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Chapter 8

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Chihiro and Haku walked arm in arm until the house was no longer visible. Though Haku was enjoying walking with her he was afraid she might be tired after the long day. "If you want we can fly the rest of the way home." As she looked up at him he continued on nervously "Not that I mind walking, but if you're tired or just don't want to walk then..."

Chihiro smiled as he rambled on finally cutting him off by placing her hand over his mouth. " I think I prefer walking, if you don't mind. The sun isn't completely down yet and it's a beautiful day."

Haku let her arm slip from his. Surprised she looked at him with a frown of confusion marring her face. Haku smiled back shyly as he reached for her hand and twined their fingers together. Haku was still unsure whether or not she accepted this gesture. Her body remained frozen in surprise for several seconds. Finally after what seemed an eternity to Haku, Chihiro gifted him with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

Shyly they continued their walk with their hands linked together, both too nervous to say anything. Every now and then one would glance at the other and turn their head away as soon as their attention was noticed. They continued on this way for quite some time, neither had experienced anything like this before and they were both afraid of scaring the other off. As their walk lengthened they became lost in their thoughts and before they knew it they had reached the bathhouse.

Seeing that their time together had come to an end, Chihiro turned to face him, looking nervously up at Haku. She wondered if he would kiss her again like he had last night or if maybe he would kiss her for real this time. When he did nothing but look at her she began to fidget, finding something to do with her hands. "Well I...I guess I should go to bed now. I have work to do tomorrow so..." The words died on her lips as Haku took her hand in his once more, as if it were the most precious thing he had ever touched. Slowly and gently he brought it to his lips and pressed a kiss to it ever so softly. He released it then stepped away quickly.

"I am so glad you are back. I have missed you so much. Everyday you were gone Icouldn't help thinking of the promise I made to you, wondering when you would be brought back into my life, if I could find away to bring you back to me. And yesterday there was a feeling inside that I couldn't explain, but somehow Iknew something was going to happen. I'm sorry you need to sleep. It's been abusy day and I'm sure you are exhausted." And with a quick kiss on the cheek Haku turned and walked away."

She regained her composure before he was completely out of sight. "Goodnight Haku." she shouted after him before running up the stairs to her bedroom.

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