kamaji with his arms around a woman. Without taking a close look at who the woman was she slyly asked "So Kamaji, who's your friend? No wonder you aren't caught up on your work."

Realizing what this must look like both Chihiro and Kamaji blushed. Kamaji quickly turned her around to face Lin and said "My granddaughter is looking for work. Would you mind taking her to Yubabba?"

"What's gotten into you, you know Yubabba retired and moved in with her siste....SEN!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! OH! I KNEW YOU WOULD COME BACK SOMEDAY! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?"

"Lin, let the girl breathe. There are more people for her to see, you can't kill her so quickly. But then again maybe her spirit would come for a bath more often than she visits. On second thought go ahead."

"That reminds me how did Iget here anyway? I was running and the next thing I knew I was standing at the entrance of the train station."

A slow smile of remembrance spread across Kamaji's face as he replied "Only the heart is strong enough to do something like that."

Confusion showed both Chihiro's and Lin's face, then suddenly Lin grinned and just before she pulled Chihiro out of the room mumbled "Oh, of course, I'll take her to our new boss to see about that job."

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